2024 Tuesday To-Do 14: A Finish, Two Exciting Starts and a Source for Naming Quilts

Winter’s done, and April’s in the skies. Earth, look up with laughter in your eyes!
— Charles G.D. Roberts

A happy and blessed Easter to you all.  And I guess I should
add in a happy April as well.   After an extremely fickle March,
 I'm hoping this month will behave a little better.  At least a
cool thing about quilting is that the weather doesn't usually
affect it.  Unless you're trying to get pics of your quilt.

So moving on into today's post, I have a lovely finish to share
in some not-so-lovely pics--that weather thing--and then I
also have 2 exciting new projects that I'm embarking on.
Let's jump right into this Tuesday with some lists,
starting with last week's achievements:

* * * Week 13 Priority * * *
Quilt and finish "Picnic" (aka, One-Roll Wonder)

I'm excited to report that this one finished up fairly cute
after all--even though, as already mentioned, it's a bit of a
downer to have only these pics taken on a very cloudy day.

The real [cheery] deal just isn't portrayed in the pics.
I'll be trying again later this week.

Because my last project, Orchard Daze, used these same
fabrics, I decided to stick with that theme, officially dubbing
this one Orchard Picnic.

Orchard Picnic is 67 x 86.5; the quilting design
is Feathers & Swirls by My Creative Stitches.

When I decided to cut into my backing fabric for the border, I knew
there would be some creative piecing needed to fill in that back.
Sure it took a little extra time but I was happy to use up the last
pieces of so many of these fabrics.  And who doesn't love to have
another design on the back?!?  I mean, it's a two-fer!

2) Start on next quilt
I flopped on this last time so I'm making up for it.
I have TWO chosen and started!
Now before you hang that whole "wait a minute, I thought you
were a one-at-a-time quilter" thing on me, there were a couple
delays that led to this so lemme explain as I show you these
two new gorgeous goodies I'm working on.

Those Bonnie and Camille fabrics are cheery and beautiful
and I enjoyed working with them but my quilter's soul isn't
really lit up by them, ya know?  A girl just can't help it
(nor does she want to) if she's a fall person in her heart
and soul.  So what do you think I decided to do next!??

First, I completely ignored ALL the books and patterns that I
already own when my little quilter's soul chose the next quilt.
And with no PDF available, I had to wait on snail mail.
Well who has patience for that??
I found an Etsy shop owner in my own city so that cut my
wait time down.  Plus, I got the great idea to have her send
me a pic of the cutting directions (after I'd paid) so I was
able to at least get a start.

Now, the colors in that pattern?  Not really for me.
You know exactly where I went with them...

Okay, if you thought blues you aren't far off because I did
consider going there.  It might even be next up,
but right now, I wanted needed my fall color fix.

Aren't these the cutest?  I'm saving more progress pics
for next week <suspense-builder> but these are hella fun.
Have I gotten you thinking about fall, too?  Well, just hang on
a minute because my second project brings us back to spring.
Welcome to my brain.
Oh, the beauty of making whatever we want, when we want!

While I was awaiting my cutting directions pic, I still needed
something to work on (so impatient!) so I picked another project:

Star Chain, a freebie by Material Girl Quilts.

I'm so excited about this one!  I have a perfect layer cake for it
but I had another delay:  I'm out of white background fabric.
Yeah, yeah--here's the part where I mess up my fabric tracking,
but I'm pretty sure it was fate when MSQC had a bolt sale right then
on some Riley Blake solids so I know you'll completely understand
that I simply had to buy a couple.  Had to.
(I'll be okay, especially after I log amounts from these 2 projects!)

Now for a couple other bits:

A New Source For Generating Quilt Names?

I was doing a little shopping over at My Creative Stitches
(the annual $5/design sale is now!) when it occurred to me that
the names of the designs could be a lot of help in trying to come up
with names for my quilts.   Even if you aren't a digital quilter you
might want to check some of the sites out when you're struggling
to come up with that perfect name.  I keep a running list of ideas
but when that doesn't help me out, I go to an online thesaurus
and brainstorm by popping in words that describe what I'm
feeling for that quilt.  Now I have yet another source.

Walk The Walk Challenge
After 15,500K steps/day the previous week, I dropped back down
to an average of 11k/day--still within my goal but I don't like to
see it drop that much.  There was less golf and garden work but
more baking, cooking and eating due to Easter.  It's an easy guess
 as to what I'm working on here this week.  As I write this, we have
rain predicted so that likely means some treadmill time.

Well, it also puts quilting into the forecast and I can't wait to
show up next week with all kinds of progress made.
Oh, it is good to be this excited about my projects!

* * * Week 14 Priority * * *
Finish all pumpkin blocks
I'm over half-way there so this'll be easy-peasy.
 I bet I can get them into rows as well.

2) Finish cutting out Star Chain
Just waiting on my background fabric to arrive.

3) Get Etsy-listing-quality pics of Orchard Picnic
Always a struggle!  Maybe Thursday...

I'll see you all back here next week!  Until then,
here's a pretty tree and happy quilting!

With sun.

Same tree but with clouds.  I rest my case.

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Linda said…
Those Bonnie & Camille fabrics do make up some bright, pretty quilts, but I totally get how you feel! Next time you need a PDF of a Margot Languedoc pattern, just go to her website The Pattern Basket thepatternbasket.com I should know, I have a desktop folder filled with her PDFs - and yes I intend to make every one of them - lol! Is that a dogwood tree? Cherry tree? It's beautiful!
Kate said…
Those pumpkins are really cute! Looks like you'll have a really busy April. Good luck with your plans for next week.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! OMG - that tree is gorgeous!! It totally improved my mood on this dreary rainy day. I had to succumb to the Riley Blake bolt sale, too. Two bolts arrived along with a three-yard wide backing (I usually do bundles, just in case). Love the pumpkins - those colors are so you. And they inspire me to think about making some pumpkin blocks, too. Great job and I can't wait for next week's update. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Gorgeous tree!!! Is that a redbud? The blooms seem a bit to large for that but I'm at a loss to what it is! LOL Those little pumpkin blocks are fantastic, as is your beautiful finish - Picnic!! Congrats on getting her done! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings.
Bonnie said…
That tree is gorgeous. I miss our redbud tree. Sigh. It's suppose to rain for three days straight here. Bummer Good for you for finishing your quilt and, why not start two more? If you are having fun and enjoying the sew -- go for it. Thanks for the link to the free quilt also.
Carolyn said…
I love the picnic quilt! That is one of my “go-to” patterns. I hear you on the lighting. I’m not a good photographer to begin with, and I struggle with it.
piecefulwendy said…
Those bright, cheerful colors still come through in those photos, and what a perfect quilt to be photographing on an overcast day! When I think of fall now, I think of Cheree and her pretty fall porch with all the pumpkins! Those pumpkin blocks are so fun! And your step average is amazing.
Rebecca Grace said…
Those pumpkin star blocks are just adorable! And that fuchsia tree in full bloom is gorgeous no matter how many clouds are blocking the sun. Happy stitching!