September Monthly Goal(s) Completed

While it's slowly cooling down outside, things have
been quickly heating up in the studio.  I completed both
 of my September goals, made a bonus smaller version
of the second and now I'm well on my way to completing
my next two projects--maybe even before October hits!
But I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.
Those will show up soon enough.

Now, about those September Goals.
Who's got their coffee?
We'll wait....
Alrighty, we're linked up to Elm Street Quilts

My first one was to quilt and completely finish
Once In a Blue Pumpkin:

This quilt has been getting so much attention!
The bold fall colors are pretty striking but it's those
 quirky blue pumpkins that are stealing the show.

I have always been crazy about pumpkins.
(Way before pumpkin spice lattes were a thing!)
How did I end up with blue ones?  

80 x 66

Erica Arndt shows her Farmhouse Fall quilt in trendy
soft oranges, lime greens and pale teals.  But when it
comes to fall in my quilt-world, it's the rich traditional
colors that my autumn-loving heart wants to work with
so I converted her colors to my shades.
I was a little hesitant to go with what I feel are 
"fall blues" but you know that creative license?
Generally I'm pretty conservative with it but this
pattern has a fun feel to it so I thought, why not?
The longer I've quilted, the more I've learned to
listen to my quilter's gut.
(Not the one that wants to keep Peanut M&M's
in the sewing room; the other one.)

More pumpkins!  This pantograph is a favorite and
gets lots of use.  It always quilts up so beautifully!  

My second goal was to make and complete
West Point Stars III.


This is an original so its construction took some
extra work and time.  For future editions, I made
thorough notes but it's my intention that all
of my WP Line are one-of-a-kind.  

However, for my sanity, and because they all feature a
three inch fussy cut West Point logo (special order fabric),
I'm making the blocks all the same size.  This way I can
mix and match them throughout the quilt designs.

The quilting design is stars and ribbons.

Because WP Stars III finished up fairly large,
I wanted to have a smaller option available.
So I designed another:


West Point Stars IV is my Bonus Project for September.

All three of these are now up in my Etsy shop.

What a month, right?
And I'm still going so I can't wait for
October's Monthly Goal, er, Goals!

Happy quilting!


Oh Cherree! I Love both quilts! The blue pumpkins are amazing but I love the West Point one as well (even though we are a naval academy family). Wonderful inspiration today! Thank you!
piecefulwendy said…
You've had a great month, and your front porch decor is lovely!
I LOVE your blue pumpkins. Your gut was correct (but I prefer peanut butter M&M's ;). Nice quilting on it, too. I'm sure the West Point quilts will sell quickly.
Sandy Panagos said…
That quilt SHOULD be getting attention. It's adorable! Your West Point projects are just lovely. So special.
Kathleen said…
That quilt is quite lovely and the blue pumpkins are a stroke of genius. My son has food allergies and they do a teal pumpkin for Halloween and treats that may be allergy friendly. Love the West Point quilts and the mini are terrific.
Vicki in MN said…
I always love seeing how you decorate outside! You had two great goals to meet and you succeeded beautifully:)
Sharon Kwilter said…
Beautiful! Well done. That's a lot of finished projects!
Kate said…
I really like the blue pumpkins. Congrats on exceeding your expectations for September.
chrisknits said…
I love your blue pumpkins!!! Might have a make a few myself. And that panto is my fav for fall!! Great finish for your month!