2022 Tuesday To-Do #7: The Mad Quilter That I Am

Tuesday To-Do has blown in once again.

You know what's crazy?  This was what I was driving
through last Thursday.   Snow blowing everywhere.
 Yesterday it hit 71º; this morning the windchill is -10
That's a big swing!

Enough with the up and down thing!  Just stay cold and
snowy for the next few weeks and then, bam, spring!

Snow-sew days are always so productive so I vote
for many more to finish out the winter.  I'm on a roll
and want to stay hibernated a bit longer please.

Okay, moving on to link up to The Texas Quilt Gal
and all the to-do'ers.  Let's hit it!

Last week's plans and how they played out:

1) Continue on with Dresden--try to finish top
Heh heh heh.  "Try."  <Snort>  

With Dresdens, it's all about getting through the
cutting.  Things get really fun after that so while the
snow was blowing, the fuzz, thread and trimmings
were really flying in the sewing room.

Spring Dresden 74x74

With this being my SEVENTH finished top of 2022
already, you can imagine how my house has been
looking.  Threads and fabric bits everywhere!
I vacuum my sewing room daily but they stick to
me and I drag them all over the house.  I've started
vacuuming the whole house daily but they're still
everywhere!  I need that entry mat that warns guests:
A Quilter Lives Here.

That outer border caused me some angst but in
the end, I figured if the designer could go busy,
(see pic below)
then so can I.  And I did.   What do you think?
The softer floral look wasn't necessarily what I
was after but as I often say, the Stash makes
the calls around here so I let it.

The pattern is "Icicles" by Jessica Dayon and can be
found in the book Season To Taste by Lissa Alexander,
who by the way, "liked" my finished top photo on IG.
Certainly made my Monday, I have to tell you!

I chose this B&C fabric that I had on a bolt for
the backing (after it passed a dye test).
This can be found in the patchwork and Dresdens on
the front of the quilt and will also be the binding.
It's a lot of red I know, but it's a cheery red!

2) Think about next project

A little birdie surprised me with Edyta Sitar's book of
beautiful blue quilts and I cannot wait to get started!
Has anyone else had a chance to look through it?
So much to get excited about!
This is for sure the next book for me to work through,
and these will have me upping my game!  
They'll also have me upping my stash of blues.
I gotta say, I'm seeing red as well so who knows
where this will all end up?

3) Continue taking steps with inventory
Not really but because I have been sewing through
fabric like the mad quilter that I am and the fact
that I bought a little more,  I should include
another check-in with my fabric tracking stats:

Last week
2022 Purchased:  61.5 yds
2022 Used:  80.33 yds
2022 Net: -18.83 yds

This week
2022 Purchased:  72.5 yds
2022 Used:  86 yds
2022 Net: -18.83 yds

Before I move on to my goals for next week, I have
a bonus.  I finished two tops this week!
Old Glory was set aside until a border could be found
but it was nagging me to give it one more go
 before I start on a new project.  Good choice.

This one doesn't picture well in my sewing room so above
is to show what it really looks like before I show the finish.

This one wasn't doing a lot for me but I think the
alteration I made to the border (from the original)
really gave it something.   And I didn't have to hit the
LQS afterall!  It ended up finishing around 65X65.

Next week's plans:

1) Start on new project 
I have a clean room and clean machine,
and even a clean slate!  Time to start #9!
What will it be???

I really need to work on mid-week posting.  Waiting till
next Tuesday to share is a little difficult, and yet how
else could I be popping out these quilt tops so fast?

And that's it!
Happy quilting!

Happy quilting!


here to it is up and down weather we will go from near 70 to 20 in one day, rain, snow, sleet and ice all in one day. One day running errands in a t-shirt and two days later in heavy winter sweater, gloves and boots. I'm tired of it too and wish for warm weather - of course then I will complain of bugs - a no win.
Needled Mom said…
You’re off to a great year of quilting. The Dresden is beautiful in those fabrics. I think I need some snow-sew days.
Linda said…
Goodness on the snow! Well it was 77 here yesterday and is almost freezing right now, with a winter storm on the way. Thank you February - not! The Dresden quilt is sooooo pretty, and yes I like that floral border. Old Glory is looking wonderful.
Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!
Sounds like lots of up and down weather all over the country these days! I love your Dresden quilt - so pretty and scrappy. Have fun with your new book, too.
chrisknits said…
Wonderful tops and plans!! I love the way you finished the Dresden top.
piecefulwendy said…
Seven quilt tops for 2022 - wowza! You have really been buzzing along. Wear those threads proudly! They are all over my house and clothing, too! I really do like how the B&C turned out!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! WOWEE! What wild weather. Is there a thing about a lot of red? I say there's never too much red. Ever! Love your choice for a backing and binding for the Dresden's. Good luck with your next project. Number nine is just fabulous!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Ivani said…
OMG 7 quilts tops done!!! You are amazing Cheree!
The scrappy Dresden is as beautiful as all the others.