Tuesday To-Do #6: Crazy Mad Smokin' Sewing

Happy Tuesday once again!
Join me, and the others over at Texas Quilt Gal's
Tuesday To-Do Link-Up, as we go over our progress
and share our plans for the week to come. 

Gettin' right down to biz:
What did I get done over the last week?

1) Finish Grace/churn-dash top and back.


The backing is pretty creative with an orphan block
in the center and every last bit of that border fabric
 but I'll have to show that once it's quilted because
it is folded and sitting in my Finished Tops pile.

2) Choose and start new quilt

The love-hate relationship with precuts continues!
The short of my latest issue is, I have once again fallen
for some layer cakes and jelly rolls and I'm determined
to use them.  On the "hate" side of that relationship,
I spent hours trying to find a pattern that would work
and finally just went with the same one that I recently
made my grandson for Christmas.  I'm calling it
"Winter Woodland".

  Flying GeeseBear Creek Quilts website

In keeping with my crazy mad smokin' sewing, I have
the top half already completed and by this afternoon
I'll have 30 blocks logged for February already.

This isn't specifically a layer cake pattern but I think it
works amazingly well with them--you've got those
large pieces to showcase the big prints and then the
geese give it that touch of quilty-complication, if you will.
I also think that with its lack of delicate piecing, it works
well for a man's quilt.  I generally prefer more complicated
designs but these days but I also prefer not to have such
a stash of precuts!  Plus, I want to offer variety in my shop.

"Rustic Journey" by Barnatex Fabrics

Notes for using a layer cake on this pattern:
You can get one big piece and five "geese" from 30
10x10's (with very little waste); the remaining geese can
be cut from the others but you'll still have some strays.

3) Start working on getting an inventory
of fabric and other supplies--SOME.
I haven't done a full-on "take stock" but as I pull out
any bolt, I measure and note the amount, and date,
on the end.  Whenever I do set a day aside and do
my official inventory, this should help it go faster.

4) Make sure old LA is ready to go--ALMOST.
I loaded up a scrap "sandwich" and, after some
dialing in of the tension, it seems good to go.  Still
would like to give it a little more action to make sure.

So, what's the plan for next week?  More of the same!

1) Finish Winter Woodland top & piece backing

Once I get the rest of the rows together, a border in this
black will hopefully settle down the busyness a little. 
Guessing this will all happen today because I'm
getting excited to start quilt top #7 already! 

2)  Choose next quilt and cut out
I have a working list of possibilities and it is long!
For fun, I'm sharing a couple front-runners but
really, up until that last minute when I begin
consulting the stash, I just never know!

Season to Taste by Jessica Dayon

A Season In Blue by Edyta Sitar
I've been eyeing this one for awhile but the book isn't
available through my Scribd app.  I try not to collect too
many quilt books but...well...it's sitting in my Amazon
cart at the moment so we'll see.

I made 4 of the last 6 quilts from County Seat Quilts
(a shop hop splurge) and it was fun to work my way
through one book.  Purchases that go unused nag
at me; purchases that get used a lot show me I made
a wise investment.  Well, who doesn't like to feel wise?
I think it would be fun to choose a book to work
through maybe every year and because there are others
in Edyta's book that I'm up for, I'm mulling this one over.

3)  Continue taking steps with inventory
Can I keep up this crazy mad smokin' sewing?
I'm not sure but if I need a break, I'll start counting
things:  thread, pantographs, fabric amounts...
Eh.  Sewing sounds more fun.

Happy quilting!


Ivani said…
Churn dash top is a beautiful finish, Cheree. Winter woodland is a mix of modern and traditional quilt with all those flying geese, and looks amazing.
Have a great week.
Linda said…
Churn Dash turned out beautiful! Thanks for the link to the flying geese pattern, so pretty. It really does make a good "man" quilt. LOVE "Aspen"! Good luck deciding on the purchase of her book. Sometimes price scares me away, but when I want it, I want it!
Thanks for linking up with To Do Tuesday!
I really like that Flying Geese design, and can see how it would work pretty well for a layer cake. And those next two possible quilt patterns are both gorgeous! I vote for both!
piecefulwendy said…
You have definitely been sewing a ton! So good to see all your projects; they are all so pretty. Aspen is gorgeous, but I understand the book issue (I have too many, and that's after culling). Will be fun to see what you decide to do!
Kathryn T said…
Love your ideas and love the Edyta Sitar pattern. I have done her last two mystery QAL and enjoyed it. I think I like order so I can trust the mystery because she is so design conscious. Can't get over how you start a top and focus on it. I tend to have about 10 -15 things hanging there!!
grammajudyb said…
You are really on a roll! I like the Flying Geese with the layer cake fabrics. I really does make a great guy’s quilt with masculine fabric! Keep up the good work! Sewing does sound like way more fun than inventory! 😀
dq said…
Lovely Churn Dash and Flying Geese quilts!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Oh, I join you in that love/hate relationship with precuts. I love the variety they provide while I hate the inaccuracy of their size. I'm trying to find a pattern I like to use up a 20 fat quarter bundle. Hmm - thanks for the note about how far a layer cake will go. Good for you for giving the old LA some attention! You'll be happy to have that off your plate and ready to focus on your new adventure. Ooh, I don't remember seeing Winter Woodland - I love those plaid moose. Keep up the crazy mad smokin' sewing!! You're doing a fabulous job and I love reading all about it. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
P.S. I have a pattern for a layer cake pattern that uses up all 10" without any waste. It's simple but it does showcase each fabric and would give you a big space to show off quilting!
Needled Mom said…
It sounds like you are really getting organized there. I love both finishes. That giant blue snowflake will be stunning.
Sharon - IN said…
You really are smokin'! Hope your machine is holding up to the workout! I vote for Aspen to be your next quilt - I've eyed that one too. Can I say I'm impressed that you worked through a quilting book? I have not done that, but would like to say I made at least one quilt from every book I've bought.
Kate said…
You've definitely been doing some mad smokin' stitching! Grace turned out beautifully and Winter Woodland is looking good too. I really like the Aspen pattern, but that looks like some small piecing to get that one done. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on. Hope the smokin' stitching continues this week.
chrisknits said…
Such awesome progress!!! You are kicking it!