Tuesday To-Do #7: Great-Dull-Rotary-Blades!

I never know what to title these posts most of
the time so lately I've taken to just pulling some 
phrase out of the content.   How about making it
a little seek-and-find activity?  "Find the title!"
Okay...maybe not.

Let's get on with it.
Happy Tuesday To-Do, oh quilty ones!
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Latest products of my motivation:

1) Finish Winter Woodland top & piece backing

Except for the backing because, as it turns out, I
don't have any so, for now, I'm going to keep my eyes
on the coordinating yardage and snatch some up if
 it hits the clearance rack.

I considered using this background fabric but I have
always been a sucker for plaids and dots and so want
to save it for another background.  It's too fun to hide
away on the back, no?

2)  Choose next quilt and cut out

One place I know I spend too much time is in choosing
my next quilt project.  I can spend hours researching
even when I already have a bucket list, pinterest boards
and plenty of post-its sticking out of the books on
my shelves.  It's debatable if/when that can be a waste
of time or if/when it's part of the creative process but
this time I wasn't feeling up to that process so I tried a
different tactic:
Make a simple quilt while deciding on next project.
I'm a one-quilt-a-time quilter so I don't recommend this
course of action at all it but I think it worked this time,
though I'm not super-stoked about this interim one.

One more time I turned to County Seat Quilts.  I love
their more faded version of this but I just didn't have
the fabrics to support that look.  And wow, they really
 appear brighter in this pic, too:

Hubs suggested washing the whole thing on hot.
<gasp, shudder>
Oh, my-great-dull-rotary-blades, NO!
(That was too easy, wasn't it?)
Can you imagine what that would do with all this red?
For a quilter's hub, he's pretty knowledgeable but that
one?  Nope.  Anyway, it did get me thinking that this
might be one quilt that I do pre-wash before selling, and
I'll include perhaps the entire box of Shout Colorguards!?

Snapped a better pic with it on my bed.

Obviously I still need the border to finish it off but the 
stash isn't helping me out so I had to set it aside until
I get to the LQS, or maybe even a trip to MSQC because
[Side-Thoughts Alert]
I'm kinda feeling like a trip up there would alleviate
some lack-of-winter/snow blues.  Most people get
 winter blues, I get lack-of-winter/snow issues.
Acronym:  LOWS.
(Hmm, that would've made a good post title.)
Anyway, this sure was a quick one, and I think it would
make such a great summer "porch quilt" so maybe
someday if I up my faded-reds game, I'll make another.

"Icicles" by Jessica Dayon in Season To Taste

The 24 hours it took to make that gave me the thinking
time to finally decide on the Dresden.

Next question:  Use my dark blue layer cakes?
Or maybe in the cheery Bonnie & Camille fabrics?

I went with the B&C.  I love 'em but after hoarding
for a time, I'm kinda ready to move them out.

It took me a day to get them cut out (templates! Oi!)
but the 200+ wedges (a few extras for flexibility)
flew together and are now going into "plates".  

Incidentally, I still have plenty of B&C left so
this theme may occur again soon.

3)  Continue taking steps with inventory
Not really.
But this seems like a good spot to slip in my fabric
tracking numbers.  Still buying too much but I'm
doing decently at using more than I buy.

2022 Purchased:  61.5 yds
2022 Used:  80.33 yds
2022 Net: -18.83 yds

And next week:
1) Continue on with Dresden--try to finish top
2) Think about next project
3) Continue taking steps with inventory

Happy quilting!


grammajudyb said…
The fact that you can decide on a design , cut an piece it together in 24 hours, make my head hurt! Not to mention my back and my arms! Oy Vey, is right!
A question. How do you calculate the amount of yardage used? Do you count it as you pull it, or after the top os complete not calculating length x width for total area? Just curious!
You are really amazing in the productivity department, Cheree! It would take me a year to cut out all those pieces for the Dresden blocks - they are sooo gorgeous in the B&C prints and colors. I like the flag quilt, too. Sometimes getting the colors to show up right on the screen is challenging, but I think it looks good in your second photo. Forgot to say I also love the Winter Woodland quilt. That's a great design!
piecefulwendy said…
I will admit I was chuckling reading this post (okay, close to snort-laughing, as long as we're being honest). It all started with the thought that I need to change my rotary blade. That hunting/planning is definitely part of the creative process (waste of time?? I think not!) Red washed on hot - ROFL. He definitely didn't make par on that one! Still I think the quilt looks fab. All your quilts look fab. You are running circles around me, my friend - I love it!
Bonnie said…
What everyone above said! Yep, hubs might have missed the mark on the super hot water. If you wash it dump a lot of Color Catchers in. I tend to when I'm washing questionable colors. I'm curious why you want to do an inventory of your fabric. Is it because you want to know your total fabric available to use or do you want a record of fabric pieces and sizes. You probably know you don't need an inventory of existing fabric to be able to show ins and outs of fabric. Your newest quilt (the dresden plates) are looking wonderful.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I did actually gasp at the suggestion of washing that beauty in HOT water. Another suggestion for the faded look - what about using the reverse side of the fabric? Sometimes that may work - depends on how it was woven/printed/whatever. Just a thought - I'm not wanting to encourage any great-dull-rotary-blades to be hurt in the discussion. HAHA! Ooh, a Dresden. Which one did you decide on for the fabrics? I'm partial to . . . nope, not going to say. B&C was my pick! Amazing. Yowza - you are still on a sewing tear. Your practice quilting has a nice variety to it and your shop will be stocked well. Good luck with this week's list. {{Hugs}} Happy Tuesday, my friend!! ~smile~ Roseanne
Needled Mom said…
lol. That sounds like something my husband would come up with. Have you read “How to save my bleeding quilt?” You might be able to get away with it. Love your plates.
Kathryn T said…
I think part of quilt making is the decision making about what to make next and what fabric to use. How lovely to be thinking of a trip to MSQC, wish I lived nearer and I'd be going too. I love Dresdens and the B&C fabric. In fact I have purchased a kit of the new Camille fabric coming out in June because I just love the blue/green spring feel to it.
Sharon - IN said…
Two lovely completed tops with a third on the way. You are speedy! B & C Dresdens - perfect!
Carol Andrews said…
Wow! I thought I had good production days but a quilt top from start to finish in a day? You inspire me. Such lovely tops and so completely different. Have you ever checked out The Quilt Pattern Magazine? It’s online and I’ve had so much fun doing the patterns I’ve done from them. 😉
Kate said…
Winter Wonderland and your US Flag in between quilts project turned out beautifully! You are moving along on your projects, 24 hours from cutting to finished top, that's some mad sewing time!
chrisknits said…
I love the new top!! And I love the old top, and the current top! OK, I love them all.
Linda said…
I'm with Judy - your productivity makes my head hurt - lol! I am snort-laughing with Wendy through your post. I love the Bonnie & Camille fabrics for those Dresdens. Your Winter wonderland quilt is so pretty, and I love the flag quilt. Hot water - horrors!
Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!
QuiltGranma said…
Love the "faded flag" quilt top, no matter whether it is faded or not!