2023 Tuesday To Do 40: Wherefore Art Thou Fall?

Hello October and a happy autumn Tuesday to you all.
It has not been acting like autumn here--grrr!
I can't remember ever having to keep the a/c on all through
September but with temps in the upper 90's, this year
there was no avoiding it.   However, today we are
looking at mid 80's with rain moving in.  (Hopefully!*)
(*Update:  It seems to be here!  YAY!)

 Moving on...
Let's see what progress everyone made last week!

* * * Week 40 Priority * * *
Pic and list all three finished quilts

Barberry Bramble (78x88)

Oh I am in love with this quilt.  It's one of those that the pics
don't do justice to.  I often text progress pics to hubs while he's
at work but it took me days (we were busy!) to show it to him
in person.  He wasn't quite getting what why I wanted so badly
for him to see it in person but when he finally did, it was one
of those, "Oh my!" reactions, ya know?

If this never sells, I can't say I would mind so much.
It has over 2,000 pieces but if I decide to make another,
I'll add more blocks, or maybe just a wider border--just
something to increase its size to fully cover our bed.

Simply Pumpkin (52x65)

Simply Pumpkin had a very short debut on Etsy.

In less than 2 hours, a repeat customer snatched it up.
Another one that never made it into in my quilt hutch...
I guess I'll just make a third version next year! 

I skipped the 3rd quilt.  I will likely not list it after having a slight
issue lining up the quilting.  Hubs thinks it's fine but I don't want
that to affect my reputation/ratings so I may just donate it.

2) Work on Monster Mash project

I've made a decent amount of progress on my blog hop
project but these teasers are all I can show.

My day to host is Oct 23 so I need to pick up the pace.
(Lots of golf in my schedule to work around!)

3) Keep walkin' the walk
Sticking to my goal of over 10k per day.

I like that one day per week off to let my body heal, 
(back, shoulder and joint pain issues) especially if I can
still keep that daily average well-above my goal.

For a bit of random sharing:
Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy posted a scrappy binding
 tutorial that I found interesting--not really new, just smaller
strips than I usually see (or do).  I think it would be beautiful
and certainly use up lots of leftover fabric from a project.
Sometimes I like to just use it all up right then and there.

Last May when we road-tripped back from West Point to help
our son as move his Jeep and other items home, we spent
 a couple days in the Louisville/Bourbon Trail area and visited
a handful of distilleries, as time allowed.
(I never did share pics from the trip--gotta do that soon!)

Michter's Distillery -- Louisville, KY

Michter's only had 2 spots left on their tour so I let the guys
go to it while I traipsed off to Angela's shop for a quick visit,
after which I joined them back at the distillery for a tasting.

Unfortunately, I just missed meeting Angela but I still
enjoyed adding another famous person's quilt shop
to my "have visited" list. 
(I see that she just recently moved to a new
 location--I'll just have to go back, right?)

Now for next week's goals!

* * * Week 41 Priority * * *
It's SHOP HOP week!!!
Drive around the region and buy fabric!

2) Finish Monster Mash secret project top
Think lots of small blocks but I have a good start
so I think I can get this done.

3) Keep walkin' the walk

4) IF TIME:  Work on garden clean up.
By Friday, our low should be 41 so it's time to start thinking
about that first frost.  I like to be ahead of the game and
move out anything that's already finished its season.

There are tons of pumpkins still setting on so I'm in no hurry
for that frost.  Oh the happiness in stepping into my own
garden to for our fall porch decor!  I'll have to get a porch
pic soon.  In fact...

5) Get an updated porch pic!

Have a lovely week and enjoy the beautiful October weather!
(Whenever it arrives!)
Happy quilting!


Congrats on your finishes. I'm sure the quilting on that quilt is ok. We used to have shop hops in our area every Feb. and Oct. but those ended several years ago. They were fun. I'd have a car full of ladies and we'd stop at 8-9 shops in a day. Enjoy yours.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Oh, big congrats on keeping that walking average way above your goal. I need to remember that if I get a really high number of steps in one day it's okay to slack off a bit another day. It all averages out. For some reason, I thought Angela Huffman was in MN! How cool that you were able to visit her shop. Barberry Bramble is gorgeous. I would agree that it wouldn't be all that bad if it didn't sell - you can enjoy it! Good luck this week with your list. I'm all for a bit of Fall weather to arrive. I have a ton of outside work I'd like to get wrapped up but not when it's upper 80s and humid. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
piecefulwendy said…
Oh, Burberry is a gorgeous quilt! I'd definitely be keeping that one! It gives all the feels for fall! We have had hot weather here too, and windy. While the leaves have changed up north, we aren't at full color here yet. Have fun with all your activities - what incredible average steps for you lately!
I love your Simply Pumpkin quilt! It's no wonder it sold so quickly. Hope you had a great golf game today - I enjoyed mine!
Carolyn said…
Beautiful quilts! You are killing it on the steps; I try to get 6000-7000 per day, but I feel like a light-weight compared to you!
Linda said…
Barberry Bramble is really beautiful, and I love Simply Pumpkin. Yes you must make one for yourself. Is that the Hocus Pocus pattern? Hope you are enjoying cooler weather. We are due to dip into the 40s for a low this weekend - I can't wait!