Tuesday To-Do #11: Is It Finally Spring?

A happy spring Tuesday to you all!
The yo-yo weather has really gotten to me this
year.  Perhaps it's been unusually bad, or I've been
unusually sensitive to it but finally, even with some
pretty cold nights, we're starting to see warm days.

We even had our first meal out in the pergola, enjoying
a fresh-mowed lawn, birds singing and trees blooming.
How I've missed it all, and how rejuvenating!
It sure makes me want to throw open the windows
and get busy cleaning and making all kinds of things!
to see what everyone has been busy with!

Last week's list

1) Load a quilt and get going: Working on it.

I've been doing a lot of practicing on my FMQ
and with pantographs so I guess it's finally time
to jump in.  My sis sent me a quilt top that she's
had ready to go for a few years so I spent last
night working on getting it loaded...but then
discovered that the backing only had  an inch
or so extra on the sides which, of course, is not
enough for quilting on a longarm.  (I'm sure when
she made it she thought she'd be quilting it on
her regular machine.)  I think I can solve the
issue by just loading it sideways so I'll go at
it again later today if I find the time.

2) Finish cutting out Blues/Quilt #10:  Done.

From A Season in Blue

I need to make 1,280 HST's for this quilt so this has
been a bit of a chore.  And so will be all that piecing.
But that makes it a perfect somewhat-mindless
 sewing project while I focus a little more
on my longarm quilting.

overruled Edyta's directions <gasp!> and chose to
 go with the 4-at-a-time HST method.  I think in the
end that will help my progress as well.

3) Figure out window treatments:  Nerp.
Haven't even looked.  Not my favorite thing to do.

Now for a check-in with the fabric tracking

With all the studio prep and long-arm obtaining,
it's kind of a given that I wasn't getting any sewing
done.  Amazing how I still found time to buy fabric
though, huh?  The darned stuff just sneaks its way
right into my sewing room!  The current totals are:

Fabric purchased -- 112.5 yds
Fabric used -- 112.15 yds
Net -- +.35

In full disclosure, I have more fabric arriving soon.
Quite a bit actually.   It's not likely I'll not be starting any
new quilts soon so it's time I reign myself in a bit, eh?
(Thus the purpose for this whole exercise!)

Speaking of exercises, a check-in with the shoulder

I finally got an MRI and was diagnosed with 
frozen shoulder.  I got a third cortisone shot, but
this time way deeper.  I'm back to PT twice/week but
so far, way less exercises.   Previously, I had a whole
litany of them that I swore was making me worse
and often left me in tears.

We're not sure exactly what is making a difference.
I know cortisone takes days but it didn't seem to
be doing much.  Then my masseuse really worked that
shoulder--as she has been for months.  Did it work
the cortisone in better?  Is it that I'm not doing all
those insanely painful exercises?  Is it the Biofreeze
ultrasounds I'm getting at PT?   Maybe it's a combo
of any/all--we don't know but it IS better and that
makes life better.  What 3 PT's have insisted on is that
the intense nerve pain is from my neck, especially
considering I have degenerative spine issues.
SO next up is to start looking at my neck but
for now, the nerve pain is mostly gone thanks to
the PT working on it, along with some traction.
With that being more painful than the shoulder
I'm open to about anything. 

In the garden

The onions, radishes, lettuces and beets have all been
up for a few weeks now, though growing slowly in the
cold.  With the warmer temps, however, I think we'll be
eating the lettuce very soon.  The asparagus is also
kicking in and I'm looking forward to that gracing our
table--well, likely today!   I'm still keeping to my
very-minimal-garden rule for the year but I'll be
planting some other things later this week.

And in the studio

Finding these cute jars, I decided to organize my scraps.
I have to admit I always thought this was a complete
waste of time.  I just tossed them in a big canvas bin
and dug through them when I needed something.
I should know that by my own rule, I always work
better when knowing exactly what I have.
Out of sight, out of mind is what I try to avoid.

With more space now, I'm trying to get everything
 out in the open so I know what I need to use.
Plus, seeing it can be inspiring.
I'm mostly done but, like my entire studio,
the details will get worked out as I work.

The week ahead

I've got the machine.  I've got the studio.
I have tons of fabric and a bucket list of patterns.
Isn't it time I really DO something!?
(Why is it never that simple?  LOL)

1) Quilt sis's Irish chain

Certainly I can make this happen?!

2) A whole bunch of other stuff that I'll share next time!
(I do like my teasers and cliff-hangers, don't I?)

We're moving into Easter and life is going to be very busy
these next two weeks.  I did say I wasn't going to skip any
more Tuesday posts but I also want be able to focus on
Holy Week and Easter in the middle of all of this busyness.
 We'll just see how it all plays out but for now, a very holy
and blessed Easter to all and when I post next, expect 
 some pretty cool and exciting stuff!
Can't wait to share!

Oh, and one last thing!  Frustrated with boiled eggs
not peeling easily?  Try this method from the chicken
Those of us who have chickens know all the egg tricks!
(And recipes.  Boy, do we have egg recipes!)

Happy quilting!


I always put my eggs in ice water after boiling and the shells normally slip off every time. Your shoulder issues sounds painful - hope you get it feeling better with all that you are doing. I knew a lady once with frozen shoulders (both) so know what it is like somewhat PT can be painful
I hope you get the backing right for the quilting on the frame
Vicki in MN said…
With the price of eggs, I feel like we should be getting some chickens, LOL. I am glad you are getting some relief with the painful shoulder, when we hurt it's no fun and we have a hard time staying on task. Have a good week!
Needled Mom said…
So glad the shoulder is feeling a bit better. I hope it continues to improve. It’s nice to see a quilt on Lucey! It’s nice to see spring arriving. It has been teasing you for so long. Have a blessed Holy Week and a glorious Easter.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! One thousand, two hundred and eighty HSTs. Holy moly. That is a LOT. Do you make them 2, 4, or 8 at a time? If you make them 8 at a time, that's only 160 . . . that might sound a bit more manageable. Well, had I only read a bit further! Okay, let's double that number for 320 units. Still better than the 1,280. Happy Easter to you and your family. Good luck with getting that pretty Irish Chain quilt quilted for your sister. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Linda said…
My shoulder hurts just reading about your 1280 HSTs. Sure hope your pain goes away. You are much too young to feel old like me. ;) Do you have lots of visitors coming for Easter?
Thanks for linking with To Do Tuesday!
Somehow I missed your post on Tuesday, so I enjoyed getting caught up this morning! That blue HST quilt is going to be gorgeous, in spite of all the work. Good luck with your sister's quilt, too! I hope your shoulder continues to get better. Have a wonderful Easter!
Ivani said…
Oh my Cheree! 1280 HTS!!!
It is a beautiful quilt. And Will worthwhile all your effort.
Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.
Happy Easter.