22 January 2020

Snow Love Quilt Top

I'm so happy we're getting snow right now.
It's a really wet slushy snow but I'll take it!
My timing with today's post couldn't be better.
I'm sharing another layer cake quilt--the
last remaining layer cake in my sewing room.
(Still have some charms to use up)


Snow Love.
Show love.  Sew love.  Sow love.
Take your pick--or do them all.

Can you believe it?  Another quilt top done!
That makes three for the year already.
Of course, layer cake quilts are usually pretty fast
and this one was no exception.

For this I used the Snowy Wishes collection.  I always
love snowmen (they're so happy!)--and these colors are
so pretty.  They're a decent match for the quilt I just
made for our bed (adding in a pop of red) so I think this will
be a nice accent for on the bedroom chair or folded at
the foot of our bed--to curl up with while reading.

I didn't want to cut these up too much so I used the heart
idea from some baby quilts I made a few years ago--just
made the blocks bigger.   This resulted in a scrap piece
slightly bigger than a charm from every "layer" so while
there was very little waste, I guess I just added
a charm pack to that pile.  I'll share more info on this
quilt (including setting triangle measurements) in
a later post.

Stepping back from the main section of the quilt,
I decided the best way to tie it to our bed quilt
would be to put the same fabric on the border,
right after I put a little white one around the entire thing.

Main section of our bed quilt (before sides and top
small tree "pillow strip" were added):

And here is Snow Love with the same border:

I do regret that I chose to use up a solid white for the
blocks, forgetting that I had to put full white blocks
between.  Realizing I wouldn't have enough
(not wanting to wait to get more), I switched to the
white on white tree fabric.  I think the hearts would
stand out a little more if the background fabric was
consistent but I'm hopeful the quilting might pull it
all together just fine.

I have a perfect pantograph!  It will definitely be a challenge
but I've been wanting to do this one badly.  Now I'm
able to give it a good practice on a quilt just for us.

So there it is!  I now have three quilt tops ready for quilting.
With the snow coming down, the view in there would be great
today but I'm feeling more like cozying up in the sewing room.
Maybe do some scrap busting!

Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said...

It's lovely and I will be looking forward to seeing that pantograph on it.

Debbie said...

The hearts look fine....the mixed fabrics in the background add to the home inspired feel. The quilting can make the hearts stand out. Remember that which is heavily quilted down will recede. so more quilting in the background and light quilting in the actually heart will make the hearts stand out:)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You have been really busy this year!!!

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