01 September 2022

September Monthly Goal

Welcome, oh most-lovely September!
My two favorite months for quilting are upon us
and I'm under the weather for the first time in
three (or four?) years!.  UGH.   Why now?
On our recent trip to West Point, we had a blast but
I guess we  brought home a little something extra.
I've been sleeping lots and walking around like
 a zombie...and I missed the August OMGaol
Completion Link-Up but my post is here.

Now onto September's goals.  While I sit here wallowing
in frustration and misery, I'm a lot like a rock in a
sling-shot, going back, back, back... And the minute
I feel better, I'm going be turned loose to fly right into
 all of the projects that are just bouncing around 
in my head.  SO, I'm making my September Goal

First, to quilt up Once In a Blue Pumpkin.

At 67 x 82", Once in a Blue Pumpkin came out a little
 bigger than I'd planned.  I wanted to add the leaves
in the corners with some extra HSTs.

And then I had the most perfect fabric for the border!

This pattern is Farmhouse Fall by Erica Arndt.

It is loaded and ready for quilting.

And the second part of my goal is to completely
finish my latest West Point Stars quilt.   It will be very
similar to the first one (above), only larger.

I have all of the stars cut out so finishing them up
should go quickly; next it will be the chain blocks.
The West Point fabric in these quilts was made for
a WP Parent's Club fundraiser several years ago.

While I love the fabrics, they've provided a real
challenge in fussy-cutting:
they are not printed straight!
I end up tossing quite a bit of it but I am doing my
best to counter the waste by stretching the fabrics
as far as I can.  This adds a LOT of time to the process
but with the extra effort, I should be able to get many
more West Point quilts made over the years.

As a mother of a WP cadet, I know the sacrifice of all who
are part of the WP family so I always do my best to keep
the cost of these quilts to a minimum.

My plan is to have both quilts listed on Etsy well before
any leaves turn around here--hopefully within the next
couple weeks.  Our leaves don't usually turn until October
but as dry as we are, they're likely to just die and turn brown
before any cold weather brings out their color.
Either way, it'll be a race that I'm intent on winning!
(But please rain soon!!)

Happy quilting!


Vicki in MN said...

Good luck on your goals this month. Will you do an allover or custom on the pumpkin quilt? Feel better soon.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi, two fantastic quilts for your monthly goal. How proud you must be of your WP cadet! Wonderful!
Hope you are feeling much better...you have quilting to do. :D

piecefulwendy said...

You'll definitely be a slingshot when you are feeling better, and I'm sure you'll meet your goals! You are a WP mama, after all! :-)

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Beautiful quilt top!!! Looks like you're all ready to go, as soon as that sling is released! Best wishes!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Such a bummer to be sick when there is so much you want to do! Hang in there. Love both of you quilts and to be a WP Mother is such a great honor! Hugs

Linda said...

These quilts are just gorgeous. I am imagining you on that slingshot!

Sandy Panagos said...

Wow. Your Once in aBlue Pumpkin quilt would have been incredibly different without the borders. It's perfect.

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