2021 Tuesday To-Do #42: The Last Week!

A happy almost-Christmas morning to all!
Who's got it all done?  Still running around?
Anyone starting a last-minute projects?
You have 11 days.
I'm still waiting on some packages to arrive but my
gift-shopping is done!  Now to the  cleaning, baking
meal-planning and grocery shopping.
Earlier this morning I cleaned some of the carpets
[not ideal when it's dark out but what're ya gonna do?]
and then headed out to the coffee shop while they dry...
not that I couldn't be there (we have wood floors in the
 main parts of our home) but it sounded like a good excuse.
I was starting to get pretty frazzled yesterday as I watched
my schedule fill up beyond my control.   This morning, I'm
taking a break and planning.  Maybe I can get some
control back?  I don't seem to be getting time to knock
things off my list like I used to but for what it's worth,
I'm joining in today again on Texas Quilt-Gal's
to show the bit that I got done.
It's pretty much just a check-in on my grandson's quilt
because the quilting on Hudson Valley Pallisades hasn't
even begun--thus my anxiety.

Getting the entire center done is a decent amount of
progress but I wanted to have the borders on by now
and the backing made.  It should still happen this
afternoon and that will have to do.   Right now it's
about 50 x 60 and I need to turn it into a twin size.

Due to arrival times of the kids, my cut-off date is
next Tuesday so the bottom line?  Finishing both
both quilts is an absolute MUST by next week's 
check-in.  We all love to sew but I'm not sure any
of us wants to be shut away in there while family
is home.  Okay...maybe some of us do...LOL!

I left the house without the recipe I planned to share
today so I'll just save that for next time.

Happy quilting!


piecefulwendy said…
I was just wondering what was going on, since I hadn't heard much from you - I figured you were buzzing around the house and getting things done. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here a bit stunned that we're 11 days away from Christmas. I think I maybe have shopping done but I should maybe check that - LOL. I have a couple of Christmas gifts to make, which should have been done yesterday. Today we are finally going to go get the tree. So yeah - a little behind here and clueless. LOL
Carol Andrews said…
Cheree the quilt is coming along beautifully. You can get it done I’m sure. Enjoy your holiday and have a wonderful time enjoying your decorations and family time. ��
That quilt is gorgeous. I love how the flying geese just set off the rest of the blocks. Meanwhile, try not to stress; I'm sure you'll get through it all in time. Though sometimes, having a deadline is a good thing. Happy Stitching, and baking!
love your flying geese - I haven't cleaned carpets in a long time - over due I'm sure.
Ivani said…
What a beautiful quilt, Cheree!
I am trying not to stress. So much to be done and so little time.
Enjoy the Season!
I love the quilt for your grandson! Good luck getting it done - we know you can. Glad you got in a little coffee shop visit, too!
Bonnie said…
Love that quilt. Great way to use flying geese with bigger pieces of fabric. You’ll get what desperately needs to be done. Maybe you’ll end up with a couple of late nights. You go girl!
Vicki in MN said…
It seems each year we all rush around to get things done. I am in the last three days of rush rush and then it is relax time! Your grandsons quilt is wonderful, is this your pattern? Happy Holidays to you!
Linda said…
Gosh that quilt is so gorgeous. I hope you were able to get some quilting done. I wonder if I will ever get control of the month of December. I'm just now finishing a Christmas wall quilt! ;)
Thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday!
Needled Mom said…
The quilt is looking fantastic. I got a bit sidelined this year with a fractured femur so there will be a lot that does not get done this year. We will enjoy the simple joy of Christmas instead. Enjoy your family during this special time of the year. Merry Christmas.