30 January 2023

2023 Week 5 Tuesday To-Do: More Announcements

Well hello there!

If you checked in with me last week, you saw the great
blessings that have been coming my way.  As if those
weren't enough, I have two more to share today!
Having great things going on is always fun but as they say,
Time flies when you're having fun!  And it certainly has!
So, once again Tuesday is upon me in a mere blink.
I'm checking in over at the  Tuesday To Do party 
at Quilt Schmilt to try to keep myself on schedule
throughout all of these blinks!

With the single digit temps out there, it's hard to believe
I got in two rounds of golf over the weekend but I'm
sure glad we took advantage of the unseasonably
warm weather while it was here.  Along with the golf
there were a few other fun things that happened but
let's start with the quilting...

Last week's goals: 

1) Work on Meadow:  Hoping to complete the top
DONE! Er, well, almost!

I didn't get another pic after this but right now, it has
one thin border and half of the next (and last).  I have
the strips ready so likely by the time you read this, I'll
already have it done.

This is a big quilt so I'm extra happy with the progress.
I might cut it down a bit to avoid having to buy a
king-sized roll of batting but as of now, it'll end up
around 92"X103". 
(I keep 40yd 90-inch batting rolls stocked.)

DONE! Er, well, almost!

I'm a one-project-at-a-time person so switching gears
takes some effort.  I found some time Sunday while
watching football to get the first two blocks made. 

However, after watching the video today I discovered
I made the roof too dark on the first, and I guess that
second one isn't even the right one?  Well, I'm on a roll
with this one already, huh?  Can you blame me though?
I had to watch our Chiefs make it to the Superbowl again!
I'll be watching the rest of Edyta's monthly QAL videos
before I start on the blocks from here on out though!

Let's move on to those last two blessings
that I have been, er, well, blessed with lately!
Especially this first one!

Grandchild #3 arrived!  And when Mom was busy 
getting this very healthy, happy baby girl into the
world, I took care of big brother and sister.
They are certainly both so excited that she is finally
here but big sis (3) is actually a bit obsessed with her.
I see "best buds for life" in the making!

Announcement #2
When I bought Lucey last year I wanted to take lots
of time to get comfortable with her before adding on
a computerized quilting system.   I got the pantograph
quilting down pretty quickly but I really haven't had
the time to work on FMQ like I'd hoped. 
(Hopefully that will still happen soon?  As in this year?)
I enjoy pantographs very much but lately I just feel a bit
off with them.  Vision issues or lack of time (rushing it)?
Both, or something else?  Does it even matter?
Because the fact is,  I'm just not getting any younger.
And my shop needs more quilts!

It's time for Quilt Path!

It should be here soon and then I'll be heading back down
to OK for a one-on-one training session with my rep.
  Another period of learning is hard to fit in when I feel so
behind already but hopefully I will be a quick learner!

In other news, I wanted to share some scores that have
joined my stash (yardage amounts in yellow):

The one on the left is a Kim Diehl!
Perfect for my fall projects! 

More reds.  Can you believe my luck?  All of these
on the $5/yd clearance rack when one of my major
focuses this year is to make red/ivory quilts!
But oh dear, after buying a record amount of fabric
last year, here I am off to another bad start.  I just can't
help but feel those prices are going to disappear one of
these days though, you know?!?  And if I could just stay
in my sewing room and make all those quilts...

So let's look at next week's goals:

1) Make backing, binding and label for Meadow;
come up with official name.

2) Fix my QAL houses; make Feb blocks (if released)

3) Update fabric tracking; work on business side of
my business.
Hubs is going to help me here.  I didn't do a great job
of this last year.  I actually love this kind of thing but
I've been so overwhelmed with trying to get started
(and so many other things!) that I've had no time for this.
Thank goodness hubs is a finance/business whiz.
Somehow, together we'll get me caught up.

4) Start next quilt

Happy quilting!


Sharon Kwilter said...

Oooh, I love your new fabrics. What is that great floral one on the top of the stack?

Carolyn said...

Good job on your “almost” finishes and congratulations on the new grand baby!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Congrats on the new granddaughter. My granddaughter was born yesterday. I hope you love your new computer for the long arm.

grammajudyb said...

Congratulations on the new grand! I'm sure the sisters will be life-long pals.A sister is your first Best Friend! You've acquired a lovely array of reds. I'm looking forward to your Red/Ivory quilts. They are sure to be stunning.

Vicki in MN said...

I missed your last post, wow I am so happy it finally all came together for you as I know how stressed you were about it. Now another wonderful event, congrats on the new little one!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Congratulations on the new addition to the family! Meadow is beautiful! If your batting is 90 inches wide, how do you make that work for a 92 inch wide quilt? Pretty new additions to your stash, too!

piecefulwendy said...

So much good stuff! I just tried to find a bit more yardage of a particular fabric, which is apparently rare. The seller wanted $28 for a yard - nope. Sorry. You have some pretty new fabrics and got them at a great price!

Marti said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! So much better for older sister to be obsessed with her sister than jealous. I love your Meadow quilt too. The colors are so warm and soft.

Ivani said...

Great news!!!
Congrats on the new baby.

Needled Mom said...

The newest little grandbaby is adorable. I’m sure she is well loved by all. Looks like you really did score on the fabrics. Your quilt is beautiful too. You will love Quilt Path. They have great videos on Quilt Path online if you want to get a jump start on learning.

chrisknits said...

Wow, you are just keeping busy, or something. LOL! Love Meadow!!! And congrats on the babe and the new technology! I am hoping to add a Pro Stitcher to my Amara this year. But only if I can find a good price on one!!

Astrid said...

You have certainly been busy and having fun. Congratulations on the grandbaby! Beautiful Meadow quilt. Pretty house blocks. I've been eyeing that book too. Pretty new fabric to great prices! Who can resist?!

Carol Andrews said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful granddaughter Cheree. Meadow is beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing it with its borders. $5.00 a yard fabric? Amazing find. Here we are thrilled if we find fabric on sale for $10.00. Such pretty additions to your stash. I’m looking forward to seeing what you manage to get done when you add the robotics to your longarm. You’ll have fun and figure it out quickly I’m sure. Great job on your list. Good luck this week and thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday 😃

Sharon - IN said...

Congratulations on the new granddaughter! Edyta Sitar's QAL looks like a good one.

Linda said...

Congratulations on that darling little girl! She is beautiful. Yay for Quilt Path! I look forward to seeing what you do with it. :)

Kate said...

Congratulations on the new addition to the family! You've been moving along on the quilt front too, progress is good even if you don't get a full check mark on the task. Good luck with this week's to do list.

Anne-Marie said...

Lots of wonderful things. Congrats!

Bernie Kringel said...

Fun post Cheree! Congrats on the sweet addition to the family. I love newborns - enjoy loads of baby cuddles.
Great bargains on your fabric purchases. Lots of good things happening in your world!

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