08 November 2021

2021 TTD #38: Holiday Feels Are Creeping Up!

How is everyone's fall sewing going?
Chipping away at that Christmas list?
I don't have much left to make for Christmas but I
do have plenty I want to get done before Christmas
--actually, before Thanksgiving--
so let's check in on last week's to-do's and get
things rolling...

Last week's to-do's
Finish G's quilt
The puzzle has been solved:  the shaft in the base of
my longarm had slid slightly out of place. 
It is back home and up and running.

I don't have an updated pic but this is finally quilted.
Because of the issues, there are a few rows of
not-so-great tension on the back but we'll just keep
an eye on it and if anything goes amuk while in use,
Grandma is always available for fixes.

Choose J's fabrics
After a quick look in the stash, I think I need to make
a run to the LQS, which seems like a horrible idea due
to the fact that I'm so far up/positive [45 yds!] on my
fabric tracking for the year but it is what it is.   

Finish "Set Aside" top
I pulled this back out so that temporary name is
gone; it is now officially Hudson Valley Palisades.

The drive from Newark Airport to West Point puts
us on the Palisade Parkway.  In the fall, this drive,
thickly-lined with trees. comes alive in all the beautiful
fall colors.  For me personally, it's a great building up of
excitement for the entire trip:  seeing our cadet, West Point,
football, all the fall scenery awaiting in the valley, etc.
The highway was named after the Hudson Valley Palisades
that line the west side of the river.  The off-set patches in the
quilt could be these cliffs spotted with vibrant fall trees.
The black sashing could indicate the highway.  I realize
a highway isn't very poetic but to me it will always have
happy feelings and memories.   It also kind of reminds
me of the railway that follows the Hudson on both sides.
(The east side seems to be a passenger line and it is 
kind of on my bucket list to ride this once.  Silly?
Well, I think it would be fun in the fall!)
The churns also carry the leaf colors but they also
remind me of the Bear Mountain Bridge Circle,
the large roundabout where we turn off toward
Highland Falls/West Point.

Along with finally naming it, I also pieced the
strips of the remaining border (more palisades).
Not much longer now!

I sold another quilt this week so again I am lamenting
my lack of time to get more made.  However, the holidays
always fly by and soon enough I'll find myself in 2 months
of nothing else to do BUT quilt.  For now I am going to
shoot for getting Hudson Valley Palisades listed
before Thanksgiving.  Lofty goals, especially when I'm
sneaking off to play golf later today.  Just how many
more nice days can there be?  A girl needs her
outdoor fall time!

What a girl doesn't need is more fabric when she already
has too much but sometimes she just buys it anyway,
especially when some of it is Pam Buda (top right)
and all of it was only $5/yd.

With 2 yds of each, ten yards have now been
added to the fabric tracking system.  Sigh.
What a girl needs is a blizzard that lasts all of
January to keep her shut up in the sewing room!

Next week's To-Do's:
*Finish Hudson Valley Palisades top and choose backing
*Choose J's quilt fabrics--visit LQS
*Bind and label G's quilt

Happy fall quilting!


piecefulwendy said...

I like the new name, and that is brings back a fond memory for you. You are going to be happy you have those fabrics in your stash, so it's all good as far as I'm concerned! Enjoy your golfing while the weather is good!

Linda said...

What a perfect and meaningful name for your quilt! I loved reading about all the reference to what sounds like a gorgeous place. Glad your longarm is back up and running. That sure is a pretty quilt. Congratulations on the sale of the quilt!
Hope you enjoyed your golf, and thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I'm glad to hear that your longarm is fixed and you were able to finish up your granddaughter's quilt! Love that your Hudson Valley Palisades quilt brings out so many beautiful images for you, too. Hope you're enjoying a golf outing - I was able to play, too. It's a beautiful November day here in Colorado!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! Hmm. I am pretty darn sure I've been following you for a year now. I do not recall you "having nothing to do" ever . . . let alone two solids months of it. I'm tempted to back to last January and February but alas, that might just be rude! All I'm going to say about those two months is that you have plenty of pretty positive (purchases) to carry you through a few of that nothing to do stretch. As far as not having more quilts to list - you are doing them in the perfect timing. You know that!! (I often lament the same thing, so I do totally understand your frustration). HAHA - golf time in November is a rare and special event. Go and enjoy!! It has been two really nice days here and that is about to come to an abrupt end. LOVE HVP - can't wait to see the backing you choose. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

chrisknits said...

Oh my! You definitely do need some shut in time. But everything will be gorgeous and sold so quickly you will just have to make more!

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