13 September 2022

Tuesday To-Do #29: Singing, Finishes & Two Winners!

Hello and welcome to another round of
Tuesday To Do where those of us who like
to stay motivated join Texas Quilt Gal's link-up, 
make our lists and get things done.

I have some special things going on today
here on the ol' blog so let's get right to it.
First, some singing:

Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy BIRthday to mee-ee.
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!

Now, the finishes:

1) Quilt Once in a Blue Pumpkin

DONE.  A finish!

This turned out even prettier than I'd hoped for.
I'm sharing some teaser pics that I took for IG but I need
to fit in another one of those multi-quilt photo shoots to
try to do this quilt any sort of justice.

In person it just pops!

I've been trying to use up my stash of quilting threads,
all the while waiting for the perfect moment to audition
Glide thread, along with Magna-Glide Delights prewound
bobbins.  Holey moley, in all my years of sewing and
quilting, never have I felt such a difference.  I'm sold.
Now can someone out there tell me how to get my
hands on more pre-wound colors?  Or do they just come
in a few?  And if so, how often do you use a similar but
different bobbin color from top to account for this?  
I use those puppies for one quilt and I'm already spoiled.

2) Quilt West Point Stars III

Top finished.
Quilting delayed until today.

I switched thread plans (see above!)--thus the delay.
Never fear!  I made good use of time and started
and--get this--finished another WP quilt top!

Er, that is to say, West Point Stars IV--and actually
my 7th WP quilt overall but that's getting off-track.
Let's stay focused.
At 67x82, WP Stars II got pretty big so I wanted to
offer another smaller one.  This one is 55 x 55
so perfect for displaying on the back of the sofa.

On both of these I've decided to go with biscotti (left) but I
do have the mocha (center).  I just can't choose white
with those dark borders.  My only bobbin option is
light tan (which is fairly dark) but with a backing that
is mostly white with small black print, I don't have
warm fuzzies for this plan.  I think I'm going to be
winding  biscotti bobbins and praying the light sheen
 to this thread has it blending with white instead of
sticking out too much.

3) Work on Snow Day

I don't think I've posted anything about this one but I started
cutting this one out a few weeks ago.  I have three quilts that
must be finished first--and listed--but I want to start sharing
a little more about this project as it will be in my to-do's for
the coming week.  

It's MSQC's Stars and Pinwheels pattern, a fun one that
I've already made twice.  I'm working on a post of
"upcoming projects" where I'll share more about those.
Hopefully later this week still.

Now to announce the two winners of my giveaways!

I really appreciate the positive feedback I received on
my projects for Get On Board With Sewing Blog Hop.
There are so many quilts out there that I want to make that,
outside of my West Point Quilts, I never get around to trying
my hand at any originals.  I'm not sure I have the brain
energy for it but I guess like anything, the more you do it,
the better you get at it?  I found the pineapple projects
to be a good taste of that whole area of quilting that I
tend to avoid.  If anything, making even the simplest of
originals can certainly impart a big appreciation
for the work of all the pattern-makers out there.

Well, without further ado, I had hubs choose two random
numbers, corresponding to the number-order of
commenters and here are the winners:

Both were notified last night by email.
Congrats to the winners!

In other news, hubs and I took a quick trip up to
Omaha to visit our other son and play a little golf...
in the rain.  We got soaked but sometime in the back
nine, the sun came out and all was well.  Memories!

Looking ahead to next week

1) Finish quilting West Point Stars 2

2) Quilt West Point Stars 3

3) Get pics of and create listings for all three quilts

4) Keep working on Snow Day

5) Finish Upcoming Projects Post

Happy quilting!


piecefulwendy said...

Happy Birthday! How could I forget that?!? I hope you are enjoying all of your favorite things today. You have had a very productive week. I love Once Over a Blue Pumpkin, and you WP quilts look great! That new project looks like fun, too! Congrats to Diann and Kathleen! Looking forward to hearing about your weekend.

Anne-Marie said...

Happy birthday to you! Your quilt turned out great. I love that little leafy border print. Re. Glide--Go to the bottom of Quilted Joy's website. On the lower right is a link to a Glide thread chart that is fairly up to date and shows which bobbin colors are available. I use close but not quite sometimes and sometimes, if I really have to, I will wind my own bobbins. I also really love 60 wt thread for the bobbin, though those are pretty limited color-wise.

annemarie said...

Hope you have the happiest of Happy Birthdays. I am always in awe at how much you always accomplish. Congrats to the winner!

Ivani said...

Happy Birthday Cheree!!!
You had a great week, hummm?!
Wonderful quilting on Blue Pumpkin quilt, love the eye candy.
Both West Point Stars are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the blue one emerge.
Congrats to Diann and Kathleen, sure they will be thrilled with the giveaway.
Have a nice week and happy stitching.

chrisknits said...

Hope your birthday has been spectacular!! And oh my, that pumpkin quilt!!! It's Spectacular too! Good luck on your weekly list.

grammajudyb said...

Happy Birthday to you! Your quilts are all so gorgeous!
Congratulations to Diann and Kathleen! What fun to win a drawing!

Kathryn T said...

Happy birthday. That once in a blue pumpkin looks just gorgeous, I love what we can see! Sounds like you were on a roll with getting quilting done this past week.

Vicki in MN said...

Happy Birthday!! You are one busy gal and it looks like it will continue this week also, good luck!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! Great quilts and finishes. I love those scissors you had with your giveaway.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Happy Birthday! (belated). Love the WP quilt and your Blue Pumpkin really turned out great! Have a great week! Hugs

Linda said...

Happy, happy birthday! Love your WP quilts, and that thread is beautiful. Oh Blue Pumpkin you are so pretty! Yay for Diann and Kathleen - they will love those gifts. The trip to Omaha sounds fun.
Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Beautiful quilting on that beautiful quilt. Snow Days will be fun to see more of. There are so many lovely projects to make it is hard to choose. Meanwhile, belated Happy Birthday and so nice to have a trip to visit with family. Happy Stitching.

Karrin Hurd said...

Happy Birthday! Your quilts are beautiful, as is your quilting.

Kathy S. said...

A blue pumpkin? It's GORGEOUS!!! LOVE blue pumpkins now. :). Happy birthday.

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