Latest Quilt Delivered to West Point & Visit to NYC

This past Saturday we watched 1187 new cadets, DS included,
as they were officially accepted into USMA's Corps of Cadets.
(Above the Class of 2023 in the foreground awaits to join.)

 Marching to join

There are only two times a class is ever apart from the corps;
the second will be in 4 years at their graduation.

All together

I have heard so many say there is just no way to describe
the feeling of this place to others--one just has to be there
to truly get it.  I completely agree.
But what else can we do but try for those that cannot?
Pictures will have to suffice for our family who
have not had the experience--yet.

As the last of the cadets left the plain, we enjoyed
watching 6 paratroopers hit their mark.

And finally, we got to see this guy--and his laundry.
I did surprise him with his quilt.  He said he really
does not like the "green girl"--the blanket they are
 issued.  Guess that would be my kid:  quilt spoiled.
Wish I'd gotten a pic as we showed it to him. 

We--hubs, one of our daughters and I--treated
him to a very fine meal that evening.

Oysters, chowder, steak, veggies, truffle fries and dessert.
There really was no filling this kid up!

We had heard that they are very tired after their 6 weeks
of BEAST so we didn't plan much for the next day other
than Mass, lunch and a ferry trip down the Hudson.
(We had to grab a to-go lunch to make the ferry.
This time he ate both a 12" and a 6" sub!)

All the moms say it doesn't get any easier to say goodbye
but I'm still hopeful.  Our next visit is in late October.
Any guesses as to how I'll be keeping myself occupied till then?

DH, DD and I started our next day out with a visit to Ellis
Island and the Statue of Liberty.  I completely underestimated
how it would feel to walk where so many of our
ancestors came into this country.  Above is the train
station--no longer in use other than to sell ferry tickets.
Regrettably, I didn't get the actual platforms that extended
way out to the right of the picture.

Again, more awe.  And nostalgia.  And whatever else
one feels in a place of such historical importance.

The inside was beautiful and clean but it wasn't hard to imagine
it as it had been--full of weary people who had crossed the Atlantic.

I'd flown over before but this was
my first view of her from the water.

A selfie on the pedestal; Manhattan in the background.

Another skyline view, back at the train station.

From there we made a very quick visit to Manhattan.
Below are just a few of famous places we took in.

Times Square.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Absolutely stunning.

Rockefeller Center--I was amazed at how small a space this was.
Seems to me it has always been portrayed much bigger in movies.

Central Park in the summer.

American Museum of Natural History.

And, the MET.
Walking 11 miles in about 6 hours or so, I feel like
we got to see about everything--certainly enough for me.
I know my daughter was disappointed not to take in a
Broadway show actually on Broadway but it just wasn't to be.
Personally, that was about all I needed of NYC.
Ellis Island was my favorite, Central Park was nice
and it was kinda fun to eat at the "real Ray's Pizza on 7th"
according to Santa [Ed Asner] in the movie Elf.
Now, it was hot and humid which didn't help the allure but I have
never been a city-type girl so, all due respect to those who love it thank you!  I was so happy to be home.

But it's still hard to leave this guy behind!

Gotta go focus on some quilting I guess.

Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
Wow, he looks good after surviving the 6 week beast! I know how proud you are of him, each visit you will see the change and growth that it makes in him. Your sightseeing was a flurry.....I was exhausted just reading and looking at photos. Ellis Island always moves me. I am sure you will fill up the days with fabric:)
Needled Mom said…
What an exciting visit it was for you. I can't believe how much you did in such a short time. I agree that Ellis Island is a special place. We were able to find several of our relatives in the pages. It really takes your breath away imagining what it was like during that time. Each time we visit NYC we make a point of visiting St. Patrick's. Breathtaking too.
What a great trip and what a handsome young man. I know you are proud of him.