03 January 2020

That Didn't Take Long: Joining A QAL

Less than 3 hours after posting my plans for 2020
I came across another project to add in.

QAL's are fun and I love the "push" they give
but sometimes I end up with a quilt that isn't quite
what I was after so I've been hesitant to join
any lately.  However, this one is nice and simple.
(hold that thought)
As I looked over my 2020 page, I realized
there are a lot of chains on there.
(Maybe that's my quilt theme for the year?)

I spent hours going through my stash and discovered that,
with all of my fabric, I just didn't have 2 coordinating fabrics
in that kind of yardage.  So, here's my current game plan:

Looks sunset-ish

Provided I can work all this into her directions,
(that aren't posted yet)
I'm turning this two-color quilt into a multi, scrappy one.
I think that means I'm not a team-player now.
So this year it's gonna be like that, eh?
Well, sometimes creativity will not be contained!

Underneath them all is my background fabric
(that I really want to use up) that really determined this.
Incidentally, it has acorns and fall leaves on it.
Apparently my fall-love won't be contained either.
I tried so hard to not pull out the colors that I always
gravitate toward but I like 'em and that's that.

Apparently this year's fall quilt is getting made
really, really early!

Happy quilting!


Raewyn said...

Hehe you sound just like me - as soon as I decided I had more than enough on y list, I discovered more I really wanted to do! I think a scrappy version will be lovely - and a great way to use up some scraps.

Debbie said...

Well, why not? A scrappy version should be a perfect choice for this one. Isn't a quilt always better when it expresses our voice anyway? Fall scrappy will say you made it! Just own it.

Joyful Quilter said...

I've been think about the same quilt along (along with two others AND a cross stitch stitch along). I was going to do two colors but make the second color scrappy. I have a lot of yellows in my stash.

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