2022 TTD #4: Distracting Myself With Quilting

No matter where you live, look out your
window toward Kansas.  See that smoke? 
That is coming from my sewing machine
because, my quilty friends, it is on. fire!
(If you're looking a little farther north toward
Arrowhead Stadium, that's the KC Chiefs!)
It was another rough week around here and
I was thankful to have quilting to distract me.
So, at least I have lots of progress to share!

Joining up with the others at Texas Quilt Gal's
Tuesday To-Do Link-Up, I'm going to start off
first with what all I got done:

1) Finish the Great Aunt Mary Christmas quilt
and piece backing:  Done

I decided to name this All That's Christmas.
There are some blocks that stand out a little more in the
photo but I feel like they're not so prominent in real life.
The backing is also pieced and just awaiting quilting.
Side note:  I love, love, love that little pieced border!

Because it was so fun and it only finished up at 
I decided to make another one...but bigger!

I'm not sure how much bigger; I kind of just
 started cutting strips and sewing them into sets.

Once I finish the rest of these and add in the greens
set to arrive soon, I'll have a better idea of the size.

2) Choose next quilt and cut out:  Done, and more

Aside from All That's Christmas II, my next quilt is
"Grace," another from the book County Seat Quilts.
[Their name--I'll choose another]

I made some great progress on this one,
getting most of it cut out and pieced!

Because I chose a green for the setting triangles, 
I reversed the colors for the churn dash blocks.
This one is also waiting on more green fabric
but, hey, not bad considering I just started it!

3) Load up scrap quilt and ensure LA is ready to sell.
Well, I flopped here.  Just haven't had time.

This puts me at 183 blocks so far for January which
just has to be a personal record.  A lot of those are
simple 9-patches but they are still blocks!

Fabric tracking

Kathy Hall--"Chatham Hall" line, Andover Fabrics

These goodies (yardage in red) were off the clearance
rack.  I envision adding an ivory solid and letting
these do their thing in something simple like:

I dug around and came across some beautiful
matching fabrics that I found at a
have enough so watch for this one next.

Other finds: 

These didn't photo well but they're greens.
Also clearance goodies.

And these small pieces were what I was really
after--boosting the reds and greens in all these
Christmas quilts I seem to be gravitating toward.
Still, they were not enough so I ended up making
some online purchases as well.  I'll share those in
in a later post once they show up at my door.

Noting I only add them to my tracking once they
arrive, here is where I stand at the end of January:

Purchased:  20.75 yds
Used:  36.15 yds
2022 Net:  -15.4
2021 + 2022 Net:  +18.25

As a reminder, my only goal is to use more than I buy,
which means keeping the nets in the negative.
Knowing even more fabric will be showing up soon
means I have a lot of work to do this week.

And now for the sad news...

A much-younger Tasha (around 7-8yrs)

Last week I made the hard decision to put my older
cat 'Tasha down.  I have never known such a good cat!
In temperament, intelligence, trust, companionship and
mousing.  She was 19 and though happy, the signs were
there.  I didn't want it to drag out so I made the decision
quickly.  Tasha had only been to the vet twice in her life--
a farm vet, and she rode on my lap.  The major issue
was that I just didn't want her to be scared.  Inevitable
I guess, but she'd never been in a carrier (or waiting room)
so I did the best I could for her:  I made her a leash.

For reference, I used the directions for this pet leash.
(I always thought those would be fun to make, and it was.)
If you zoom in, you'll see the fish and sardine cans on
the fabric.  The vet and her sidekick loved it.
And, Tasha?  She was such a good girl, she didn't
even need it.  She just trusted me through it all.
But it made me happy to have her stylin' with
that leash, and it makes me happy to see it now.

I never thought I'd do a sappy RIP Pet post but here I
am but darn it, she really was the best cat I've ever had,
and such a great sewing companion.  She would always
hang out with me in her basket..after I taught her to
"get in your basket" because of course she always
wanted to be on my fabric.  Eventually she wasn't
able to jump up that high and I've already really missed
 her there.  I knew this had to come someday.  I'm so
grateful for 19 years of her great companionship.
She's resting in the flower garden by our sunroom,
one of her favorite places to bask in the sun.

Moving on to happier things...
I sold another quilt!
If you missed my latest post(s), I'm currently working
very hard to increase my quilt sales to back my
recent purchase of an APQS Lucey and eventually
add a computer system, all to work toward a
full E2E quilting business.   So, with this in mind,
this is my aggressive to-do list for the week to come,
assuming my fabric all shows up:

1) Finish All That's Christmas II
2) Finish Churn Dash Christmas
3) Choose a new quilt project...or two
4) Make sure old longarm is good to go
5) Make spreadsheet for sales, expenses, etc.
6) Get last year's spreadsheet finalized (for taxes)

I'll check back with you next week with
all my aggressive quilting progress!
(Anyone envisioning an angry quilter??)

And keep in mind:

(Hubs sent me this one when I was struggling
to pull myself together--rather unsuccessfully.)

Happy quilting!


Ivani said…
Oh Cheere, I am so sorry to hear about Tasha passing. I am sure she was a Happy cat and that you always did the best for her.
Your new projects are beautiful. Have fun making them.
sounds like you had the perfect cat! sometimes it is best to put the pet to rest before they get sick when they have lived so long.
you have been very busy on quilts good luck on the sales.
grammajudyb said…
Hugs to you! Losing a pet is so hard! It doesn’t get easier, just less hard!
You’ve made some great progress on your “Christmas-y” quilts! I really like the churn dash!
Vicki in MN said…
Oh Cheree I am wrapping you in hugs, I am so sorry you had to go through this with your sweet cat. Sewing is our therapy so get that machine smoking again! And congrats on selling another quilt:)
I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, Cheree. That's a hard time, especially after you had her for so long. Sounds like she was well loved! You always make amazing progress on your quilt projects - love the churn dash project.
Kathryn T said…
I live a long way from Kansas but.. I can sense your sewing machine was smoking with all that you have achieved this week. Love the churn dashes, and the fabrics. Am finding myself more and more drawn to those kind of colours. Kathryn Quilts
piecefulwendy said…
So nice to see the photos of Tasha, and you know I'm sending big hugs to you from both Wilbs and I. That's a whole lotta blocks! You go! You found some nice fabric, too. I see you eyeing that to do list the way your son eyes his next vault - ha!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! You and the Chiefs are both on fire!! All That Christmas turned out fab - and the best part is that little dashed border. So cool and it really adds a spark of fun to the traditional blocks. And all those churn dash blocks alternating with sweet on-point nine-patch blocks really came together quickly! Yowza - you weren't kidding when you said you were on fire. Congrats on the quilt sale! I'm so sorry about Tasha. Just thinking of that empty basket makes me sad - I can only imagine how you feel. They leave tiny footprints all over our hearts that are filled with many happy memories and gentle nudges that they love you, too. {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. ~smile~ Roseanne
Linda said…
Awww Cheree my heart aches for you. There is nothing better than the companionship of a kitty, IMO, and Tasha sounds and looks like a doll. Lovely leash you so lovingly made for her.
All Thats Christmas is beautiful, as are the other quilts you're working on. Good luck with Lucey and building your business! I did see the smoke up north and wondered about it - lol!
Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!
chrisknits said…
I am so sorry for your loss. At least she gave you 19 years of love and affection. Good luck on your goals, I am sure I will read how you got it all done tomorrow!