2022 Tuesday To-Do #19: The Fung Shui Quilter

It's time for another Tuesday To-Do.
I'm sharing my progress and plans while
linking up with Linda, The Texas Quilt Gal
and all the other quilters out there who need
a little extra motivation and perhaps haven't
quite grown out of show-and-tell <wink>.

Last week's progress:

1) Finish both Christmas quilts

All That's Christmas I is a full finish.
(The lighting made the darker squares really
stand out; they don't so much in real life.)

Both quilts have the same cozy Christmas feel so
should be perfect for "home-y" holiday decorating.

I love that little pieced border!

(back of ATC II)

With less than 2 passes left on the larger version,
I ran out of thread as suspected so everything was
paused until UPS came to the rescue and I was able
to finish up the quilting. The binding and label will
have to be moved to next week's list.

 2) Hope for good picture-taking days.

I've had some great ones...just not when I was
available to take advantage of them.

3) Make post on labels

If you missed it, here it is:
Please let me know your thoughts on how this
turned out.  (I don't do many tutorials.)

Moving on to next week, we're looking at a major holiday,
among other events around here so my to-do is more like
suggestions instead of concrete goals.

1) Bind and finish ATC II

2) Load next quilt?

3) Sew a few more blocks on Waves?

4) Start a new quilt?
I have everything picked out and fabric pulled.
Should I be starting another with so much to finish?
By my rules, absolutely not, but my mojo is waning
and I just know that excitement of a new project
 would fix me right up.  I'll keep working at the pile
of tops till it's gone--likely within weeks.
I need that peace of mind way too much.
I guess you could say I'm a fung shui quilter.

We are finally getting all the kids together for the first
time since last Christmas to celebrate the 4th along with
Mother's/Father's Day and my oldest daughter's
birthday (29!)...and another little surprise that I think I'll
hold off a bit on.  As usual, our whole foodie family
is pitching in with my oldest son taking on the main
main event--Taco Birria--and everyone else following
suit with the Mexican theme.   Taco Birria is similar to
the hub's amazing barbacoa so I'm really looking
forward to this.  (The recipe belongs to a housemate
so I cannot share it but Google has lots of results.)

The next day the Cadet will be heading
 out on the two-day road trip to get his Jeep up to
West Point. (Upperclassmen are allowed vehicles on post.)
His brother will be accompanying him (and flying back)
so I would appreciate prayers for this long journey
from Kansas to NY, and over a holiday weekend to boot.

Have a great week and happy quilting!


Linda said…
Awww I know that concern when your kids are on the road - you'll have my prayers. Do you use goat meat for the birria?
ATC is just beautiful, and I LOVE that pieced border!
Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!
Ivani said…
Lovely Christmas quilts. Sending prayers for a safe trip to your kids.
Vicki in MN said…
Always a busy bee you are! Love the new Christmas quilt and yes to that teeny border! Have a wonderful week:)
I had missed your labeling tutorial, so just went over and checked it out. All that's Christmas is pretty and cozy - nice finish! Enjoy the time with your kids this coming weekend, too!
it sounds like you will have a wonderful 4th! Have a good time with your family
grammajudyb said…
Have a fabulous family gettogether. How fun. Safe travels to Cadet and his brother. They will surely have some road trip memories. I'm off to look up Taco Birria and also barbacoa! Yum!
piecefulwendy said…
You've had a good week, even with all the other activities going on. I'm heading over to watch the labels tute! Hope the trip goes well for your two guys!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I think the cadet and his bro will do better driving on a holiday weekend than flying. Bro may not get back with all the flights they've been canceling daily. Good luck to them and I will definitely put out some prayers for them. Enjoy the holiday gathering!! I know you will. I love every.single.thing about both ATCs. The backing is gorgeous and I adore that sweet dashed border. Nice job! Good luck with your suggestions. I'm off to read your tutorial! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Sherrie said…
Your Christmas quilt is beautiful! I'm not an expert at
making and sewing on labels...but yours looks awesome.
Have a great day!
chrisknits said…
Love that Christmas quilt!!! And love that your kids will be home, it's the best, and mine only live 1 or 1.5 hours away.