2023 Week 8 Tuesday To Do: Merry-Go-Round

Hello again motivated do'ers.  Welcome to another
These days I feel like I'm on a pretty fast 
merry-go-round and there is no sign of it
slowing down, especially this week!
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Let's first check in with my last list:

1) Name the red star rings, make label and binding. 
I made the binding but still no name so no label.

2) Choose next project and start
I was a big overachiever on this one.
I chose not one, not two but three!  
(And maybe four?)

Project One:

The first one has been an absolute scrappy blast
but it's my project for an upcoming blog hop so
I can only show some teaser pics. 

It's scrappy, it's quick, and it's addictive.
It's also the kind of mindless sewing that you
can do in a group setting or while watching tv.
(Or when you're frazzled and can't focus well!)

I stuck with my trademark colors but I'm already
thinking ahead to a spring one and a Christmas one.
You'll for-sure want to check back in on March 6 when it's

Project #2 & 3

This wasn't quite what I had in mind for little E's quilt,
but I came across the directions I'd saved for making two
quilts from one layer cake, which appeals to me greatly,
especially when they aren't my usual fabrics.
("Hibiscus" by Simple Simon & Co, Riley Blake)

I was able to cut out the second quilt just from the scraps of
 the first. Meaning:  I STILL had almost a half of a cake left.
So, I cut out enough to add another row to the above
quilt and I'll do the same for quilt #2--and I'll still
have pieces left. I'll reevaluate to see if there is
enough for a third but that would just be crazy.
It is my plan to sell the second (and third! LOL) but
I have a niece who is expecting.  If she finds out there is
 a girl on the way, I'll be set with a gift.  And how amazing
would be the feeling of being ahead of the game again.
(Maybe the merry-go-round would begin to slow??)

In other news, we had a quick getaway to our fave B&B
 in Arkansas where we cheered our Chiefs on to another
 Superbowl win, played some golf and celebrated
Valentine's Day at a fave restaurant.  

I also got a new Wilson & Wilson pic similar to my first
one (above) but I haven't even had time to hang it yet so
hold that thought--I'll get to it and have a pic next week!
(I hope!)

Other random bits:  I cleaned and rearranged my studio,

had a little time with this one and played more golf.

I might have also purchased a few Martingale books
(does anyone blame me there?!?) that I haven't even
had a chance to look through yet and yes,
SIGH, more fabric.

Gru, the best animated character ever!

The week ahead is going to be very busy but somehow
I WILL get these things done--because I must:

1) Finish little E's quilt
I'll be quilting this one up at my Quilt Path class
later this week and then will have it finished for
her baptism on Sunday.

2) Get ready for tax appointment
What does this have to do with quilting?
Well when my playing around at selling quilts somehow
evolved--and continues to evolve--into a business, I 
struggled to believe it could/would be something serious...
but now it is and I'm way behind on what I should have
been keeping track of all along.  Enough said, right?
And I actually like accounting.  I just don't have room
on my merry-go-round for it right now, ya know?

3) Finish blog hop quilt top and write post

4) Golf as weather allows
I don't really have time but it is my exercise :o)

I have a very full week and I'm feeling frazzled, but I know
I can get it all done.  What I find to be most helpful is to
get an early start.  So I'll be up and at before the sun
comes up, coffee in hand and ready to go!
Happy quilting!


Your blog hop project has me intrigued! Love that bunch of rainbow color. The stars for E's quilt are pretty, too. It will be fun to see what you do with them! Glad (and a little envious) that you're getting to play some golf. We still have snow on the ground here and more expected tomorrow. Have a great week, Cheree!
piecefulwendy said…
Oh, those fabric colors - love! How about Ring around the Rosy for your red rings? Not sure why that came to mind. You are a bundle of energy, my friend. I'm pretty sure you'll do just fine on your tasks for the week! Glad you had some time with that little beauty, too!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Well, I'll bet that was tough work having to spend time with E and get some golf time in. It's rough but someone had to step and do it. LOVE those fabrics for project #1, and #2 and #3 with stars - well, you can't go wrong with stars in my book. Good luck this week. That tax stuff would have me frazzled but you'll get through it. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Kat said…
Oh, I love the colours of your blog hop project so much! I added a reminder with your link in my calendar so I check your blog post on March 6th. 😊

I also like the colours your are using for little E’s quilt. I am using similar colours (sans pink) for a baby quilt that is stalled as a UFO. I need to get back to that one.
Carol Andrews said…
Hi Cheree. You had such a fun post for us to read this week. Love the sneak peeks at your hop project. Good for you to get away for Golf and V-Day celebration and to enjoy the game. Good luck getting caught up and not so frazzled. I'm amazed at how many projects you have on the go! Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. I hope you aren't as frazzled this week and get some more snuggle time in with the wee one.
I really like the fabrics for the 1st quilt. I'll be looking forward to seeing what pattern book you use. What a cutie! At least he is awake. My new granddaughter sleeps 23 hours a day. If the Cowboys couldn't be in the Superbowl, at least the Chiefs won.
Sharon - IN said…
I'm going to have to take a look at the blog hop link. Sounds interesting. And Gru! That is perfectly what I've been doing this year! Buying, seeing yet another wonderful pattern, and buying more. Ugh. Got to finish Homage and get to the new stuff!
Ivani said…
Beautiful fabrics for your blog hop project. Looking forward to your day. Owo sweet baby! As always you have beautiful projects on the go.
Have a great week, Cheree
Chrisknits said…
E's quilt will be so sweet! And waiting to see how many you do get from the layer cake! Good luck with your list, since we're halfway through the week I assume you are halfway through your list? LOL
Vicki in MN said…
Can't wait to see your blog hop project, I like quick and easy;)