2024 Tuesday To Do Week 21: Garden, Quilt, Golf, Repeat.

Hello my quilty friends!  It's been a few weeks but I'm here today.
There has been a lot of gardening, golfing, road-tripping and sewing...
but no posting.  So, as Aretha says, Let's go back, let's go back, let's
go way on, way back when:  to the to-do's from a few weeks ago...

* * * Week 18 Priority * * *
Finish Pepita quilt blocks; possibly get entire top done

The blocks were easily done but then things slowed down.
Keeping the layout random was a real chore, and it outgrew
the design wall so long story short, I had to re-do the entire layout
twice (some sections even more) and THEN the whole thing ended
up on the floor.  The good news?  I only have 2 rows left and I can
finish it just as soon as the upstairs a/c gets charged because it's
not cooling diddly squat as it is.  We've had lots of lovely and
very welcome rain but it came with some horrific humidity so
even this die-hard "windows open" chick flipped the a/c on.
 Thankfully, the service guy will be here today.
More thankfully, the rest of the house is on a seperate system!

But hey!  I have a finish!

Star Chain 67x90

My fabric arrived so I was able to bind and label this one
so, voila:  a full finish, including pics even!

The quilt design is Greenwood by My Creative Stitches.

Star Chain is a free layer cake pattern from Material Girls.
The fabric line I chose is Wander Lane by Benartex.
The backing is "Sketchbook" by Whistler Studios / Windham.

Random things:
In other news the 2LT is now at Ft. Riley so he's back in KS
and just a couple hours from home.

Hubs and I ran up to KC this past weekend to catch a
Royals game (we won) and then stopped by Topeka the
next day on our way home and played a round of golf.

I've been playing as much as I can while the weather has been so
very nice but as it's heating up, I'm moving to more early-morning
rounds.  This opens my days back up, but I also kinda walk around
like a zombie after getting up at 5.  

I'm still chipping away at the garden redo.  I enjoyed getting these
rocks laid out--a little like quilting?  I just need to fill them in with
sand.   I keep putting off laying the mulch on the pathways but this
should be the week.  I know it will make the garden pop.
But it might also make my back "pop" so I've been loathe to start,
even just one load a day.  The bummer is, I really enjoy that kind
of work:  shovel, haul, dump, spread, step back and admire.
Repeat.  About 100 more times.

So much of my time out there goes to tending to plants and weeds.
And harvesting.  Check out these huge heads of broccoli and cabbage.

You can't quite tell but the cabbage is the size of large bowling balls.
Both are a 100 times better than wimpy grocery store produce.
I'm still harvesting spinach and asparagus, too.

Switching another gear, my two current reads, er, listens
(because I don't have time to physically read!): 

Oh do I love history!

I feel like I have two hours of things to do for every hour in the day.
And that just doesn't math!  So when  Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life
recommended this (where does she get her time to read?!?, my ears perked up.

This book is short and it's on my reading app so I'm seeing if it can help
me out with my lack of time.  
I'm sure I'm missing a lot of other random things that have
happened but let's skip on to the week ahead:

* * * Week 21 Priority * * *
Completely finish Pepitas II.

2) Quilting jobs:  3 lined up
To be completed before starting next quilt.

3) Choose next quilt:  probably something patriotic

Happy quilting!

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Gretchen Weaver said…
Star Chain is very pretty! I like that you changed the pattern to make it symmetrical, that is more pleasing to my eye. Happy stitching!
Linda said…
LOVE Star Chain and am going to watch her video today. You did a smashing job with it. I'm trying to figure out what Gretchen meant by you changing the pattern to make it symmetrical. Looks the same to me? Whatever you did, I want to do the same! :D
Glad your 2LT is back in KS, that must be so joyful for you. The cabbage and broccoli are ridiculous!! You must really have the green thumb. Love how your garden is shaping up. A tour will be necessary when you finish. Is it ever finished? ;)
Kate said…
You've been busy. I'm not sure how you are going to get more out of each hour, from the outside looking in, you are remarkably effective at keeping a number of fires burning all at once. Stair Chain turned out beautifully! Good luck with all your plans for the next week.
Anne-Marie said…
The quilts are nice, as always. The veggies...🤩, gorgeous! I'm envious.
piecefulwendy said…
Pepita is coming along well! I love the Star Chain quilt - so pretty! You apparently do something right in your garden, to grow things so bountiful! Yum!
Chrisknits said…
Lovely finish!! And yay for the boy being closer to home. Our girls are 1 and 1.5 hours away, the babies are the 1 hour away, so we meet halfway to transfer them so I can see them each week. I'm not sure what I will do when the 1.5 hours away adds babies to the mix. LOL! Enjoy your golfing!
What a fantastic finish, Cheryl!! I like how pepita is coming along too! Thanks for sharing with us at Monday Musings!
Carol Andrews said…
Cheree Star Chain is a gorgeous finish. Love the quilting, too! I’m envious of your Broccoli and cabbage and your garden redo is going to be such a pretty finish when you get it done! Our golf season started early, but the past couple of weeks have been drizzly and cooler (I’m so appreciating the rain since our wildfire season also started early this year). Thank you for linking with auto Do Tuesday. Hope this week has been great for you. 😉
grammajudyb said…
A late reply to your May 21st post. Star Chain is really gorgeous! Jealous of your veggie haul. It would be great to have home grown broccoli!
Star Chain is a pretty finish. What a great pattern made from 10 inch squares! I'm impressed with your veggie harvest. You must have two green thumbs!