02 January 2020

Quilting in 2020

Another quilt year is behind us.
I've done just a little housekeeping on my blog:
*2019 tab is up to date
*2020 has been added
*Pantograph tab added (my stash)

I'm enjoying a nice hot coffee while
I think on the year to come.
There are no major events as of now so it looks like I get
to be open to whatever the mood and the fabric dictate.
(I'm sure that'll change)
Right now I'm really in that "a quilt for everyone" mood
so I'm seeing a lot of people getting them for Christmas.
And I'm really looking forward to hibernating these next two
months because hallelujah! there's nothing on the calendar
except to get my happy a## in shape.  Sitting at a sewing
machine all day probably isn't going to do it so there will
need to be walking breaks, early morning trips to the Y,
salads (ho-hum, but hey, no cooking!)....
Sorry, getting off course.

Basically this is a chance to sit down and play
if you could sew up whatever quilts you wanted in a year,
what would they be?
Who doesn't want to play this game?!?
Oh, the possibilities!!  And right now, I'm sayin'
go big or get out of the sewing room!
Why not?  Lofty goals are fun and there's no
list-nazi out there gonna come after you if
you don't get it all done.
This.  Is.  For.  Fun.

Sound the trumpets.  Here we go:

While I'm still in the holiday mood and it's still winter,
I'd like to try to stick with that theme in my sewing.
Maybe these could be gifts for next year?

Tree Farm

This is a carry-over from last year.
I like how it could be Christmas-y....or just winter.

Nordic Quilt

A Two-Tone Quilt

Chocolate Covered Cherries
by Jo's Country Junction


Simple Whatnots by Kim Diehl

A Christmas gift from one of the kids.
Cue next year's Christmas smaller gift-giving!
I'm really excited about these.  Thinking about putting
myself on a schedule to make one a month.  After making
those monthly banners, I miss having a set small
project to do.  Do I want scheduled projects this year?
If this is the only one, yes.
But I'm STILL wanting to make....

Farmer's Wife Quilt

How many years have I listed this?
I think this is year 3.  Third time's a charm?
We think positively around here!
Especially when drinking coffee.
Look, I'm not even gonna review my fabric selection
because we've already been down that road a couple
times.  Just know that it's picked out and I've even
started making templates.

Medallion Quilts
These will be my challenges this year.
I'd also like to do something with a feathered star
so that may end up in a medallion quilt as well.

Free Pattern from Sewing Quarter

West Point Quilts

I recently purchased 5 yds of custom-made West Point fabric
from one of the parents' clubs.  As they were quite pricey,
I want to just feature them in the quilts--like perhaps in the
center of blocks, etc--so as to recover the cost better.
These moms LOVE anything West Point and seeing their
reaction to the one I made for my son, I've decided to try
selling some on Etsy.  I will not repeat my original, though,
as it was made special for my cadet.  ;o)
The search is still on for ideas but
here's just one that also happens to be a QOV.

QOV "Medal of Honor"

Scrappy and Stash-Busting Quilts
I don't have particular plans here other than
some sessions of tearing through my fabric
stash in wild abandon and coming out with some
scrappy things in my kind of colors (dark, dramatic).
I'm hopeful these will end up being Christmas gifts.

Nickel Quilts

Happy Garden Quilt (2018)
Lecien Fabrics 
(Other free patterns to look through as well)

Quilt for Son's Bed
He's off at school most of the time but
it would be fun to surprise him with a new
quilt when he comes home to visit.
Nothing picked out yet.

Granny's Stars
Donation (for church); in slightly richer colors or:

I still have tons of this one left after my
Dresden Chain so this might make the cut.

Baby Quilts (to donate)
(various patterns)
I would love to get 5 or 6 of these made
for a local charity that is always in need.
Lots of various ideas in mind and frankly,
my batting scrap bin is overflowing!

You can see I gave up on keeping it orderly.
There are plenty of big pieces in there for baby
quilts.  Better add in to my list:  

Random things to use up batting!
Journal book covers (gifts)
Table runners (gifts)

A few other goals for the year:

Read more.
Write more.
Garden less (ha!).
Walk more.
Pray more.
Praise others more.
Give more.

I'm not sure why this keeps coming to mind
lately but also this:
Don't let the fear of doing the wrong thing
lead me to do no thing at all. 

Have a blessed and happy new year
and may your quilting dreams come true!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Good luck on the Farmer's Wife.

Joyful Quilter said...

I think you are going to be a little busy (hehehe). Lots of great fun projects, I'm tempted to sew along with you on a few of them but I really want to finish things this year not start a bunch of new projects (ha, already have two sew-alongs/mystery quilts I plan on starting this month). Have fun, can't wait to see your quilts.

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