2022 Tuesday To-Do #2: First Epic Post of the Year

Welcome to Tuesday To-Do Link-Up #2 of 2022.
I left off with a bit of a teaser last week but today
I am better prepared to show the full deal.

A snowy sew day

This week I have pics!  You know, some weeks that can
be a real accomplishment!  This year has just kind of
started off like that.  In week one, I began PT on my
shoulder, had a re-root canal, visited the chiro and learned
I had a UTI.  And that last part (the TMI part) came in the
middle of peak Covid issues around here so, to quote
my dear mother (who I always miss but esp last week),
I "went through hell" trying to get anywhere with it.
My nurse wouldn't call me back (and still hasn't),
the phone lines were jammed at the dr's office all
day, the walk-in clinics had 4-hour waits and the
MEC had wouldn't answer their phone so I didn't know
what their wait time was but with the 40 or so cars
in their parking lot, I had a good idea.  Trying to find
a Covid test was equally difficult and let me tell you,
employees may (Target, Dillons) or may NOT be very
friendly about it (even managers--shout out:  Walgreens),
that is IF you can get them to answer the phone or even
give you the time of day in the store (again, Walgreens).
 No I don't have Covid (not once) but I was so miserable
that's where I was trying to start out.  And btw, did you 
know they have home UTI tests?  Not to keep up with the
TMI but, well, that info it might be helpful to someone.
Right there with all the other female products at Target.
Anyway, the happy ending there was that I marched my
way right into the doctor's' office right before closing and
begged for any doctor that would see me.  Ten minutes
later, I was out with a prescription called in.  If it weren't
 for that little home test, I'd have not known to push for help
like I did because, though I'm not a "frequent flyer" with
that particular issue, I do know enough that they can
go south in a real hurry.

Wow, okay, that was a lot of digression but you now
get the idea of how my year has started out.  I used to
be a pretty firm optimist but the older I get, the more
I feel pesky pessimism try to push its way through.
Maybe I can still dig deep.  You know the good part
about starting the year out so roughly?  I just got
all that out of the way, right?  It can only go up.
Ha.  Okay, here's my update since I wrote that:
I just spent our 29th Anniversary with some sort of
36-hr stomach bug.  I am in recovery so now things
are going up.  LOL.  And no one else is sick even
though we had all the family over on Saturday.
(Save the cadet who was competing--took 2nd; he
was a little rusty after all the holiday celebrating!)
Usually I leave these kinds of personal things off
my blog but I am finding this kinda funny and,
who knows?  I might want to look back on the
obstacles I've overcome. (Optimism!)

As I mentioned, I do have big quilting plans and that
they have me excited and motivated.  Everyone keeps
asking me if I've made lots of goals for the year, and
usually I do!  But this year I haven't made it past that
one--and maybe to lose another 10+ pounds
 after losing well over 40 last year (go me!).

For 2022 starters, I've actually backed up a bit
and chosen a fall project--one I wanted to do
last fall but things just got way too busy.

If you recall I found this beauty when on the shop hop.
The pic doesn't do it justice but anyhoo, every shop hop
 I try to find one fall project and make it a treat.  And by
that I mean I'm going to get what it takes to make it
right then and there without waiting for a sale, or
seeing what any online shops might offer it for, etc.
In this case, all I needed was the book.  And it turned
out there are plenty in that book that I want to make
so it was a good deal and I walked away happy with
my full-price purchase.  

The name of the pattern is Harvest Pumpkins and it's
fairly small quilt, just a throw at 45x53 so I will see
what I can do with another border today.

Remember I had chosen this plaid to use...and was
crossing my fingers it would work out okay.  Well,
I think it was an okay decision--it seems to be
working out just fine as far as plaids go.

(Didn't quite get it all in one piece for this post.)

There are only a few plaid-issues but I think they kind of
lend to the home-y style of the quilt.  Hubs feels the
plaid fabric makes it look like fencing or hardware cloth
which also works well with the pumpkins so overall,
I'm very happy with how this is turning out.  Not sure
you can see close enough in the pic but I'm interested
in any thoughts there on how you think it turned out,
especially since I'll be selling this one.
I'm just hours away from my first finished top of
the year, which lines up with my big plans that I'll
get into here in just a bit.

Let's do another bit of backtracking:  I have not
'fessed up on my fabric tracking for the year SO,
here are the numbers I ended the year with:
Fabric purchased169+ yds
[holy wow!]
Fabric used: 135+yds
So I'm up over 33 yards when I had hoped to be in
the negative.  This has been all for good fun so no need
to try to make me feel better about my sad showing
but it is also a bit eye-opening.  Do I always buy that
much?  I don't think so.  It seems like that was likely
my highest yet.  Do I always use that much/little?
Easily.  I thought it would be a bit more even.
The challenge from this story:  try even harder this year!
I accept!  Heartily!  My first project has me at -5.5 yds
already and I'll likely make the backing today so I'm
off to a great start.

Now my big plans for the year?  Yes, I am looking into
buying a new longarm and taking on a more business
angle to my quilting.  I have enjoyed selling the few
that I've listed so I want to go at this more fully.
I'm also toying with eventually adding the computer
system and offering quilting for others (locally).
I need to try one more time to get the timing issue
corrected on my current one so I can sell it and the
Phoenix frame.  It's just time to move up.

I know I don't have to tell you all how excited I am!
I have a million things going on in my mind about
all of this so I'm trying to be patient and cover it all.
When I become sure I can deliver on all of my plans,
 this girl is eyeing the APQS Lucey.  I'm attending a
seminar in OKlahoma this weekend to learn more and
then I'll post about that next week.  It will be so fun
to write about these steps in my new adventure!

(Current state of fabric stash as of 8:34a 1/11/22!
Also fabric in drawers, closet--46 bolts!--and the
some random WIPs and precuts sitting around.)

Meanwhile, my immediate plan is to build a
record-breaking amount of quilt tops out of all of
this stash and I need to move quickly because there is
that chance of shoulder surgery in the near future.
(Because PT seems to just be making it worse.)

Which brings me to my to-do list for the week:
1) Finish Harvest Pumpkins top and make backing
2) Cut out another version of the same quilt but 
turn those pumpkins into Christmas ornaments!
3) Attend seminar, take pics and post about it

One last thing:  I did take care of the housekeeping
around here so my tabs/pages are now up to date.
Under the Current Projects tab, I have some general
ideas of my next projects to tackle.   I should have a
post out later this week on that, though--and it's
likely I'll add a couple more when I do that.

Actually, this didn't turn out quite the "epic" length
thought it would be.  More time for quilting!
Off I go!

Happy quilting!


Oh you did have an overthe-top start to the year, Cheree! You're right, it can only go up from here. I love the little pumpkin quilt - stars inside the pumpkins is a fun design! Have fun with the new long-arm - sounds like a great plan.
wow you didn't start the year off well - but thanks for mentioning that there is a home test for UTI - I didn't know that and I do occasionally get one - luckily the clinics here are still making appointments really well for established patients (I don't know if you do not have a regular doctor) - I hope the month goes smoother now for you
piecefulwendy said…
Holey moley. It can only go uphill from here, right?! Love that quilt, by the way!
Sherrie said…
Your quilt is beautiful...love the
plaid fabric..have a great day!
Anne-Marie said…
Hopefully you've gotten your year's allotment of drama out of the way and it's all smooth sailing. Quilt looks great with the plaid.
Kathryn T said…
Wow you had a huge start to the year. Do hope things look up from now on. Love the fall pumpkins and would look gorgeous with christmas fabric. too.
Ivani said…
Hope things look up from now on, Cheere.
Your pumpkin quilt looks beautiful with the plaid background.
A New longarm looks like a lot of fun for future.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you started the new year off with such issues. As you said, though, you have them over with for the year - it's all up from here. Gosh, don't you just HATE that when businesses don't answer the phone? I mean, seriously. Walgreens has been the worst! Fabulous and congrats on the 40# weight loss!! OH YES!! That plaid fabric worked out just perfectly. I love the quilt on the cover of the book, too, by the way. It's just so, so, sew exciting about the new longarm and the OK seminar. I really look forward to seeing those pictures and hearing about the process from you. I think it's the next logical step for you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Needled Mom said…
Your beginning sounds like my ending of last year. Those UTIs are so dreadful. I’m really glad you were able to diagnose it fairly early. Sorry about the shoulder and PT. PT seems to eat up so much valuable time….even more when it’s not helping. I hope surgery is not in your near future.

That’s exciting to think about a new quilting machine. You’ll have so much fun with it. The pumpkin quilt looks great. I think the plaid works fine with it. It’s not a real loud plaid.

Wishing you a better 2022.
Carol Andrews said…
Hi Cheree. All I can say is that is a crazy start to the year! At least you have some great plans to keep you going! The Millie sounds like fun. I do like the plaid on your pumpkin quilt. Keep in mind that IF you have to have the shoulder surgery if you follow orders, your recovery will be just fine. I had to have mine operated on (rotator cuff needed some repair. 3 severed ligaments and torn tendons). I was put in a sling with no taking it off or moving the shoulder for 6 weeks). At 43 days tha shower felt incredible! 😉. Two years later I have full mobility, range of motion and am pain free. The physio isn’t helping the other shoulder which was injured at the same time. After the 5th wave I might get it looked at. Ps At 3 weeks I started making 4 patches without moving my left arm with my Pt’s approval (his wife is a quilter).
Sharon - IN said…
Dang, that is a sad start to the new year. I'm so glad you got the meds you needed and are feeling better. On to quilting! Have a fun week with your projects!
chrisknits said…
Girl, I am spent just reading all about the start of the year. Simiar issues here, but not on my end on a family member, so it's been a bad start for us too! But I am trying to just flow with life and enjoy that baby who will now be coming to my house for watching while Momma goes back to work. And I know my productivity is going to nose dive, but my fun factor is going to the moon!!!
Linda said…
I guess you are at your seminar and bet it's snowing in Oklahoma today, am I right? I love the pumpkin quilt, and I am the same about being quite happy with a full price purchase when it is something I want and want to start it as soon as I get home. We've had the same experience with Walgreen's, to the point we will no longer even go into the store. I hope you are feeling better!
Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!
Kate said…
Wow, what a rough start to the new year, but you seemed to have bounced back and are on to more fun things. Looking forward to seeing what projects take center stage this year.