2022 Tuesday To-Do #15

Happy Tuesday once again!

Texas Quilt Gal hosts this link-up every Tuesday,
basically to keep us all on our toes!
What would we do without her?
Not nearly as much, that's for sure!

Cutting right to the chase, here's how my week went:

1) QOV Blocks
Picked up 3 more but have not started on them.

2) Charity/Guild quilting
Two quilts (1 small, 1 med) picked up.

One loaded; quilting begun.

3) Quilt sister's quilt

4) Continue sewing HST's for Blue Waves
Some progress.

5) Load up one of my own quilts?

It just wasn't a very impressive week.
might as well fess up: 
I've been golfing A LOT!
I look at it as exercise as well as sort-of-PT for my frozen
shoulder so going 3 to 4 times a week is likely going
to be normal-for at least awhile.  I'm not sure how to
make my schedule work with all that but I'm trying!

Last Tuesday was our guild meeting.  During show-and-tell,
I was super-impressed with one member's "Alaska" quilt.
I recognized it as one of Edyta Sitar's designs and, unless I'm
just way off, it seems to me this one was JUST released!
Somebody is quick!

My super awesome news is that I finally ordered the ruler
base for Lucey and I cannot wait to put it to use!

Above are the rulers I previously purchased at a class
given by Julia Quiltoff--I'm equipped and ready to go!
Now for some extra hours in the day!?

Other things keeping me out of the sewing room:
An outdoor concert
Garden work
Landscape work
Golf club fitting session
Opened our pool!
Etc etc etc!

Next week's list:

1) Finish guild charity quilt #2

2) Quilt quilt charity quilt #3

3) Practice with rulers and FMQ

4) Finish all HST's for Waves; continue piecing blocks

5) QOV blocks

6) Pick up cadet at the airport!
That's right!  He'll be home for a few weeks before
heading out to Fort Hood in Texas for leadership
development training.

Today is my first mostly-free to quilt day in
quite some time so off I go!  Good luck to
all you to-do'ers out there and
happy quilting!


Gorgeous quilting and I bet you had a great time at the quilt guild meeting. The warm weather and outside activites seems to eat into a lot of our quilting time. Lol. Have a fantastic week and happy quilting and golfing.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Did you update your website? It looks nice! What a cute picture of you and DH on the golf cart. It looks like it has been beautiful weather for golfing although a bit hot. Yay for getting the base for ruler work on Lucey. A good friend of ours just ordered an APQS longarm called Millie which I think is a sister to Lucey. She gets it in a couple of weeks - maybe I'll get a chance to try quilting something on it eventually. Good luck with this week's especially picking up the cadet to enjoy for a few weeks! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Needled Mom said…
Inside, outside…..so many things to do. Your quilting looks really nice. I’ll be excited to see your ruler work. That Alaska quilt is gorgeous. Have fun with your son home. I know how much you look forward to it.
Kathryn T said…
Lots of golf and fresh air sounds good and lots of busy activities. Hope your frozen shoulder doesn't interfere with the longarm quilting.
Vicki in MN said…
Good morning Cheree, I love the pic of you and DH in the golf cart. Oh we'll excuse me if you must golf to heal your shoulder, LOL. Your website has changed and I had a hard time leaving a comment, it wouldn't let me view and find the comment box until after I went out to your Etsy shop and came back in, weird!!
So sorry to hear about your shoulder, Cheree, but the golfing should help loosen it up! Activities do cut into our sewing time - but we have to balance, right?! You will love using the ruler base and rulers. It helps so much. I like the quilting and a finish for your sister's quilt is great! Have fun this week and above all, enjoy having your cadet home!
Miaismine said…
Ouch! I’ve heard that frozen shoulder can be quite painful!
Your quilting is so lovely! The talents of LAQs are, as my daughter says, “Frosting on the cake!”
OH! I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous visit with your cadet!
That’s a great question about the header title! Perhaps this link will help? https://smallbusiness.chron.com/changing-header-cool-text-blogger-55436.html
chrisknits said…
Girl, I'm tired just reading your list!!! LOL. You will get there, just give yourself grace!
Linda said…
Golf club fitting? Am I going to start seeing you on the LPGA tour? I know you are looking forward to having your cadet home. Does he golf too?
Thanks for linking with To Do Tuesday!