23 August 2022

Tuesday To-Do #26: Blue Pumpkins

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday To-Do,
a link-up hosted by Texas Quilt Gal for us quilters
who like a little extra motivation to get things done!

The weather has been hinting at the upcoming fall
(the nights especially) so I'm continuing on with my
slow-roll fall decorating.  The a/c might still be
running strong but I can never get enough of the
fall colors cheering me on, letting me know it
it's on the way--just hang in there!
Soon enough those windows will be open!

Meanwhile, I'll quilt up some fall in the studio.
Let's see what I got done this week:

1) Work on photos and listings for quilts
This was such a big, time-consuming project!
One still needs better pics due to the poor lighting
on the white fabric but they're all up and I'm so
motivated to get more listed.  Two of them have
 already sold--also very motivating!

2) Finish blog hop project and write up tutorial
DONE.  Maybe...
I can't decide if I'm done here.  I made one "mini" of
my project but I really want to make a larger version.
Hoping time allows!

3) Work on "virtual trunk show" with the photos.
Another time-consuming project but I'm glad I did it.
If anything for the record of all those.  I would be ever
so grateful if you would check out that post here if you
missed it last Friday and leave a comment there
on your favorites of the quilts.
(And check out which two sold already!)

4) Continue the planning on upcoming projects
and write up post.
Not done.
No time at all for this one.

5) Finish Pumpkin top & name it

Once in a Blue Pumpkin

When I was trying to come up with something that hit
on blue pumpkins being unique or rare, 
suggested Blue Moon Pumpkins which also seems like
a great name for a variety of pumpkins as well as a quilt.
Anyhoo, I immediately mixed the two ideas and came up
with Once in a Blue Pumpkin but I'm still claiming dibs
 on Blue Moon Pumpkins for another quilt so no stealing
that name y'all--except for Sharon of course.

This one got a little bigger than I'd intended by the time
 I added the leaves in the corners and the border.
Naming it also solved my border dilemma:  with a
name like that, I wanted to emphasize it so up went
the blue border I'd chosen when I first pulled fabrics
for this one.  The backing is also blue, btw, and the whole
thing is loaded on the longarm just waiting.

Fabric Tracking
I haven't checked in on this in a while so to just
see where I'm at for the year:

Fabric Purchased: 182 yards
(well, that's embarrassing!)
Fabric Used:  146 yards
(not bad.)
As always my goal is just to use more than I buy, and
the more I can go into the negative, the better I'm doing.
Right now I'm 36 yards in positive so I need to get busy!
I do have my hands full of projects right now but that
shop hop is coming up in a little over a month!
I really, really should be in the negative before I go off
buying more!  That's a lot of yards to get through in a 
month tho--sheesh!  
Well, be it known I never back down from a challenge,
LOL, so here come the to-do's.

1) Link my Etsy here on the blog

I have this under a tab but I know the phone version
of this doesn't make it easy to get to.  A reader brought
to my attention that I really should have it on my
homepage, over there with the IG and Bloglovin' links.
It doesn't seem to be as simple to do as those so I'll
need to have a chat with the Etsy folks.

2) Work on West Point Quilt

This was set aside months ago when all these other
quilty things pulled me in a different direction but
I have promised a customer I'd try to get it finished
over the next couple weeks.

I'm planning this third West Point quilt to be very
similar to the second (above), just bigger and with
some different fabrics.  I'm wondering how I can
change out the border...but we'll get to that later.

3) Start quilting Once in a Blue Pumpkin

 I don't think I'll get to it but it can't hurt
to keep it on the list.

4) FINISH Blog Hop project and post

This is a MUST!  I'm scheduled for the first day of the
hop--Sept 1--and it's creeping up fast!  Please plan on
visiting because I also have a little giveaway or two!

I'll see you all next week with a bit of a surprise
that will keep me pretty occupied but hopefully
these things will still get done!

Happy quilting!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

congratulations on selling some of the quilts already. After all your hard work I hope you were able to get what they are worth! I too am looking forward to fall

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

The blue pumpkins quilt is just wonderful, Cheree! I love the design and the colors. We're getting a hint of fall here in No. Colorado, too - still hot afternoons, but lovely cool nights and mornings!

piecefulwendy said...

Once in a Blue Pumpkin - perfect name! I love the deep blue in the pumpkins; it just seems to bring the whole quilt together. You've got a good list for the week!

Linda said...

Once in a Blue Pumpkin - love the quilt AND the name! I so enjoyed checking out your trunk show. Wish I lived close so I could sit on your porch. :D So you can't just put a link to Etsy on your home page? Is that an Etsy thing or is it just more complicated blog-wise?
Thank you for sharing with us at a very belated To Do Tuesday!

Vicki in MN said...

Congrats on the sales!!

Ivani said...

Love the quilt and the name. West point wuilt is other winner.
Looking forward to seeing your blog hop project. So cool you sold the quilts. Have a great week!

Bonnie said...

Your Blue Pumpkin quilt is great. Hope you can get a lot of tops to finished quilts to move to the negative on fabric purchased....

Needled Mom said...

I love the name you chose for the pumpkin quilt. Looking forward to seeing it all quilted. That’s great that you sold several of your quilts. They are beautiful.

Sharon - IN said...

Congrats on selling quilts! Your projects are looking great. I got such a chuckle over how you named Once in a Blue Pumpkin! Great name!

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