Tuesday To-Do #13

Happy Tuesday once again!
for anyone who likes to share our progress and plans
for the week to come.  Please head over there to check out
 the other to-do'ers when you're done here.

My list from last week

1) Piece QOV blocks
These two charity blocks for guild provided a nice
little squirrel project.  They were also great for
trying out a new-to-me product.

I use spray starch when working on minis but I don't
like the way it gets everywhere (aerosol) so that's really
the only time I use it.  Reading another quilter's account
of how she uses stabilizer finally had me convinced
to try it out as a better option and I'm now sold.

One, you can water it down to the strength you want
and two, it's a spray bottle instead of that aerosol.
I wish I'd tried this sooner because I just really
like how well everything went together. 
(Update:  product is "Terial Magic")

2) Quilt sister's Irish Chain

I finally finished my first quilt on the new longarm.
After loading it sideways, did I have enough backing?
Yep, with less than an inch to spare!
This first practice quilt has given me a decent amount
of confidence.  I'm not there yet at all, but the overall
picture--stepping back from the quilt--looks quite
pretty.  When I take into consideration that this is
likely the hardest pantograph I've done yet, I think
perhaps I'm not that far off from being back to the
skill-level I was at with my old LA.

3) Sew on Blue Waves
Still sewing away on those tons of HST's but with 
breaks to piece up a few blocks here and there to
 break the monotony.  I've also been snipping
"ears" in the eves while watching tv.
(Anyone else watching the new series on Julia Child?)

4) Finish gardening: cardboard/weedblock and mulch
Done.  As much as possible anyway.
I still have half the peppers to cover but I ran out of
(Guess I need to buy some stuff online...like fabric!)

Looking ahead at next week

It's probably a good thing there is so much rain
in this week's forecast because those 4 rounds of
golf last week really cut into my sewing time!
(But it's so fun!)
With that in mind, I think I can get two whole tops
quilted up and keep at my current WIP.

1) Quilt the guild charity quilt

2) Continue on with Blue Waves

3) Load my sister's second quilt

I'm keeping it quick I guess this week so that's all I got.
Okay, I'll be honest--I'm heading out for an early 18 holes!

Happy quilting!


glad you had enough backing - an inch to spare sure wasn't much!!
Bonnie said…
Your quilting on Irish. chain is great. You failed to mention the product name for the starch like product. I tend to use the spray starch although I mix it with water in a spray bottle. Only drawback is my finger gets sore while I spray it in the bottle. Hope you had a great round of golf.
Linda said…
Is it something like Mary Ellen's Best Press? I have spray starch in a bottle that helps with the little blocks, but I have read a lot of good things about the Best Press. How encouraging you are getting to the old LA skill level! Hope you get to enjoy some more golf in spite of the rain.
Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday!
piecefulwendy said…
Your quilting on the Irish Chain looks really good, I think! Glad you are getting comfy with Lucey. I use Best Press. I have used other spray starch and didn't like it as much.
chrisknits said…
Yay for getting back on the long arm! I have to convince myself to get my daughter's picnic quilt back on the frame and continue quilting. But small items are so much more fun when your frame is only 5'!!
We played 9 holes this morning - 41 degrees! Brrr! But fun anyway! Your blue and white quilt is beautiful, Cheree. Glad you're getting the hang of the new machine!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Interesting about the stabilizer and the non-aerosol is much better for the environment and ozone layer! What kind of spray stabilizer do you use? Yay on finishing your first longarm quilting top. You know you'll improve with time; plus, the extra support you'll receive from the new guilds you recently joined will help. They'll give you inspiration, too! So glad you're enjoying golf and gardening, too! Just think - it's only early May - oodles more time for both activities ahead. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Peggy Stockwell said…
Amazing progress. I love the Irish Chain quilt. On my list to do. I have a ton of flimsy to quilt on my long arm, but seem quite good at procrastinating. Everything is so very lovely. Good luck on this week's list!
Ivani said…
Beautiful quilt and perfect quilting.
Tell us more about the Stabilizer.
I don't line also ali the mess those aerosol kind made. The QOV blocks are beautiful as is The charity build quilt. Good Lucky with tour golas for this week.
Sharon - IN said…
What a productive week for you! Not only golf, quilting, but gardening too. Thanks for the info on the spray stabilizer, I took a look at the Terial Magic site. I'm curious to see if it works as well or better than ironing Pellon to t-shirt. I hate that step in t-shirt quilt making. Have a fun week with all your activities.
A new long arm, nice! You can make your own starch like spray, using Vodka. I haven't made it, but I know people who have and love it.