July's Monthly Goal Completed

Hello there.
Today I'm linking up to Elm Street Quilt's
One Monthly Goal to share my latest completion.

I checked this off pretty early in the month so
some of you may have already seen the 

If you haven't, well, here she is!

I struggled with getting a full-quilt picture that still showed
its true colors so most of these are just close-ups.

Even though I was having fun, I spread the quilting out over
several days just to stay "fresh" and to avoid any back pain.
Binding a queen quilt is not as fun, however.  I spread that
out over two days and yet still had to take a day or two off
for my shoulders to recuperate!  This quilt is heavy!
(I cannot imagine making a king!)

I had just enough of this green leaf fabric for the
outer border and backing.  Don't you love it when
everything just clicks when making a quilt?

"Scattered and Sewn" (88x103) is now in my Etsy shop.

Happy quilting!


Just gorgeous! Congratulations on the finish.
Rose said…
That is a beautiful quilt. Glad you made your goal.
Danette said…
So beautiful! I would have a hard time selling this after all of the sewing and quilting. I just completed a queen-size quilt, also, and mine is very heavy, too. It's difficult and I have no plans to pursue another queen-size in my future.
Rebecca Grace said…
I hope your lucky purchaser will realize and appreciate how much work went into this beauty! Your machine binding looks really good, by the way -- that's a skill I have yet to master! :-)
Patty said…
Beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!
Wow, congratulations on this beautiful finish!