My IKEA Cutting Table Set-Up

I'm dropping in today for an extra post to share
the latest--and last--addition to my new studio.

It took me a lot of thought and research, and eventually
three trips to IKEA (200 mi away) in KC to get it down
(the third visit was to get what they'd run out of!)
but I now have exactly what I was after.
Or as close as I'm going to get I think!

If you're in the market for a new cutting/workspace for
your sewing studio, perhaps I can save you some time?

My Mission and Research
My former set-up was a little deeper than it needed to be
and being a kitchen table, it had no storage.  My mission
was to find a longer yet less deep surface, and to be able
 to clear supplies off of my space but still have them within
reach--as in storage below.  I was coming up empty
(my first trip to IKEA)
until I realized that the depth of two Kallax cubbies could
provide the surface I was after and give me all kinds of
storage options to make the space work for me.  

The Set-Up
SO, what you're looking at is actually 2 sets of the Kallax
shelf systems, turned on their sides and mounted on
coordinating leg bases and placed together to form
one unit.  On top is the Trotten desktop.  The height
of this work surface is a perfect-for-me 37 inches.
(No need for risers to make it easier on my back.)

I plan to have hubs lightly fasten the two units together
(when the poor guy gets one little free moment!) but
none of it is going anywhere.  The table top will slide
around a bit if I lean into it but I think those little
rubber no-slide/bumper things might do the trick.

I added two drawer sets because I like a clean look,
with items tucked away as much as possible...

and two plain divider sets for those things
that I need out and handy often.

These fit vertically (above) or horizontally (below).

Here I pulled the dividers out slightly so you can
see them but they stay in place very well.

The bins hold current project(s) I'm actively working on.

Again, I want to keep my work space clear.

And lastly a mesh storage box that I might regret
because it has already become The Abyss.
(Maybe I should label it as such?!?)
You know, that catch-all for Things That Have No Home Yet?
I have some recent HST trimmings in there and if I can fit
all of them in there, that might their permanent residence.
Maybe I'll actually DO something with them that way!
Letting time play that one out for now.

I hadn't intended on putting bolts in any of the cubbies
but the idea struck me and so it stuck.  These are just my
neutrals and anything that works with my current project.
Oh how I wish I had the space for ALL of my bolts...but then
I wouldn't have space for anything else of course. 

I also picked up an under-the-counter light strip that
has a flip switch on the cord (temporarily on the
floor but I plan mount it inside one of the top cubbies).
It doesn't provide tons of light but it is enough to fill
in back there between my other two.  Plus, the effect
 just looks kinda cool, 'kay?

Are you seeing my new book holder (also IKEA)?  
It's made for tablets but it holds my books so nicely
that it pulls double-duty around here.
(I need instructions very accessible at all times so
I can check...and then double- and triple-check!)

A couple other things to note:
I picked up the bigger Quilter's Select 24x36 mat.
I'm completely sold on their cutting mats and rulers.
Worth. Every. Penny.  I'm a pretty prolific quilter
and my 18x20 has lasted me a very long time...
I'm thinking about 15 years?  It's starting to show a
little wear but I know it has many years left in it.
(Guess that one will now be for out-of-studio projects??)

I also re-covered both of my ironing surfaces.
The black on mostly-white print keeps the area light
but should still hide the heavy use and wear...
for at least a decent amount of time.
(As I said, I'm a prolific quilter!)

Well, I hope sharing my system will help someone out,
even if it just triggers other ideas for you.  I'd love to
hear the IKEA (or other) solutions you've come up with
for your studio if you want to share!
Btw, other than carrying these items up to my room,
I was able to do about 99% of the assembly myself.
(Hubs attached the drawer units to the Kallax.)
I don't particularly like to assemble things that aren't
quilts but I wanted you to know that it wasn't that bad!

Other coordinating IKEA items I have in my studio are my
 sewing desk and Hemnes storage cabinets (large & small).
I hope to do a full studio tour one of these days.  I feel like
after being in here for a good amount of time,  I've made
what I hope are all of the tweaks and changes.
I do like to change things up every now and then but right
now, the business side of all of this is calling screaming (!)
so I want to just enjoy the efficiency and functionality
of what I've got going on.

If there is one piece of advice I can give any new quilters
 out there who are starting to build a sewing studio, it is:
Be patient!  Do not rush out and buy all the things!  
It takes time to develop.  The good news is that you
need to work in your space for this to happen!
So tell 'em your "doing research" and
happy quilting!


Vicki in MN said…
Looking good! I know I love my cutting and pressing stations that we made with cubes:)
piecefulwendy said…
This really came together well! I'm going to look into the Quilter's Select mats. Fun to see your new set up! (You should link this up with Kathleen McMusing's Tips & Tutorials on the 21st).
Home Sewn By Us said…
Brilliant, Cheree! I found the Kallax but was thinking it was too narrow. It didn't occur to me to put two of them together. Game changer. And all that storage is fabulous! Happy Mother's Day to you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Neatness and organization are a big thing for me in my Studio. I have the Ella System that I purchased in 2010 and love them, with one exception - dust! Your area looks great! Enjoy it! Hugs
Kate said…
What a great solution to your cutting and storage needs. Ikea has some really cool stuff.
chrisknits said…
It's perfect!! Love it. I put mine on wheels because I know I will move it around and redo the decor so much easier. But now that I have the long arm in the studio there's not much room to move! LOL Love your baby quilt, it is so sweet.
Linda said…
Woooow-ee! It looks so neat and clean. I've bookmarked this page and already opened links you provided. So your underneath space is open all the way to the wall with the two units together? (Hope that makes sense). That mesh drawer is fantastic.
My cutting table is an old kitchen table on risers with old night stands and coffee tables underneath. It's an eclectic mess and hard for me to remember what is where - I have to use the P-touch to put labels on drawers and then still forget where stuff is - lol!
Nice job, and thank you for sharing all of it!