Off and Sewing in 2020

As I mentioned, the year ahead doesn't look
too busy and I'm still singing hallelujah about that.
Nothing wrong with travelling, family events and all.
It's been really fun.  I just need to decompress a little.
Ok.  A lot.
Focusing in on something, like quilting, really helps
and, as I've posted, I'm planning on a lot of it.
And, until spring arrives, I have nothing on my
schedule, outside of normal appointments, etc.
Nothing but quilt, quilt, quilt.  Needless to say,
I've been getting myself into a lot of things these first
days of the new year.  I'm feeling the need to get
organized in my mind--and on here.

So, this is what I've been up to already.

I've been working hard on the Farmer's Wife quilt.
Yes, working.  Lots of start-up to that one but I'm mostly
through it and 7 blocks are already done.
A separate post on that coming up on Friday.
See it?  "Farmer's" and "Friday"?  
When you get older you need these little pneumonic
tricks as reminders and to keep track of things!

The Irish Chain QAL begins today and I'm so ready
to get started...I think.
Remember the hours I spent trying to find just two fabrics?
For a second I toyed with the idea of doing ivory and
scrappy greens.  Or blues.  But then I got distracted by "scrappy"
and went full-on fall colors as you'll recall.

After a reader mentioned she might do one-color-scrappy
(is there an official term for that??)
I decided to dig back in and see if I could make that work
out of my stash.  I came up with these and, though I'm
not sure how I feel about this mix, I think I'm going to
give it a go.

I can always rotate fabrics in and out as I'm building it.
It would make a good gift for a certain someone who has
a lot of green in her home and seeing the space created on
my shelves after removing all of these gives me warm fuzzies.
And if the background fabric has fall-ish acorns on it,
well, so be it.  Any thoughts on making the background
scrappy too?  Too much "scrappy"?
I'm starting to think this is the year of scrappy or something.
Anyway, I'm a little sad that today's assignment is only
to pick out fabric (Done!) and prewash--I never do that so
here I am anxiously awaiting next Wednesday.

As for that beautiful mix of color that I first chose?
I'm letting it sit off to the side for another quilt.
In the mean time....

I came across this very fast and easy project I had saved:

Moda Love quilt

You know I prefer more challenge but there are great
things about this pattern.  Firstly, you can make it with
a layer cake, a charm pack or even a mini charm pack.
Which means a full quilt, a baby quilt or just a block.
I want to do that block soon--with my own fabric mix.
Maybe a table topper or something.

Second, this thing is faaaast.
I have two layer cakes that need to "go" so I pounced on
one (above) and in just a few short hours, it was all cut out
and the HST's pieced.   Getting a decent arrangement has
been a struggle (pre-cuts--ugh!) so I walked away to try
again in the morning light.  I love the pattern but
precuts aren't giving me the look I want.

Above is random.  I'm still working on it.  It's probably
going to take longer than actually sewing it up and I'm not
sure I have the patience for this after 2 cups of coffee!
Figuring out an arrangement that appeals
to me will be the deciding factor in making
second with my other layer cake.

I also have plenty of yardage of these.  The brown/farm
fabric will be the backing; the teal/egg will be binding
and maybe a border, though I'm not sure it needs one.

What to do with all those projects?  What purpose?
Why give them as Christmas gifts. 

So I joined in 1Xmas Item a Month.
This isn't necessarily adding another project but just
a nice push to complete one Christmas gift a month.
I did this once before on my own and while I didn't get
one done per month, I did get a lot done and it was 
really nice.  Looking at my year ahead, I think I can
easily have another homemade Christmas.

I think it's a little funny that I started
out talking about wanting to "focus" on something
to decompress...and yet it doesn't really look like
I'm focusing on any one thing in the sewing room?
And some of this isn't even on my list for 2020!
I'm all over the place at the moment but very soon
this will all come together, and I'll have lots of
Grabbin' 2020 by the horns...uh...threads!

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
Looks like you are off to a busy productive 2020. Many years ago I did a scrappy green quilt with scrappy cream background fabrics. I loved it. Maybe do the large center block with your acorn background and all the smaller pieces scrappy? For your Love quilt, maybe less random? All your red/oranges in the center star and greens for the outer points? Although I like your random setting as is. ;O)
Needled Mom said…
Sounds like lots of fun sewing plans for the new decade. I like your pull for the one color chain.
I've seen the Moda Love pattern before. It would make a great baby quilt.