2022 Tuesday To-Do #18: Where's The Slow Lane?

Hello, Do'ers and welcome to another week of doing.
Time to link up with Texas Quilt Gal and show our stuff.
How was everyone's week?

I've just finished writing up this week's post (below).
It has a real "out of breath" feeling to it, and the irony
is that Jimmy Buffet's "Slow Lane" just came up on
my playlist.  So, while you read it, it might be fun
to keep that in mind and have a good laugh.
I even linked it for you if you've never heard it
and/or want to listen in while you read.
You're welcome.

On to my last two weeks...

1) Quilt up Serenity


It's bound and labeled, too, so it's a complete finish!
I just need a good day for a photo shoot.

2) Make 5 wave blocks 
(Holding off on pics till I get a little farther along)

3) Make small items for longarm guild table
at quilt show
Not done.
I received a personal phone call requesting 10 items
(table toppers, etc) to be sold at the guild's table.
I want so badly to help out here, especially as a
new member, but even in the strongest moments
of my people-pleasing nature, I know I just can't.
I. Physically. Can't.
And I'd love to because I have some orphan blocks
that would be put to great use here.
Being one of the smallest words in our language,
it's amazing how hard it can be to say:
There.  I did it.
Wow, I didn't expect this but now that I wrote that,
I feel it is completely the right thing to do.

3) Finish weeding garden paths
and prune tomatoes
Once upon a time, I could spend an entire day in the
garden.  Eventually we get too old for that stuff, right?
Now I set the timer on my phone, and when I'm done
I hop in the pool to cool off.  Let's face it:  weeding is
never really done till winter but I'm managing them.

By the way, I've had a request for a full garden pic.

Asparagus ferns in very front-left, and the pepper bed next.
A couple lost to storm/wind damage--no worries, still
have plenty.  Tomatoes, cabbages, eggplant, beans, onions,
carrots, beets, etc all in the back.  And the "forest".

I usually post lots of these but there are many reasons
I haven't this year, time being the main one.  Because it
has always been a major happy place, I usually keep the
garden in pretty tip-top shape.  This year I've only put a
fraction of my usual time in out there, and I've left three
beds completely empty.  In the far back of the pic you'll
see the result of my brilliant idea to let the volunteer dill
and sunflowers do their thing.  With all the rain, I couldn't
get in there anyway but then things got completely out of
control (and full of mosquitoes) so now now it's a forest.
I'm not touching it till we get a cool spell.  If that's fall
then so be it.  The chickens will enjoy the dill and 
sunflower seeds immensely.

The OCD side of me is shocked  this is going on;
the other side of me could care less.

The beds need re-done badly but because I am still
mulling over the design, there they sit.  I have put in
20 years of work into this space but now it's too big.
I don't want to take care of it all but I can't let go either.
 Maybe God will reveal the next step?  (I have been giving
some thought to growing and making our own whole
own whole-grain mustards but I need to research it.)

Random pic of hub's blackberries and grapes.
(And weeds.)
More random:  Fresh green beans have hit the table!

Sorry, not a lot of flow to this post today!  Just
another indicator of being pressed for time, I guess.
And I miss writing.  It calms me.  Someday soon.
With so much going on around here, I had to skip
last week's link-up.  Some of the main highlights
of the last two weeks:
* Cadet flew out for leadership training
*A sister visited
*The last harvest (more in a bit) happened
*Golfing 3-4 times per week, trying out drivers now

*Attended the Wichita Open
(top 25 qualify for the PGA, including the above 2)
*A family reunion
*Orthopedic dr sent me back to PT (more in a bit)
*Hedgehog sitting for my daughter
(They're cute but messy.  And prickly!)
*Quite a bit of quilting

So let's visit a couple of those, starting with the last
harvest.  There's a complicated matter I've been
handling for years that's now coming to an end.

As a result of that, I found myself watching the very
last harvest to take place on the last bit of ground
that's been in our family for over 120 years.

All those years.  And just like that, it was over.
It was a little like saying goodbye to my dad again.
I could've let myself get pretty emotional but...
well, change happens.  And a great pressure will
be lifted so there is a positive side to it at least.

Now for the "bonus" quilting I've been doing.

All That's Christmas is quilted and trimmed,
just awaiting binding.

The larger version, All That's Christmas II,
is about half-way quilted.  I'm praying the
thread I chose sees me through to the end.

It'll take a miracle.

Above, Serenity, All That's Christmas I & II.
Things are getting done!

That subtitle makes it look like I might have actually
cleaned my house, but no--blog housekeeping.

One reader asked to see my book holder, minus the book.
I honestly can't remember where I purchased this but I
think it's more for holding pictures--which is what it was
doing before I stole it from another room in my home.
(Everything is fair game for the sewing room, right?)

It takes up quite a bit of room on a surface that is
too limited anyway but it has taken me quite a few
blocks to get that layout imprinted in my brain.
Thus the book.  

I've also had a request to go over how I do my
quilt labels.  This is something I've meant to do
for a couple years.  I've even taken the pics for it,
but somehow I haven't gotten around to it but
it's now on my to-do's and should be showing
up in a post later this week (hopefully, tomorrow).

Just a little reminder to the few no-reply followers
out there:  I do see you and read your comments.
I know I've said that before but I just like give an
occasional shout-out of appreciation.  I have
considered putting my replies on my blog but I like
 to keep the option of being more personal in my
replies; some things just don't need to be out
there on the Internet, you know?

And next week?
1) Finish both Christmas quilts completely

 2) Hope for good picture-taking days

3) Make post on labels

....and heck I don't know what else!?
Just keep at it!

Happy quilting!


Linda said…
Serenity is beautiful. I love the pics of your garden! I am fantasizing and wishing I still had mine, although it was about 1/3 the size, but alas we don't have the space, and our yard here in north TX has chiggers (and I'm obviously the target) that the acreage in south TX did not. Do you freeze or can the blackberries? Anyway it's gorgeous - thank you for the pics! I'm amazed at what you've accomplished both inside and outside. Did you sell your land, is that why it's the last harvest? I have a book holder like that and I think I got it at Hobby Lobby, but not sure. Good for you for saying the word "No", especially after quilting all those quilts for the guild - right?
Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!
you do have a big garden and sometimes they get too big for us to take care of easily don't they. I hope by making mine so small I will be able to take care of it it as I age. I hope you can figure out what to do with yours but it might take the cooler weather of fall and winter to do that - don't despair you will figure it out!!
chrisknits said…
Girl you make me tired just reading about your weeks!!! LOL. I am such a slacker. Your quilts are just gorgeous!!! I am in awe of them. I hope they sell quick and you reach your goal this year.
As to golf, only 4 of the 6 of us play golf, Diva and I are just not inclined that way. But we watch it, and the older daughter played in high school. When people ask Hubster if I play golf with him he says, NO! And she's not going to. LOL. We each have our sacred hobbies, he's not allowed to go quilting with me. Bwahahaha!!! Have a great week.
Vicki in MN said…
Oh you are a busy beaver aren't you!! I understand not doing as much in the garden, I do the minimal thing once it is planted, I water it and hope it grows. I hate weeding for a few reasons;) And our garden is small. Hope you have a great week.
Well, sounds like you had a busy week! Serenity is gorgeous, Cheree! And I love the All That's Christmas quilts! It is sad to see an era end, but I know you are looking forward to not having that stress. I was 16 when my dad passed and the last summer before, he almost killed my cousins and me! Forty acres of watermelons, not to mention tomatoes and corn and the garden for us. Your garden looks good. I wish I had something beside red clay to plant in here. Maybe one day I might try my hand at container gardening, though my hubby does not eat very many veggies, so I fear they would go to waste. Have a great week!
Kathryn T said…
Serenity is just gorgeous, love the colours. No is an important word. Love the garden, looks very productive.
Serenity is beautiful, and that is the perfect name for it! Fresh green beans already?! Those are my favorite veggie, and mine are a ways off yet. How fun to go to the Witchita Open, too. I bet you saw some good golf! Have a great week!
grammajudyb said…
I love the colors and the symmetry of Serenity! Saying “no” is hard sometimes! Good for you! I took no photos of my projects! I will try for next week. That book holder is a great idea! I read and reread also!
piecefulwendy said…
Serenity is indeed lovely, and I like your two Christmas quilts, too - hope the thread held out (I'm assuming you are done with that quilt, now). Fun post to read and see all the stuff you are up to!
dq said…
Serenity as well as the garden are both beautiful! You have been busy making beautiful things!
Miaismine said…
The quilting is gorgeous! Long arm quilters are one of my favorite groups of people! I so admire their skill and talents! My daughter phrases it perfectly: “Long arm quilters put the frosting on our quilts!” So true!
I’m proud of you for saying, “No.” It’s such a small word, yet so powerful and difficult to say for us people pleasers.
There must be something about gardening this year. My poor (rather small vegetable garden) has been poorly neglected. I honest believe I’m so happy to be able to be out of quarantine, that gardening has taken a back seat to friends and family. Alas…there’s always next year!
All That’s Christmas is so lovely….so cozy!
It sounds like you have a ton going on. Take good care!