December Monthly Goal

“December is a month of invitation to forget ourselves in the service of others.”
— Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy December!

How about we do this goal thing one last time this year!?
I've linked up 
to One Monthly Goal (Stories From the Sewing Room).
There are only 24 days until Christmas and most of us are
busy, busy, busy so we'll get right to it..

My goal for December is to finish "Frosted Forest", my second quilt
made from Edyta Sitar's pattern "Holiday Forest".  Funnily enough,
when I went through my posts to see what I named the first,
 I found it was last year's December goal.
Just a good month for snow and pine trees?

The pattern is for 5 trees across and only 4 rows but I wanted
a larger quilt (I'm really good at making extra work for myself)
so as you can see, I've pieced up quite a few more blocks.
This has cut me extremely close on background fabric but I
think I got this.  I think!

Check back soon (as in next week) for a December Finish!
Happy quilting!


Linda said…
Lol I "get" creating extra work for yourself! It's what we do, right? Frosted Forest is already beautiful. I might have to get Edyta's pattern.
Kate said…
Love those trees! Good luck with your goal this month.
Anne-Marie said…
Good luck with your goal. 😃
Have fun making more Christmas tree blocks.
Babette said…
My husband keeps reminding me I don't have time for all of my goals. LOL Good luck with your quilt.