Tuesday To-Do #17

It's Tuesday again and time join all the do'ers

It was an okay week for me.  The rain finally stopped and
I made up for lost time on the golf course (see my IG).
completely wore myself out in the insane winds we've
been having but I still managed to reduce my pile of
quilt tops by one!
1) Make backing for Flags, load and quilt

Today I just need to come up with a name,
make a label and bind 'er up.

One down, eight more to go! 
The rain is back and I'm motivated to make the
pile of tops turn into a pile of finishes, especially
after this one went so smoothly and quickly.

2) Finish HST's for Waves of Blue

Now that I have one impressive pile of 1280 HST's,
I need to work on making an impressive pile of blocks.

3) Complete Cadet's mending

4) Load up another quilt
Not done.
See #6

5) Play with fabric
Sadly, no:  see #6

6) More golf
(The culprit!)

Five rounds in five days.

For you golfers out there, I settled on some irons and
have them on order.  If I'm lucky, it'll only be 2 weeks but,
ugh, it already feels like the 8 weeks I originally thought!
Now I'm working on choosing a driver and then I'm 
thinking I need to settle in with all the newbies
for a few months before I move on to the rest.

Other things
There hasn't been much time for gardening so I'll
be needing to catch up there this week.

We saw Top Gun: Maverick in a packed theater.
I wasn't won over right away but by the end
I had decided:  Yep, pretty darned good!

The week ahead

1) Finish quilting and bind flag quilt;
photo shoot if weather permits

2) Load next quilt

3) Make 5-10 "Waves" blocks

4) A little less golf and more gardening, maybe
even some house cleaning--so neglected!

And that's it for me.
Time to see what everyone else is up to!

Happy quilting!


Linda said…
Isn't it sad to have to do mundane things like housework when you are having a blast on the golf course? :D Let us know what driver you choose, and please share a photo of your new irons! Do you already have a fave putter? Did the Cadet go with you to see Top Gun Maverick?
Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!
piecefulwendy said…
You have really packed a lot in lately. Glad you are able to do some sewing this week (and those HSTs are done). I think you're going to have a great week!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Didn't this week go by quickly? I sure think it did. Yay for getting Flags quilted. That's a nice panto you used - nice and loose and it looks like it might be beginner-friendly. I'm trying to pay more attention to that since my friend just got a new longarm. That bin of HSTs looks very impressive. I look forward to seeing that quilt top come together. I love the fabrics you've chosen to use for it. Good luck with this week's list. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
chrisknits said…
Do you EVER sleep? LOLOLOL!!! I'm worn out just reading about your week. Are you sure it wasn't a month? Bwahahaha!!! Love the Flags, wonderful job.
Vicki in MN said…
Those quilts and sewing will wait for rainy days, we've sure had lots of them here. Have fun and play it's summer!!
Your flag quilt is really neat! Nice finish! It's raining here, too, although we both played golf this morning. The rain is making things nice and green. Housework dies take a back seat to other things lately - but that's okay!
Needled Mom said…
Your flag quilt looks fantastic. That’s a great panto for it. I’ve seen all the great golf photos. Nice to be out in the fresh air. Hope the new clubs perform well.
Sharon - IN said…
You sure are keeping busy rain or not! I like the idea of finishing up a pile of tops. I have a few of my own waiting for quilting.
Sounds like you had a great week! Send rain to South Texas please! Hugs