An American Finish!

Still getting lots of rain here.
But hey, America rolled off the frame
last week and is now done.
I'm not giving it an official name--just continuing
to refer to it as the America quilt.

I have to admit, I'm kinda thinking such a quilt
would look pretty neat on our front porch swing
for the July 4th holiday so there may be another one
being made up in the future.  This one is all wrapped
and ready to surprise coach. 

Also off the frame is my sister's quilt.

We both joined in the QAL that Melissa from Happy Quilting
did last fall.  My sis is visiting for the graduation celebrations
and so took this time to get hers all quilted up.
(My quilt is here.)
Excuse my ribbon mess to the lower left there.
I was working on this for the front door:

I'm pretty out of practice as far as other crafts go
so this took me forever but I guess I can chalk this
up to another craft learned.

Isn't this just the perfect military ribbon??

Well it's time for me to tackle my list of to-do's.
Today is the state track meet...and it's currently
thundering.  We may be in for a very late night.

Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said…
Your America quilt is gorgeous. Yes, you need to do another for yourself. Your sister’s QAL quilt is also beautiful.
Joyful Quilter said…
America turned out beautiful! I think you should make another one also...and maybe write a pattern at the same time ;O)
Debbie said…
Beautiful....really gorgeous. Coach should love it. You are in full swing for the military send off....and then all that celebrating!