Tuesday To Do #5: Let's Go! (Even Bunnies Are Chiefs Fans!)

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by
the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did."--unknown

"Amen!" -- Me

Hello on this Tuesday morning!  It's time to link up to
 Tuesday To Do and Sew & Tell and catch up on things.

Sorry if you're not sportsy or are tired of the Chiefs
but I gotta take a moment here.

Six? years ago at a single digit temp Chiefs game.

Hooo boy, it sure is a great time to be a Chiefs fan,
 especially for us die-hards who have always been there.
Good times, good times!

I'm also a Kelce fan; just love watching both of those guys.
(Wish they'd clean up their language though.)  I'm not a Swiftie
but that's been fun to watch as well.   Methinks Travis might
have two rings in mind for this Super Bowl . . . but we shall see.

My daughter's bunny, Violet, watching the game.  Too cute!

So, that game.  I expected more of a battle but alrighty!
And we are off to the Superbowl again so let's talk snacks!
What's your fave tailgating fare?
Somehow I need to try to keep it low-key yet yummy but I know
it'll grow into a full affair by the time the kids join in.  Maybe the
best way to approach it is to just be super-active this week?

Other than walking around DC, I've flopped miserably over
these few weeks so it's time to get back at that!
Things have been slow to progress in the studio as well
but I can at least boast of a clean and organized studio!

So let's go:

* * * Week 4 Priority * * *
1)  Finish Flannel Woods top; find backing
Done, and completed the quilt.


I made notes of the mistakes in this pattern when I made the
first quilt...except the missing 1/4" allowance on the side triangles.
  It didn't seem right when I was cutting them out this time;
I should have gone with my gut feeling but I was rushing. 
 SO, if you zoom in, the bottom point of all 4 outer trees is cut off.

But it's consistent.  Every tree on the edge ends that way so does
it really look wrong?  I'd really like opinions here, and please be
picky because it's for my shop and needs to look good.
 (I could always just gift it next Christmas?)

2) Go through fabrics; organize and purge any unwanteds
Also go through scraps.

I purged scraps but only tidied the fabric; I'm not out of space
so I decided against purging unwanted fabric for now.
But I was on a roll so I kept going...

And now my entire studio is cleaned and organized.
I even recovered my ironing boards.  The fabric is
an homage to my late cat and sewing buddy, Tasha.

Now if I could only find my sewjo.  

* * * Week 5 Priority * * *
1) Choose and start new quilt

2) Decide on listing Flannel Woods.  If so, get pics.

3) Post OMGoal finish for January and goal for February

4) Make charity quilt plan
I have lots of charity fabrics but I am realizing it'll never
find its way into quilts unless I schedule the time for it.

Happy quilting!

PS Blogger seems to be having some issues getting
comments through so there might be a delay.
Not sure what's up but I am reading them!


Linda said…
I love your Flannel Woods, and at my first glance did not notice "too close" on the trees - in fact I think it looks great that way! It's more like the real thing.
I'll probably be making enemies here, but I am probably the only non-Swiftie in America. Since the first time I heard her sing, I didn't get the adulation. She's a good song writer, but her voice is just not my "thang". At least she doesn't shake her booty in my face like Beyonce, but she has used the F word in her songs, so I don't really understand the role model thing. (While I'm at it, what is up with women singers wearing a leotard/bodysuit in their shows? It looks like an old-style bathing suit - what is attractive about that?) The networks showing photos of "Tay" during Chiefs games is just silly, but that's not her fault; plus I'm sure it bumps up the network's ratings and viewership. I will be truly shocked if she gets really serious about Kelce - poor guy, he's got it bad! OK rant over. :D
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I have to say that the Chiefs have pulled me in. The Kelce boys last year won my heart with their sweet Mama. Now, with the spotlight on T2, you can't help but wish them well. I'm rooting for two rings . . . and if not right now, one can wait for the perfect time. Yes, they sure could clean up their language . . . but I know a lot of friends that can as well. It looks like Violet brought them the luck they needed! No one is going to notice the missing tip of the tree. Good grief! Make a note for next time, sell it, and adjust the price a wee bit if you feel it's necessary. Also, be sure that the missing point is shown in one of your photos - that way if your customer is Ms. Picky Pants you can say it's in the photograph. Of course, you would also accept the return from Ms. Picky Pants so why are we even dicussing it? It's FINE and BEAUTIFUL, IMHO. I love your ironing board cover and YIPPEE to a straightened studio. Happy Tuesday, my friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
I must say I agree with Linda - what is up with the musician's "costumes" wearing the "swimsuits" on stage and then saying they are a roll model doesn't make sense. I'm not a football fan but you all have fun watching it all - I just figure the press will ruin the relationship sooner or later between those two by never getting out of their faces.
I think the quilt looks great
Kate said…
We don't follow football (or much any sport other than the Olympics), so glad your team won. I think Flannel Woods looks fine, you have to look really hard to find that minimal cut off. If it's not for competition, most non-quilters (and a few quilters) wouldn't notice it at all. Of course, I'm a "if you couldn't see it when running past the quilt" its good kind of quilter. But I get it, this is for business and you don't want to put something out that you aren't 100% happy with. Have a good week. Hope your sewjo comes back soon.
Vivian said…
Ahh, I remember the days when I followed a team and could get excited about the Superbowl --- many, many years ago. Your "Flannel Woods" look so serene! Love the blues and flannel is my favorite for comfy quilts. How will you display it in the shop? Flat but high up or on a bed or chair or curled around an end cap? There may be a way to do it to highlight the quilt but hide those tips (pattern named pinned on over the point?). Truthfully, I don't think it's a big deal. You can explain to any customers that notice what the issue is and most can probably relate. Anyone that doesn't notice but buys the pattern, you can point it out then and they will appreciate you giving them the heads up. Whoever gets to use the quilt will be thrilled to have it though!!
Chrisknits said…
Not put out by the missing edge of the tree. If it's consistent, why worry. Most won't even notice it. I am put out by the whole Swift thing. But I like my football to be about football. I dislike all of the celebrity sightings. I much prefer they show all the real fans in the freezing stands!! They are the true face of football. And as one who was at a minus game in Lambeau, I totally get your single digit appearance!!