31 December 2018

A New Year of Quilting Expectations and Quilting Territory

Before looking ahead to a new year, I always like to do
a good look back.  However, I just did one in September
and my 2018 tab is all up to date so I think I'll just move on.
Unless you'd like to have a look at 2018 first?
I can wait...

(Not bad, eh?)
Now, cue the trumpets.

Quilting Expectations for 2019
An expectation is defined as
"a strong belief that something will happen or be the case
in the future" so I think it fits well for my list of what I see
coming out of my sewing room in 2019.

First, let's talk of finishes.

 Stars and Pinwheels

I'm currently quilting this one so depending on how much I
get done today, I might just slip this in as a 2018 finish.

I wanted this to be done by the end of 2018 as well but with
the family all home for the holiday, I haven't made time
for quilting.  I have everything I need to complete
it so this will happen very soon.  It's still laying on my floor
like that so it'll be hard to do much else till it's out of the way.
(I don't function well with big messes around!)

The Scrappy Mini Blocks

I don't really know where this one is going or at what point
it will be big "enough".  As a side-project, do I list it as a
"to finish," or a "continue making progress"?  I was and still am
loving this one but I'm just not getting to it like I thought I would.
Still, I'm thinking the next few cold months will find this collection
getting bigger and bigger.  I dream that it will be a queen-sized quilt
in the end but I'm just not committing to that.

Quilts to Make for 2019

Son's Graduation Quilt

Our youngest will be graduating from high school this spring.
I've been waiting till his commitment and acceptance are at 100%
before I announce where he'll be going but it is so exciting!
Hopefully the final letter(s) show(s) up in the next few weeks but
till then I'll leave off the colors and design for this quilt.
I still need to put more thought into it anyway.

Daughter's Quilt

Purchased all fabric and pattern this past fall so I'm
good to go here.  Hope to start before February.

Red-Silver Winter Quilt

I pulled out this collection a few weeks ago and--silly me--actually
thought there could be a chance to start this before 2019 hit.
C'est la vie.  Or maybe c'est juste moi.  Or both.
Anyway, mostly I was struggling to find a design that would work
with those directional fabrics but I think I've found a great possibility:

I like this one so much I'm even willing to do the
foundation piecing required to achieve those snowflakes.
I'll do anything for snow.
Oh, snow!  Wherefore art thou SNOW!?!
In fact, if you're into snow like I am,
I have found a nice collection of snow-themed quilts
right here.  I have my eyes on several of these; I'm also planning
to make up my own collection of snow-themed favorites.
It might help keep my snow-loving spirits up as we seem
to be in our third year of what I'd dub a serious snow-drought.
I guess that's what you get after 2 years of great
blizzard-filled years?
(I also guess you get snow-spoiled.)

Instagram -- Wendy Shepherd

Not an "expectation"--just a thought because I doubt
I'll get to another winter-themed quilt now but I do love this one.
There's also always next fall/winter.
I hesitate to do full-on Christmas themes because you can't
display them as long as a general winter-themed quilt.

K of C Donation Quilt
To be completed by May.
Have started planning.

Farmer's Wife Quilt

Sigh.  Yes, it's still on my list of to-do's.
Absolutely no execution of this one so far.
It's practically embarrassing and I should be forced to go
sit in the Quilter Box of Shame till I have the templates
of at least 10 blocks traced and cut out.

A Fall Quilt

I gotta have a fall quilt.
Period.  End of story.

I-Spy Quilt
Because every grandkid is gonna get one.
I have a fun idea for this one and a lot of pieces already
cut but it shall remain "unpublished" till it's gifted,
or close to then anyway.

Scrap-Busting Quilts

I always have to throw a couple of these in.
They don't actually bust my scrap bin much but they do
a great job of getting my stash down because I like to
make what I call controlled-scrappy quilts.  Here are some 
ideas but I like any sort of scrappy nine-patch quilts.  


 LaDeeDa Quilts

Or maybe I might want a little more
going on like in this one:

Anne Elizabeth & Percy Parker

Or not.  I have no idea.
It'll probably depend on what season it is if/when I make it.

This was on last year's list, too.
 I love this thing.  Some day...

But as I said, any scrappy 9-patch will do!

Monthly Banners
Make January through May to complete my set

So there are my expectations for 2019--as of now.
As always, subject to change at any time. 😁
It's always fun to make all kinds of plans of what
I'd like to make but I do try to keep this list reasonable.
Only one quilt is planned as a gift but I'd like to think
more will become gifts, especially at Christmas.
Time will tell on that.
There are at least two quilts on this list that I hope to design myself
from the ground up with what the hubs got me for Christmas.
And maybe I'll do more.
Getting into some new territory here.
More on that in another post.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
May 2019 bring the fulfillment
of all your quilting expectations!


Debbie said...

Wow....I knew you were busy this year but you went over the top! Big success in finishes.....and no, I can't pick a favorite although I lean heavy to your son's grad quilt. Your plans are fluid and it sounds wonderful. May your new year be strong and bright.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Looks like you are planning on a busy 2019. Good luck!

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