2022 #5 Tuesday to-Do: Holy Smokes!

Happy February--we're now one month in!
I am fully-caffeinated and fully-inspired, and that
machine is still smokin' over here!  Projects are
popping out, and even more are popping up!
 Join me, and the others over at Texas Quilt Gal's
Tuesday To-Do Link-Up, as we go over our progress
from last week and share what our plans are for
the week to come.

How things sit after last week:

1) Finish All That's Christmas II--DONE
This pattern was so fun the first time around (here)
that I wanted to make a bigger one.  This one
measures around 70x76.

I haven't settled on a backing for this one though so
I'm just letting it simmer until Lucey arrives.  Maybe
I'll find a Christmas clearance goodie that would
trump what I have in the stash?

2) Finish Churn Dash Christmas--ALMOST
Didn't get time for updated pic.

3) Choose a new quilt project...or two--DONE.

I chose, and promptly finished the entire top.
Even the backing is pieced and it's now joining
the others in awaiting the arrival of Lucey.

"Serenity" measures up around 89 X100-ish so it was a
little rough on the ol' shoulder.  I don't look forward to
binding it but we're not going to think about that now.
In the picture above, it's sitting on the backing;
because of its size, this photo isn't great but here
is a close up of most of the fabrics:

As for others, I have a lot bookmarked in my
reading app but there are some definite
front-runners.  I'll let the stash decide from those.

4) Make sure old longarm is good to go--NOT DONE.
(More on this in next week's to-do's)

5) Make spreadsheet for sales, expenses, etc--STARTED
This is going to be an on-going project till I really
learn what it is I need to keep track of etc.

One thing I have found to be VERY helpful is the use of
project worksheets.  Lots of quilters use them but I could
only see them as a waste of time--quilting time.  Now that
my angle has shifted, I have done a complete 180º and
find I can't be without them.  For each quilt, I have a
worksheet on which I note the pattern, source, finish dates
(top and full-finish), yardage (esp if I alter pattern), thread,
and so on.  It's one thing to keep these numbers in your
head when you're working on one quilt at a time, as was
always my norm.  Once I had several quilts going at once
(while I waited on fabric), it quickly became apparent that
I couldn't keep track of anything without those worksheets.
The form I chose is free from Sugaridoo, though I have
made a minor change or two to fit my needs.

6) Get last year's spreadsheet finalized (for taxes)--DONE

Now for some impressive January totals!
Blocks made:  327
(holy smokes!)
Fabric used:  53.15yds
(holy smokes!)
Fabric purchased: 34yds
(er....at least it's less than used!)
Quilt tops completed:  4, soon to be 5
(holy smokes!)

My latest fabric purchases:

I've been hitting it pretty hard in the sewing room so I
should back off this week.  Of course, if the inspiration
hits I'll go with it but some rest would be good.  
However, we finally have a full day of snow predicted
so I'm guessing there will be lots of sewing.

Here are my to-do's for next week:

1) Finish Grace/churn-dash top and back.

2) Choose and start new quilt

3) Start working on getting an inventory
of fabric and other supplies

And the Repeat Offender:
4) Make sure old LA is ready to go.
I just can't seem to get out of the sewing room to get
to this.  Hubs doesn't understand why I don't quilt all of
these tops up on my old longarm since they are ready.
Because, dear hubs, Miss Lucey stitches up so
beautifully it will be worth the wait!
I suppose only a quilter would notice the difference and
I really do not like the pile of UFO's that I'm creating so
if it's doing as well as the tech said it is, I'd like to at
least get my Pumpkin Harvest quilted up.

And so off I go to tackle this first week of February.
Happy quilting and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


grammajudyb said…
Holey Smokes! That’s amazing! Imagine your productivity when Lucey arrives!
Needled Mom said…
Holy smokes is right! The heat coming from your room will fend off any snow. You’d better be careful. 😉. Great idea to work on a spreadsheet for your quilting. I love those neutral fabrics and great quilt tops.
Serenity is gorgeous and the design and colors live up to its name! Pretty fabric acquisitions, too. I can see that getting your old long arm ready for sale would be an important priority right now. Good luck with that!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Holy moly . . . I'm pretty sure YOU are the reason I see I slight smokescreen on the horizon towards KC. You are on FIRE (yes, please think of Katy Perry). When do you get Lucey?? I can hardly wait and certainly understand the desire to have some quilt tops ready to work on! I just love all that you've shared - I can feel your enthusiasm right through the computer screen. Have a good week and good luck with your February OMG project. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Bonnie said…
Wowzer. Could you send me some of your energy. You’ve done a great job on finishing some projects and get them ready for piec8ng. I hope Lucey comes in quickly!
Linda said…
I can't imagine your wild state once Lucey arrives! You are on fire girl. You are so wise to document your quilts. I've had that intention for a long time. I kept thinking that by documenting it on my blog, that was enough, and it does help. But these details are so helpful, plus it helps keep you on track. I've printed out the form and will give it a go.
Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!
Kathryn T said…
Love Serenity. Always so exciting to begin a new project and it really takes off. Will be exciting to get the quilting machine.
Kate said…
Serenity is beautiful! Congrats on all the progress last week. Wishing you lots of progress this week.