The 2024 Plans For Quilting: 24 in '24 and The We Who Love To Make Check Mark's Club

“Make New Year’s goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like
 to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part.
It is an affirmation that you’re interested in fully living life."
—Melody Beattie, author 

Happy new year and happy planning!
 So, so much planning and goal-making right now.
I love it!
And let me tell ya, I am not the only one out there.

There's not a thing wrong with making those goals and I might
just have words (kind ones) (er, sort of) with anyone who disagrees
with that.  And look, I know a few of you mean well but please,
please don't tell us list-makers not to over-do it, not to make
too-high of goals or any of those other discouraging comments.

A lot of us thrive with big goals and/or with lots of goals.
Just seeing them written down triggers something in our
creative souls.   Our fingers begin to twitch.  It's time for action!
We Who Love to Make Check Marks (WWLMCM) actually need that
hit so please do not discourage us!  Making a goal is making a
start and if starts aren't made, then things just don't happen.
So there. 😉

I was struggling to get a start on this year's list, which is pretty
unusual, and then it hit me.  Well, two things hit me actually:
[Ha! Look! I'm making a list already!]
1) I have UFO's.  I have UFO's hanging over me!
Generally, I do NOT allow UFO's because they block me mentally!
(it's that "unfinished business" thing)
But a few creeped in this year, mostly due to "double" projects:
ones cut out at the same time to save time but due to a lack of
 time I didn't find time to get back to to them.
So I believe the lesson for me here is:  don't do it next time.

2) I love my lists but darn it, sometimes things run amok and
suddenly the list is managing me.  A little of this happened in
late-fall but I've gotten pretty good at recognizing when it's
happening, and why.  I don't want to dissect what's a bit of a
"working at home" issue so I'll just say it continues to be pretty
frustrating for me at times but I'm working on balance,
and maybe someday I'll even find it.

Well with those two lessons (and some digression) in mind,
let's make some goals! Today I'm linking up to Quilting Jet Girl's 
Melva's Sew & Tell.  (Btw, if you missed last week you might
want to go check out my 2023 Trunk Show and Yearly Wrap-Up.)

I thought 24 quilts would be decently aggressive and fit nicely
with the whole "2024" thing.  But as I was working on my
2023 Quilty Wrap-Up and Trunk-ShowI discovered I actually just
made 26 quilts in '23.  And most were substantially-sized quilts!
So how do I plan after that?  Well 24 still seems like plenty, even for
an obsessed quilter but I have skills and education that need
some focus, along with plenty of other non-quilt goals so:

2024 Quilt Count Goal:  24+ quilts

Looking down the road, I plan to have my goals will match the
years--while they remain do-able--because that sounds fun.
Anyone with me on the "24 in 24"?


I might buy a lot but I use a lot.  Just not enough.
 I have yet to meet my goal of using more than I buy but I did get
within sight of it in '23.   Look, it's time to get real about this:

Fabric Goal:  Use 24+ yards more than I buy

Quilt Path, ruler work and custom/FMQ are all areas in which I want,
and need, to increase my knowledge and skills.   These are some
things I haven't really made time for but it's just time that I do.

I also need to learn more about my Pfaff that I bought last January.
It has more tricks than I could remember but now that I've had it
and work with it daily, I think I should go back and let the dealer
re-teach me some of those things that didn't stick.

Education Goal:  Become proficient in ruler/FMQ/custom work
Run through video and workbook courses on Quilt Path
Learn more about my Pfaff

And now for the actual quilts!
*Note:  Like a lot of us, I stocked up on Martingale books before
they disappeared.  Many of my project plans are from these.

1) FIRST, finish any UFOs
I already finished one before the new year but I do intend
on getting most of these finished in the next few weeks.
(those last two are biggies tho!)

a. Cabin in the Woods

The first was made for a friend but
I had so much fabric, I thought I'd just make a second.  

b & c. Two baby quilts

Made from a 3-from-1 layer cake pattern for my granddaughter,
I cut the other two out but with no imminent need for baby quilts,
it was all set aside.  Time to make them up for listing in the shop...
unless someone I know has a baby girl, of course.

d.  "Kelley" by Edyta Sitar,  A Season In Blue 

Meant as a side-project but it's time to get it done.

e. "Farmer's Wife" 

Started several years ago and not intended to be an
all-at-once finish but it got pushed aside when I started
selling quilts.  I'm over halfway--more than in pic.

2) Charity quilt(s)

3)  "Aspen" by Edyta Sitar,  A Season In Blue 

Stick with the blues?  Probably--but hmm, what about reds?

4)  Flying Geese by Bonnie Hunter
I do love geese.  But what colors?

Can I make a variation of this from some of my trimmings/HST's?

6) "Scarlet Stars" by Kim Diehl--Simple Whatnots

I gifted this one but I'm so into 
red these days I now want one!

7)  Irish Chain(s) in green, maybe another in red/ivory

8) "Star Toss" Cindy Blackberg, Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts

This is the main one on the cover.

9) "Tracking Tradition" by Debbie Robbers
Red & White Quilts (Martingale)

This has been a to-do for several years. 

10) "Slapdash" by Kim Diehl
Simple Double-Dipped Quilts 

11) "A Dash of Plaid" by Kim Diehl
The Big Book of Quick To Finish Quilts

Saw this made up at a LQS and it is beautiful.

Fall quilts:

12) "Halloween-ish" by Susan Ache
 Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts

Have lots of neutrals in small amounts.  Must use up.

13) "Harvest Pumpkins" by Julie Hendricksen & Vickie Gerike
County Seat Quilts  

I had a blast making this the first time.  I recently picked up
a great background fabric for it so an encore is on the way.

14) Something with Primitive Gatherings flannel FQ set

This is a classic case of "saving fabric" but it's time to use it.

Christmas quilts:

15) "Christmas Vacation" by Susan Ache
The Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts

In reds or greens.  This would check off the Irish Chain, too.

16)  "Nestled in the Trees," Coach House Designs

17) "Peppermint Pines" by Erica Arndt

Made the above two, now planning a third for a gift

18) "Holiday Forest" by Edyta Sitar

As if I hadn't made enough of these already,
I still want to get a 5th done in blues/ivories.

There are easily another 10 that I could list but I think I should
stop there.  I have no idea if all of these will get made but it's
a pretty safe bet that at least most will.  And now that I have
a nice list to go off of, I'm getting excited to begin.

 1)  Start running again.

2) Be more active in quilt guild & church quilt group.
(I rarely go, usually due to schedule conflicts)

3) Make Christmas gifts for next year.  I can't list what
I have in mind but there's a lot so I want to start asap.

4) Bring out the knitting needles again!

Especially in the evenings.

5) Listen to and/or read 25+ worthwhile books:
classics, history and/or theology/Faith-based.

6) Get rid of one thing every day
Yes, for 365 days.  Less stuff = less work.  

Well that's probably enough daydreaming goal-setting for
the year ahead.  I'm getting pretty excited to get started on
quite a few of these!  

Can't wait to see what everyone else is planning!
And hey, let me know if you're a WWLMCM member!
Happy planning and happy New Year!


I used to make detailed lists of what I wanted to make now I just take it month by month and change my mind when I want to - but have nothing against making list. Happy New Year
Linda said…
What a fun post! When I worked, I kept a small binder on my desk and listed each day the things I needed to do. Nothing made me happier than checking off each thing, so satisfying. I don't do so well with my quilt and stitching projects. Maybe I need a "boss" standing over me - lol!
Love that stack of Martingale books, they are some of my favorites.
Your quilt production is amazing, not only for the sheer numbers but the fact that they are all so pretty and well made. I count many favorites in your photos review! Congratulations and good luck on your goals for 2024!
piecefulwendy said…
While I don't work by a written plan, I do like to make lists because I love crossing things off. So I get you! I cannot wait to see these quilts emerge from your quilt room - so many lovely patterns! And that stack of flannels - ohhh! Cannot wait to see what you make!
Fun goals you're working with! I do love Susan Ache's patterns. I'm definitely a WWLMCMer. And goals are a positive thing in life, always. Best quilted wishes in. 2024, especially with your Quilt Path!!!
It sounds like you have a wonderful list that you are eager to start working on, which is the best kind of list! I hope you have a lot of joy and fun as you work on marking items off your goals, and I wish you a wonderful 2024!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I didn't even make it through your whole post before I had to comment on #11 A Dash of Plaid. Oh yes, please make this and push it to the top of the list!! I just ADORE this quilt. It will be gorgeous. And, me thinks you like Kim Diehl (who doesn't?!). I am definitely a member of the WWLMCM club. Lists for lists work for me and there's no limit to the number of items on the list. The more the better because it looks so cool with all those check marks! I'm glad you're going to keep on with the Walk the Walk. Happy New Year my friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Kate said…
We had what they called "stretch" goals at work. Things that would be hard to do, but would be really cool if you finished them. At one point we all had to have one. Nothing wrong with planning big if it energizes you. You've got some great quilts planned for 2024, so that's pretty motivating. Good luck and enjoy!
Kim said…
Oh, my goodness! I am definitely a WWLMCM member. I love your summing up of how we are and why we need those lists. It's nice to meet you, kindred spirit, through the Quilt Schmilt link-up. Your goals are inspiring and beautiful. Carry on.
Kathryn T said…
Great goals, I love that get rid of one thing a day for 365 days! 24 in 24 is a popular thing, I am reading 24 books off my own shelf. I know I'd never make 24 quilts though. Love your flannel fabric, I made a small one last year as a lap quilt and its the warmest softest quilt. All the best for the plans.
Bernie Kringel said…
Well I had no idea WWLMCM existed but I am totally in. That is me through and through. I like having the visual (list) reminding me of what I had in mind. Otherwise, poof, it is gone!
Your list is long! If I had not just read your wrap up post for 2023, I would say it is unreasonable. But now I know - it is totally reasonable for you! Go for it! Like Roseanne said above, love the Plaid quilt in the Kim Diehl book and now I want to make it! I have a large stack of KD fabrics a friend gifted to me. That is a very pretty quilt and one that I would enjoy making (meaning it is a simple one!)
Happy New Year Cheree!!
The last couple of years, I've made lists for each month. Unfortunately, my lists aren't getting completed. Just too much that needs to be done, and not nearly enough time to get even a little bit of it done. Hopefully I'll get more done this year (and not start too many new things). I still have all the Martingale books I ordered sitting in a stack. One of these days I'll get a chance to go thru them. Good luck with your lists (I am definitely a list maker). I loved Gru above. That happens to me all the time; ).
Carol Andrews said…
Cheree your lists and project goals are so inspiring. I’m also buried in UFO’s this start of a new year, but can say they are all in the To Be Quilted Bins. I’m looking forward to watching your progress and 24 in 24 is a totally doable goal for you. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. My biggest goal is to catch up on my comments to show you all how much I appreciate you and enjoy cheering you on. 🤗