09 August 2022

2022 Tuesday To-Do #24: Things

Well we're rolling right on through the month.
feel like I'm rolling right through these lists, too!
But that's okay.  Things are getting done!
So we are here again with Texas Quilt Gal and the
 Tuesday To Do  link-up, sharing all the things!

Report on Last Week's Goals

1) Finish pumpkin blocks, maybe start piecing top together

I'm going to tell a moral and a story together:

If you aren't happy with it and you know, switch it out!

So I did.
The end.
(Reader's Digest condensed version!)

I promised last week to show a pic of my full project
so here ya go:  my current fall quilt in the making,
blue pumpkins and all.  Is it weird that I wanted
dark blue pumpkins?  

Jarrahdale pumpkins are kinda blue and I love
them too so in my mind, it's fun and it works.
My world, my fall, my quilt, my rules.

(In the original Erica went with her rules.)

2) Figure out a project for the blog hop in September

I racked my brain pretty hard over this one but when
I came across a sort-of tropical mini-charm set, I decided
it was time to give in and just make a table mat/runner.
Of course, you'll just have to stay tuned there.

Other Things
I kept the above list short knowing I would be hosting
a family get-together and that my sisters would be
visiting throughout the week and weekend.  

One sister, visiting from CO, brought two small quilts
that I quilted up for her. 

Sister's quilt #3.

Lorien's Sweet Pea might be my favorite go-to pantograph.
 It goes with almost anything and always looks great!

Sister's quilt #4.

After doing Holiday Garland on several of my own over
the last month or so, I was well-practiced for this one.

I was also able to give back her other two quilts
(Quilt #1, Irish Chain, and #2 I guess I didn't get a pic of?)
that were some of the first to be done on Lucey.
Another thing we worked on was going through fabrics,
books and patterns to plan our next projects.  And with
2 charity quilts and some charity blocks being returned
to the guild today, quite a bit of prime real estate has
opened back up in my closet for those next projects.

Yesterday I was finally able to take advantage of the
optimal conditions for taking outdoor photos of all
those quilts I've been working on this year.

Well, mostly optimal.  I think a few re-takes might
be needed but now I can
at least get a start with what I have so far...
which takes us into my next list of to-do's!
1) Work on photos and listings for quilts

2) Make a list and post about upcoming projects;
plan fabrics, fill out project worksheets, etc.

3) Finish Pumpkin top, name it
I have been putting myself to sleep at nights trying
to come up with a good name for this one.
As of yet, nada.

4) Work on Get On Board Blog Hop runner and post
I have a little bit of travel coming up and because we all
know that projects can nag us heartily while time flies
right by, I want to get this done ASAP.

For someone who doesn't like to sit on their computer for
any length of time, that list has waaaay too much tech
time for me.  Somehow, I will survive.  (Ahem, coffee!)

Speaking of surviving, my lousy back with its slippery disc
seems to be doing a little better--sl o o o o o w ly .  I am so
incredibly impatient to get back to golfing.  It has helped
my original back issues (keeping me loose, and active)
so I'm afraid of spiraling back down.  Plus, being able
to do something active, challenging and competitive
again has been good for my overall attitude.  This past
weekend, while accompanying hubs and our regular
group on a round, I did a little bit of very careful
chipping and putting.  That was helpful!

This coyote showed up, and not for the first time.
This particular course is in the middle of our city
but it is right along the Arkansas River so I assume
he (?) just lives down there.  Usually he keeps a
good distance but I think we could've walked
right up to him here--not that we would have.
(Note how dry things are around here!)

Time to check in with the other Do'ers!

Have a great week and happy quilting!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I haven't seen a coyote in a long time around here and never in my yard thank goodness. What kind of organizer is that for your notes - is it just for quilting?
Love all your quilts. By time it cools off enough to put pumpkins out for Halloween decorations it is almost past time to do so and it is more for fall decorations instead! I hate how so often it is still hot at the end of October!

piecefulwendy said...

Those blue pumpkins look great with the leaves! It's going to be a pretty fall at your house! Things are pretty dry here too; we've had some rain, which has helped, but we could use more. That photo by the pool makes me want to jump in!

Nanette said...

Good morning! Your blue pumpkins are wonderful and will make this fall quilt special.
I am wondering what type of binder and organization pages you (as shown in the last photo) are you using. I am searching for a system and would appreciate any comments.
Happy Stitching from hot, hot Texas

Vicki in MN said...

When I first saw pumpkins in anything but orange I thought it was all wrong, and now I love all the colors, LOL. It does take a bit of time to get those photos and listings ready, I have procrastinated a bit and need to get on it. I have the photos already so I just need to write the listing. I saw a coyote in the woods behind our house this spring, that was the first time I saw one.

Linda said...

We hear coyotes from time to time but so far none have wandered into view. That one looks a bit skinny, poor guy. Pumpkins can be all colors, IMO, and I love yours! What fun it must be to quilt with sisters. I had brothers and always wanted a sister, so all of you bloggers are my "sisters". ;) I really love that Christmas-y quilt. Glad you got in a little chipping and putting. You'll be back out there in no time.
Thanks for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! Yowza! Those blue pumpkins . . . LOVE it. I absolutely agree with the switch out of the one fabric. It was competing for attention and winning it. They look so nice next to the pretty leaves. Ooh, the pool setting behind your quilts is a winner in my book. Of course, I'd like to swim a few laps and then just noodle around for a while. Good luck with this week's list. I'm glad your back might be slowly improving. Does walking in general help at all? {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your blue pumpkins, and can see why you changed out that one section. The pumpkin and leaf blocks are gorgeous - that's going to be a wonderful quilt! How fun to spend time with your sisters, and they're quilters, too! Glad your back is slowly getting better - chipping and putting sounds like a good way to get back to golf a little bit at a time.

Kathryn T said...

Loved your Reader's Digest version and really good switch out, looks fab with what you replaced. I love Autumn style quilts.

Sherrie said...

I love your "Blue" pumpkins. They go well with
all the fall colors. I'm trying very hard to resist
all the blog hope and sew a Longs. I've got way too
many projects going now. Have a great day!

Ivani said...

Leaf blocks + pumpkins blocks look so nice together, your fall quilt will be gorgeous. Sounds like you and your sisters had a wonderful time together. Have a great week, Cherre.

Karin said...

Love the pumpkin quilt…such a nice autumn project.

Karin said...

Love the pumpkin quilt…such a nice autumn project.

Miaismine said...

Those pumpking blocks are precious! Don’t you just love Fall sewing projects? Love your story!
Your full project is precious – blue pumpkins and all!
Pretty quilts and quilting! What a pretty pattern alternating gifts and trees!
I hope your back feels better soon! Back issues seem to take longer to heal. Yes, getting back to our activities, carefully, is wise! 😊
Doesn’t that coyote look like he’s smiling?
Happy stitching!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Good afternoon, Cheree. Your pumpkin quilt is looking fabulous. I love blue pumpkins. So many cute projects in the works. Thank you so much for telling about the blog hop too. Have a wonderful week. Happy quilting.

Sharon - IN said...

Your blue pumpkins didn't even register as odd or anything with me, just pumpkins! There are so many decorative ones in all colors and shapes showing up in stores right now! Oh, and sisters who quilt! That must be fun!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Putting the pumpkins and leaves together will make it YOUR Quilt! There won’t be another one like it! Hoping your back continues to improve - and that you continue enjoying making a quilt YOUR quilt! Hugs

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