21 November 2022

'22 Tuesday To-Do #37: Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome to another round of to-do's on the
Thanksgiving is upon us so this one is short
and sweet, even after skipping a week.
I focused on getting my current projects finished
so I'm starting to think about switching gears.
First, let's see what all I got done:

1) Photograph Festive Firs and list in shop


Again, most of the pics have a blue/gray-ish tint so I
need to get some better ones when I get more time.

2) Finish Joyful Junipers top and quilt if time


And photographed.

And listed.  Bam!

3) Make daughter's quilt top

Lots of progress here but I set it aside to finish
one final holiday quilt for my shop.  I'm not sure
42 blocks are enough (queen size) but it's a very
good start.  (I'm thinking only one small
border in just the white background.)

4) Consider next quilt for shop
I made great progress here, too.  In fact, the top is
almost done!  Joyful Junipers was going to be my
last quilt for the shop before Thanksgiving I decided
I might have time slip one more in.  Besides, I wanted
to take advantage of the best time of the year to
play with Christmas fabric.

"Don's Goose" (56 X 72) from

For this, I chose my Farmhouse Christmas FQ set,
the same line I used in Joyful Junipers.  They look so
pretty in that quilt that I wanted to keep working with
them.  But...I'm not sure they were the best choice for
this one.  It wasn't the look I was after but it does have
a home-y holiday feel and that works too.  I do love
the pattern for sure.  It's just a good mix of all that I
enjoy in piecing, including geese which have long
been a favorite of mine for any scrappy look.
I'd like to make another very soon.  I'm seeing it in
fall colors so maybe I should think about wintery,
or Valentine's Day or even spring?

Notes on this one
*Lots of triangles so sizing is a must.
*I really think controlled scrappy is necessary, esp in
keeping to only part of the color wheel, and small prints.
*I envision this being bigger so I think I'd add more
blocks.  How pretty, and cozy, would it be on a bed?

Now that I've started  putting the blocks in to rows,
 and the rows together (as pictured above), I'm having
second thoughts about making this one again.

Three words:  diagonal seam matching.
Actually, 8 seams in one.  Not a walk in the park.

So I'm not sure I want to repeat the struggle so soon.
For now, I've had to relax my rules a bit on this one.
I'm pinning and doing the best I can (keeping
it to minimal ripping/re-doing) and hoping the
quilting detracts from any not-so-perfect points.  

The week ahead
The kids will all be home and there will be all the
usual feasting, games, decorating, and all that jazz.
If time allows, I'll be working on these two items:

1) Finish Christmas Geese top, quilt, pic and list

2) Finish Midnight Pines

And with that, I hope to move into a bit of a break from
working on shop inventory.   I feel like I've been really
pushing it and I'm missing some good ol' quilt therapy.
Next week I hope to have a list of FUN to share!
Maybe some Christmas projects for decor around the
house, a gift or two?  I might actually go to coffee next
week and do some planning.  It seems months since I've
indulged in the "luxury" of taking a morning off.  I call
it a luxury but it's becoming pretty obvious that I need
that every couple weeks to keep myself organized.
And in turn, I end up more productive, and sane!
(Anyone sensing a New Year's goal there??)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,
and happy quilting!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like the xmas trees turned this way and that. A kit if my seams do not match when I have so many that come in the centers like that one you show - I have just got to the point of not worrying about it - unless you really want to sell one quilt after another I would say take a break - you will make it where it isn't fun for you at some point if it is just a business.

Vicki in MN said...

You know I can certainly identify with you on the Etsy shop pushing. We bring it on ourselves(but for good reason!). It's just hard to stop once you have a taste of it, LOL. With staying home this winter I wonder if I will have the good sense to take breaks! I love your projects but I hear you on matching all those points-it takes extra effort and time. Happy Turkey day to you and your family.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Festive Firs and Joyful Junipers are definitely festive and joyful! I love those fun holiday prints you used for the trees. I can see where getting those diagonal seams to match in the flying geese quilt would be challenging - it definitely would be for me. Good luck with your Etsy shop, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sharon - IN said...

Your tree quilts are delightful! Happy Thanksgiving!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! Festive Firs is such a pretty finish. I love those fabrics and the quilting - I can feel the quilty squishiness from here. Great job on the photos and getting it listed! Woohoo. And another listing?!! Joyful Junipers is equally as pretty - actually, since I adore polka dots it might be my favorite. AND, time for one more quilt for the shop. Why not. You're not doing anything else. It's only FIVE weeks until the new year. Egad. Don's Geese is pretty until you shared that picture of all the points coming together. Yeah. I don't even LIKE making FG, but I have a Accuquilt die on order that had better change my mind about them. I love the look but they give me fits every time. Yippee - the kids are coming home. Please enjoy every minute with them. Happy Happy Thanksgiving. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Anne-Marie said...

All the quilts look great. Flying geese are a pain. I think your seams look fine and you'll never notice once it's quilted. Definitely take time for yourself. This is a do as I say and not as I do piece of advice. 😄

piecefulwendy said...

Don's Goose just makes me want to grab a book and snuggle under that quilt and read. I love the deep, earthy colors with the Christmas hues! You have really been busy with those quilts, so I can understand why you want to take a break. I'll meet ya for coffee - I'm sure we'd get a ton of planning done - LOL

chrisknits said...

You deserver a fun break, you have been busting it! Love the new make, it might have to go on my list. I know I have a pattern similar to that in my stash somewhere, time to pull it out! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like that quilt, despite the difficult seams. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonnie said...

When did anyone ever say I love flying geese? Me never. And especially not with the problems I’m having make 72 of them. (Got that off my chest.). All your quilts are looking fabulous. I’m super impressed with how much you’ve gotten done. It does sound like the right time to do some fun sewing interspersed with holiday prep. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Linda said...

I love reading about your quilting analytics and love even more looking at the results - beautiful quilts and very much shop-worthy. I love flying geese - I don't always make them well, but still love them. How long are your kids staying? Ours only stayed one night and headed back home, so it is quiet again here. Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

Needled Mom said...

I love all the festive tree quilting. The Christmas flying geese quilt is really beautiful. Only you will know of your problems with it. Enjoy the gang all being there this weekend. I’m sure the visit is much too short.

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