Sharing My Latest WIP

I am happy to share my almost-done quilt top.
At this point it measures 86X73 but I think I've decided to put
it on our guest bed so, with the addition of another border,
it should be complete and ready for quilting very soon.

If I were to critique my work here, I would note that my
mediums and darks aren't as defined as I would like but,
as you know, I always lean toward the darker, richer side of fabrics.
Also, allowing myself only scraps and stash fabrics 
limited my options.  But hey, I can certainly live with the results.

You do kind of lose the pattern when looking at the quilt up close
(like many quilts) but I am still proud of the work that went into this one.
There are some points that aren't perfect but the directions had me
at new levels of quilting-frustration so I simply let them be.
The major lesson learned is that, when choosing a pattern,
 always reading through it completely first,
especially if you do not know the designer.
Though I certainly have never (and will never again) expect
anyone to direct me to sew something only to rip it out
in another step down the road...and with that, I'd better stop
because the list is long and I really don't want to relive all of that
when I am now pretty happy with the finished (almost) product.
We'll let bygones be bygones.  Knowing what I know now,
I probably still would've made this quilt because I love the design.

before the addition of the pieced border

Having now done two on-point quilts and one table-runner,
I'm feeling more comfortable with them.
I've always loved the look--somehow just a little more special.
This quilt contains 50 blocks and has just under 1200 pieces in all.
I think that might be a noticeable dent in my stash I see but, sadly,
not really in my scrap bin.  I think I made as much as I used up!

My stash doesn't seem to hold what I'm looking for in a border
but there are good sales going on at the quilt shops.  Hopefully
I can find just the "frame" it's needing.  Definitely dark but 
what if I put a small 2" light border on first, in the same
fabric as the setting triangles?  Especially with dark squares
 already in each corner.  Thoughts?


Debbie said…
So special! Beautiful scrap quilt. You persevered and got thru all those crazy directions and it is a beauty. Border...sure a light and then a dark will work great on it. You have just the eye for it now:)
Great quilt. Yes, a small setting triangle colored border before a darker border would work. It would help to frame it. I've never seen a pattern that tells me to sew something, then rip it out later. Why bother sewing it in the first place??? What a waste of time and effort.