2022 TTD#8: A Tale of Two Squirrels

Welcome to another episode of Tuesday To Do,
a link-up hosted by Texas Quilt Gal.
And happy Mardi Gras!

Looking at last week's list:

1) Start on quilt #9

I hit a wall. 
I was all excited with my new book...

...but then discovered that I didn't have any workable
background fabrics.  I decided that as special as the
quilts are in this book, I want to be pretty selective
with my fabrics.  And that will take patience and time. 
Meanwhile, I still needed a #9.

I did have great plans to choose another quilt but on that
 snowy morning, as I reached to turn my music on, I saw
the little kit that had been getting the shuffle all around
the room since last year when I found it on clearance. 
[See, if I put it away, I'll forget about it and that can't happen!]
 At a mere $10, I thought it would be a nice little selection of
fabrics even if I never got around to making it--but the
sample hanging in the quilt shop told me I'd be making it.

With the snow coming down the entire day, it was an
excellent day for squirreling.  And there was so much
 fabric included that, well, voila:  I made two squirrels!
Unless I get impatient--and I might--they'll be
some of my first practice projects on Lucey.

So, back to Quilt #9...
(Below is NOT it!)

"Peppermint Pines" by Erica Arndt

I made the above quilt two years ago and enjoy
seeing it on our sofa throughout the winter.
(Most especially the quilted snowflakes!)

I was hanging out next to it last week, surfing away for
the still-unknown #9 when suddenly I found myself
in the sewing room starting another pine quilt.
And for this one?  Stick to the stash.

I was a little hesitant about the silvery snow background
but I had almost 8 yards of it--that made it hard to resist.
Thankfully I listened to The Stash and I'm now loving it.
Above is just my teaser pic of my new one but I'm pretty
close to another finished top.
( If it weren't for those squirrels...!)

Since we're into March, I need to do some tracking.
First of all, after I lost some of my info, I had to
go back over my quilt worksheets and I still have no
idea what happened but apparently I mis-added my
block count for January.  (I have sent my correction to
I also couldn't quite account for all the fabric used
so I had to lower that number by a few yards.  To keep
it as legit as I can, I gave up and just made the changes.

Fabric Tracking
2022 Purchased:  72.50 yds
2022 Used:  92.9 yds
2022 Net: -18.83 yds

350 Blocks Challenge
January Blocks: 237
February Blocks: 163
Total for 2022 So Far:  400

But back to the Edyta quilts...
I'm going to check out a couple LQS's
(not so local--1 hr drives to ea)
to see what I can come up with.  If that doesn't do it,
I might run up/over to MSQS, which of course, is an
all-day thing.

So that will kick off next week's to-do's:

1)  Visit LQS "A"

2)  Visit LQS "B"

3) Continue on Pines

4) Garden Time!
Later this week it's supposed to be unseasonably
warm so that means I'll likely be putting onions in the
garden and seeing what other outdoor clean up I can
knock off the list.  An early start means a nice, easy
pace and that's what I'm about.

5) Prepare for Lucey
This one won't be a nice, easily-paced project
because I've been putting it off.   Our boys still
have the upstairs bedrooms, though neither boy
really resides with us.  The oldest has graduated
and is working and house-hunting in Omaha
so he'll be taking his things soon--just not yet.
And the Cadet won't be home to visit till late-May.
The timing is all off so this will be tricky but my
mission is to play musical rooms, so to speak.
The Cadet's room is slightly bigger and has much
better lighting so his room will be my studio.
Omaha Son's room will now be the Cadet's room.
My studio will then need prepped and painted,
all before Lucey arrives.
You see why I put this off?  If it were just painting,
(fun!) I'd have done it already but this...Oy.
And now I need to hurry.

Happy quilting!
Also, a good and holy Lent to all who observe!
You got this!
...Or maybe I should say:  He's got ya!
Or whatever.  You know what I mean!


I'm assuming Lucey must be a long arm. Have fun redoing a room for her
grammajudyb said…
Sounds like getting ready for Lucey will be a chore! But , oh sew, worth it!
Just a little hint! In my experience the “ stuff” of the kids that fly the nest, never really all goes! Just FYI! I sorted Christmas ornaments into separate boxes for a couple of seasons before they were all with their rightful owner! And I held DD’s wedding dress for quite awhile! So it goes!
Love your new version of the Pines quilt!
Linda said…
Your kit minis turned out so cute. I love the snowy background you are using for Peppermint Pines, I'd make that quilt pattern again too! Good luck finding what you need for your blues quilt. AND yay on getting ready for Lucey!
Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday! Hey I like the St Patrick's header. ;)
piecefulwendy said…
Your projects are looking great! I know you have a ton on your plate right now, but you got this (and yes, He's got us). If you go to MSQC, snag some fun fabric for me too - haha!
Holy Lent to you and yours.
Needled Mom said…
Your new pines quilt is going to be beautiful. Great job on your block count this month. You’ll have lots to quilt up once Lucey arrives. It seems like we have so much stuff held over from the kids and they’ve been gone for years!

Hope it is a faith filled Lent for all of you.
I love your little star minis, and the silvery snow fabric for the tree quilt background seems perfect to me! Use it up, I say. Exciting times to be preparing for Lucey, even if there is lots of work involved!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! TWO squirrels from kit for only $10 . . . that is definitely a bargain and a win/win/win/win. Yowza. Those fabrics are so darn pretty, and well, stars . . . plus, a scrappy binding. Swoon! Your Pines quilt is pretty darn nifty. There are so many things I like about it - the slightly darker background for one, and the fact that you don't have to worry about points going missing! Throw in some pinwheels - it can't get any better, except that you used stash! Amazing. I'll leave you with the adage that if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done. Good luck getting ready for Lucey and enjoy that "forced" LQS time. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
chrisknits said…
What cute Squirrels!!! And why not make another pine, it's perfect.