2021 Tuesday To-Do #37: Back From West Point, Crossing the Finish and Screeching to a Halt

We're back (again!) and this time, we crossed the finish line.
The 2-month wild ride of travel and events is over
and it's time to settle in and stop missing these
Tuesday To-Do posts.

It has been two years since we last visited West Point
so I'm going to share some pics, especially for any
new followers out there.

I hate to write the too-often-used phrase but I just canNOT
say enough about the US Military Academy.  

If you are ever in the area, get a pass and tour the post!
(These are your tax dollars at work you know!)
With over 200 years of history, incredible--and
intimidating!--stone buildings and gorgeous scenery,
after now five visits, I still view it with awe.
Due to covid, we were not granted access past the 
above point.  (Access inside the buildings is rarely
given even in normal circumstances.)
(More pics here and here.)

Someday, I want to schedule into a visit a whole
afternoon just to sit and take it all in. 
(Vacations are always too rushed, right?)

Ranked as one of the best game-day experiences,
taking in a football game is a must--along with timing
the visit in the fall when for some gorgeous leaf views.
We were just a bit early but by the time we left, they
were just starting to peak so we got a taste of it.

The jumps team always puts on a nice show before the game.

If you follow me on IG, you got to see them practicing the day
before out in the center of campus in front of the main hall.
Note no civilians are allowed on that field.  Cadets only!
My father-in-law had so much fun seeing MANY jumps,
all followed by the helicopter picking them back up...
and off they'd go again.  And again and again...

SO that when game time comes, they can hit their mark.
RIGHT in the center of the field.

Oh I do love game day!
One of my favorite moments is just before kick-off
of the game, when the cadets all go through their
pregame hype--it certainly ranks #1 on my
game-day experiences!

We wanted to share this experience with my husband's
parents so this time we gifted them the visit.  How fun
it was to see them gaping out the windows as we
drove through for their first views.  For the record,
I still do this myself--can't get enough of it.

Neither of my in-laws has gotten a chance to visit the
Statue of Liberty so we were happy to help them get
that crossed off the bucket list.

Now, after all of that travelling, did I get anything done?
I had to skip a week posting for sure!  As for my
those, like our return flights (ahem), are not without
a major glitch.  Here we go:

*Finish "Gwynnie's Goldenrod" top--Done

When we got back, I had just 4 days to finish this in order
to gift it to my granddaughter at her birthday party.   My
longarm was tuned and ready for me when we got back
(along with my car and its new windshield--yay!)
so this was doable. 

 I settled in and did some major marathon sewing
(see my Instagram) and had that top completed, 
backing pieced and everything loaded by Friday!
Saturday's quilting session was going well right up
until my machine locked up and I went into panic mode.
With my back, lifting the long arm is not a good idea
but hubs was not home.  To make it more difficult, I had
to keep my quilt loaded but if there is one thing I am,
it is extremely determined (stubborn?) and with a lot
of work, I got that puppy off and back into the shop
where he did his best to get me up and running.

The short story is:  I got it back home, made a row
or two, endured a couple thread-breaks, some
blood-curdling screeching and...yep,
it locked up again.
I waved the white flag, went shopping for other things
for my granddaughter.  (See how close I got?).
I'm off to go pick up my long arm AGAIN here in a bit, THIS
time with the issue fixed.  I hope.  Frankly, I had taken on
too much trying to get both quilts done for birthdays so,
while I'm very disappointed, I am also kind of relieved.
I knew something had to give; I'm so behind on so much!
The last couple months have really started catching
up to me.  I have been joking that I'm likely the only
person who's looking forward to the holidays
because things will actually slow down for me!

As for my other to-do:

*Choose Jonah's pattern and fabrics--partly
I have a pattern in mind.  Still need to choose fabrics.

I also got one quilt officially listed; the other is just
waiting on a good preview before I pull the trigger.

Next week's to-do's:

Finish G's quilt
Choose J's fabrics
Finish "Set Aside" top

In other parts of my world, I've given the chicken coop its
semi-annual thorough cleaning and they're ready for winter.
I've planted garlic and picked a billion peppers that now
need attention.  I have herbs to bring in to enjoy over the
cold months, winter garden prep to complete and holiday
planning & cleaning to get started on not to mention the
window cleaning that needs to happen, etc. etc. 

Deep breath.  It'll all get done--eventually.

And with that rushed post, I'm off to pick up my longarm.

Happy quilting!


piecefulwendy said…
I was just thinking of you this morning, wondering what is going on in your corner of the world. I figured you were back home and busy. Sorry about the LA issues. Hope your back is holding up after all that. Over here, I'm completely in denial about the impending holidays (as usual) and I have no big rush projects on my list (two blog hops coming up, haven't started either project, but eh). Glad you enjoyed your WP visit!
Linda said…
You are the best daughter-in-law in the world. I bet your in-laws had a wonderful time. What a beautiful place! I visited the Air Force Academy in CO Springs with my folks when I was a teenager, and I've never forgotten it. Military never fails to impress me! Sorry about your long arm, and wow that you were hefting it around yourself! Hope you are able to get a bit of relaxation in this month.
Glad you linked to To Do Tuesday!
It sounds like you had a great trip, and visited an amazing place! I grew up in NY State, but never visited West Point, but now I wish I had. Your latest quilt project is lovely such pretty colors! Frustrating, though, to have problems with your longarm just when you were hoping to get it finished. I hope it's back to work for you soon!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Your awe of WP comes through loud and strong in your post and it is well deserved. I would LOVE to visit someday. Oh, I can just imagine how thrilled your in-laws were with the entire trip. After the last 18 months and the trials that everyone has experienced, just being on a fun trip is fab. Then to incorporate being with you two, seeing their grandson in his uniform and his home, the game, the Statue . . . all great. {{Hugs}} Sorry about your long-arm. I hope all is well now, finally. Your granddaughter will understand - she'll feel all the love you've sewn into it! ~smile~ Roseanne
Vicki in MN said…
Sounds like a grand adventure at West Point, glad you were able to get some leaf peeping in too. Grrr on the long arm issues, I certainly hope this time was the charm and it is fixed for good. You are one busy woman, don't forget to breathe!!
Even folks like me in Canada have a respect and awe for West Point; how great you got to visit and also wonderful for the in laws. The one time I was in New York of course we wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty and it was under wraps being renovated. But there was quite a lot of other things to do! That quilt is a beauty I'm sure your grand daughter will love it. Speaking of which, you look so young to be a grandma.
Ivani said…
Beautiful pictures from West Ponit. You must be very proud of your son.
Sorry your long-harm issues. I can imagine how frustating it is.
Your grand daughter quilt is a beauty. As Jocelyn I also was surprised knowing you are a grandma!!!
Have a great week!
Kate said…
Sounds (and looks) like a good time was had by all. Sorry the long arm was so uncooperative, it's frustrating when things don't line up on something you were trying so hard to make happen. I'm hoping for a nice slow down with the holidays too. Happy stitching.
Sharon - IN said…
Thanks for sharing your West Point adventures. What a lovely time! Your grand daughter's quilt will be well appreciated once finished. And may your longarm cooperate! Have a great week!
Needledmom said…
That’s the problem with traveling! It is so worth it, but it does put everything behind. Looks like a spectacular trip and I’m so glad your in-laws were able to enjoy it. Sorry about the longarm. I have done that lift on my own (also out of stubbornness and impatience) and it is NOT an easy task. Your gift will be appreciated at any time and may be even more special away from the actual birthday.