2022 Tuesday To-Do #17: It's About Time!

Tuesday has arrived again so it's time to link
 up with Texas Quilt Gal and the other do'ers.

It was really a great week for me all around
but 2 finishes and 4 bonus items?  YAY!
I'm excited to share my list so without further
ado, here is what I have to show for my week:

1) Finish quilting and bind flag quilt

Old Glory

(I haven't had the chance to take full pics outside yet.)

2) Load next quilt

Harvest Pumpkins

Loaded it, quilted it, bound it, labeled it...

Not one but two finishes this week!

3) Make 5-10 "Waves" blocks
Partly done:  made 3

This is some very slow-going--a great time to
finish up some audio books!

4) A little less golf and more gardening, maybe
even some house cleaning--so neglected!
Partly done.
I did play a little less golf, I did lots of weeding
out in the garden and managed to do a little
bit of housecleaning.  I can't seem to get to
the windows though--so dirty!  Ick!


* Unpacked all of my quilt tops hung them up.
* Cut out batting for 5 of the quilts
* Made labels for all 9 quilts
* Loaded another quilt

Serenity, the largest of my 9 tops,
is now loaded up and ready to go.

Next Week's List

1) Quilt Serenity

2) Make 5 wave blocks 

3) Make small items for longarm guild table
at quilt show

3) Finish weeding garden paths
and prune tomatoes

Happy quilting!


sounds like you are making some progress on your quilts and that is great for you. Sometimes the house cleaning just takes a back seat for awhile doesn't it.
Linda said…
Old Glory looks wonderful! I really like the background fabric on the pumpkin quilt. Sorry that housework and gardening are interrupting your golfing life - lol!
Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!
Vicki in MN said…
Wow you had a super week! So I am curious about the pruning of tomatoes, how-I have never heard of that?
Mary said…
What a super productive week! Both the quilts you finished are eye-catching, and I also really like your Serenity quilt.
Bonnie said…
What a great week you had! Congratulations. I’m curious about your labels. I assume you do them as embroideries on your sewing machine but they look like a built in alphabet. Maybe one day you can share a bit more about that? Honestly, dirty window cleaning is on your list? Maybe hire that one out…. Just saying. Quilting a couple of large quilts for customers would probably pay for that!

Those are great finishes, Cheree! Sounds like you are really getting organized with Lucey and the new studio. House chores are never at the top of my list, but they do nag at you, don't they? We have window washing on our list, too.
piecefulwendy said…
You did well this week! I'm looking at next week's list and wondering - where's golf? Haha - I know it's in there, in between all that other fun!
Quiltsmiles said…
You’ve got much done Cheree, good for you. With all the eye candy shared and I enjoyed, I love that book display for quilting. Would you share it in its skeleton form please.
chrisknits said…
Yay for finishes!!! I am close to done on my Picnic, but it's going to take brains to decide on the motifs for those last two rounds. Think, think, think! Good luck on next week's list, hoping to see some progress or fun excuses. LOL
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Yippee for getting TWO quilts complete. Ooh, I forgot about Harvest Pumpkins. I love that fabric and how the background really makes those stars shine. How productive getting the batting for the next 5 quilts AND labels made, too?!! You rock! Good luck with your list in the week ahead. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Kate said…
Congrats on 2 finishes! Looks like you've gotten organized and are on your way to emptying your quilt top closet. Happy stitching this week.