2024 Tuesday To-Do #15: Whiffs and A Pumpkin Twinkle Finish

Tuesday salutations!  It was a good week for quilting
around here--one that resulted in another finish!
Let's get right to the list so I can share it.

* * * Week 14 Priority * * *
Finish all pumpkin blocks
I mean really done.  As in ALL done.
How do ya like them apples pumpkins!?

Pumpkin Twinkle (58 x 68)

Thanks to Linda, I now know that a PDF of  "Pumpkin Seeds is
available on the Pattern Basket website, which was the very
obvious place to go but for some reason, I didn't even think of it.
A complete whiff.

The quilting design is Fall Leaves (My Creative Elements).

While I was constructing the blocks, I felt like maybe they should
alternate so the stars weren't so lined up but I just kept listening
away to my book and going about my sewing biz until I gave
 layout (black/white) a better glance and--oops!
That IS how it it should be laid out.
(Pumpkin block is rotated before adding stem section)
Another whiff.

I made a note for next time to pay better attention. 
Until then, no one will know but you and me, okay?

2) Finish cutting out Star Chain

All cut out and piecing begun.

3) Get Etsy-listing-quality pics of Orchard Picnic
I got a couple more but I still want those few very
true-to-color pics so I want to try one more time.

A note on last week's post:
I wanted to point out that the tree I shared last week is a
10yr old ornamental cherry, planted in memory of my mother.
It really grew over last year and must've had a great winter, too.
It's so lush!  

Next Week's Goals

* * * Week 15 Priority * * *
Finish Star Chain blocks; come up with a name

2) Top off any needed pics for Etsy & get all 6 (!) quilts
listed.  Yes, I've been dragging my feet here.

Add in golf and gardening?  I should stop there.
Speaking of golf, I have a tee time to make
so it's a short post today!   Happy quilting!

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Linda said…
Pumpkin Twinkle is just beautiful, and I like the stars aligned! I made a few Oops when I made Hocus Pocus. In fact I wrote in my post that I had some challenges with the pattern - no criticism of Margot, but it is written in such a way that I had to really concentrate and still messed up.
Do you ever watch golf on TV?
chrisknits said…
I was wishing a Pumpkin Twinkle was a dessert!! LOL. But the quilt is just as scrumptious.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I love how Pumpkin Twinkle turned out. I kind of like my stars all aligned . . . What a fun quilting pattern design you chose for this quilt. It looks fab. What a wonderful remembrance of your mom in that gorgeous tree. It is obviously very, very happy! Have a great week! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Kate said…
The pumpkin blocks are really cute! Congrats on getting them done, done. Hope you've had good weather for golf and gardening. It's been a lot soggy here.
Your twinkling pumpkin quilt is beautiful! Don't worry - your secret is safe with me! LOL I really love it, Cheree. Pumpkins on fabric, or used as decor, are about the only way I like pumpkin! I've never really cared for the taste of pumpkin. Thanks for sharing with us at Monday Musings!