23 January 2018

"Plenty of Fish" Update

I've put a lot of hours in the sewing room lately so
it's time for an update on my latest quilt.

It turns out that "Plenty of Fish" has plenty of cutting,
plenty of pieces and plenty of steps.

At least I picked a good time for a complicated project.
The schedule has opened up and the forecast
is calling for lots of quilting.  Lucky me.

Yesterday morning the weather decided to get on board with all the
quilting and I was able to enjoy watching a beautiful snow come down
off and on for hours while sewing.  Sadly, the temps were
too warm for anything to stick but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

So far the piecing has gone well (all pattern frustrations aside)...
until I put these 6 strips together and ran into a point matching
(or not-matching) issue.  It's not really up to my
standards but I think I'm just going to have to let it be.
I don't really feel like going back and adjusting all 60 5-piece blocks.
  My fingers are crossed that this doesn't come back to haunt me.
Just please let those strips be the length required!
(After I took this picture I did notice that the fourth block down in the strip
on the far right needed a triangle switched--the colors blended too well
when stepping back.  This simple fix was more do-able!  Thank you, camera!)

Fortunately everything else has matched up well so hopefully
those will be masked among the rest.
Trudging these directions, I have turned yet another page
to find I have still more cutting to do today.
 (Still wishing I'd just re-written this in my own style--lesson learned!)
Hoping my next post will be a completed top but after that, I'm sure
I'll want to do the optional pieced border which means a lot more
of that cutting and piecing.  This is fun, right?
This is what I was after, right?
Maybe I'll answer that later after I see the finished product.

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You've gotten lots done on it. Hope it grows on you.

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