Tuesday To-Do #34: An Epic Novel

Today I'm linking up to Tuesday To-Do hosted
by Texas Quilt Gal.  I was a little hesitant at first
because I don't exactly have quilt accomplishments
to show but I did finally get around to a photo
session with my Positively Fearless quilt and I went
on a shop hop where I took pics and made purchases
so all that counts, right?

Firstly, YES, the West Point Choir BBQ was a huge success!

The goal was to give these cadets a wonderful
home-cooked meal and a place to unwind!

For this to-do:  DONE!!!

The menu included pulled pork, chicken and
hot links, all courtesy of hubs and his smoker.

We also served pasta salad, calico baked beans, chips and
 fresh veggies.  And for dessert, brownies and cookies galore.

With the rain holding off, the weather could not have
been prettier for an evening of outdoor games.

And after the sun was gone, our own soldier lit
a fire in the pit and they continued on!

He was allowed to stay with us but early the next
morning came the quick goodbye, and
just like that, it was all over.

We'll get to see him again in a few weeks,
and again at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
And goodness knows, the weeks are flying by.

Meanwhile, I had to get on the road.

No time for rest--it was Shop Hop day!

Normally, when I recap the Shop Hop on here,
I try to give a lot of details and explanation.

But I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty wiped out so....
hey, here are a bunch of pics from the Shop Hop!
(No blogger awards earned today!)
(Well, maybe for "Longest Post"!)

I do have to show this section every year.

So many fat quarters!

And precuts!

A go-to store for precuts and fat quarters for sure!

I left the snack table in this pic for size-reference
on those quilt pieces.  A cute one!

Sweet jumbo spools of thread, what a playroom!

I spy KS Troubles?

Super cute for a child!  Though I have to admit,
the stickler in me immediately thought:
 Um, prop planes don't create jet streams.
And they're not correct for crop-dusters either.
What can I say?  I grew up around planes (incl my dad's)
and my hubs works for a major aviation company.
Don't mind me, I'm just being picky.
A kid would love it.

Christmas love.

Halloween love.

This store always has a great Halloween section,
though you can't really see all the fabrics here.

Love the fabrics/colors, the chains and 9-patches, too.

Every year I look for one fall project that just calls
to me--this is the one!  I snatched up the book
and I already have fabrics in mind.  I usually just put
stuff like that on my Christmas list so this was a treat!

I love the pillow, too, though I'm not sure about the
info on it.  Btw, if there is anything in these pics that
you might need more info on, I'd be happy to see
what I can find out.

Now, what did I buy?  Normally I prepare for the 
shop hop very well, going through all the future
projects I might want to make and/or taking any
current projects that need fabrics but this year,
as previously stated, I was all in a tizzy about
a bbq so I planned NOTHING for the shop hop.

Instead, I only did some completely random
and senseless [sort of] buying.  Full-on therapy.
Here are my spoils:

Clearance finds, from left to right:
8 yds green/red fall fabric (for a backing?) $5/yd
3 yds neutral/vine (background?) $5/yd
1 yd brown plaid (binding?) $6.50/yd
2 yds gold plaid (binding?) $6.50/yd

Patriotic FQ--Shop Hop theme fabric
Brown FQ--a door prize

A little something to hang fall minis from.

Complete impulse buy: 12 KS Troubles Fat Eighths
because I can ALWAYS put these to use.

And my book-treat, with many quilts that I'm eyeing
but especially that pumpkin one as pic'd above.

I made it back home before dark and hubs took me
for Mexican food--no, not on my diet but once again,
I was out of energy!

The next night we had family over to help us eat
up leftover bbq food.  The night after we had a great
group of friends over to enjoy the cheese, wine and other
out under the lights in the pergola.  I don't have a pic
but this was like a scene from some wine ad.  Oh my
goodness did we enjoy this!  And I sooo needed it!
The NEXT evening, hubs took me golfing...
and this brings me to now, Monday night when
hubs is at his Men's group and I can't seem to get
my tired boo-tay off this sofa.  Can you blame me?
Pretty sure there is a long soak in the bathtub
calling my name as soon as this post is completed.

But first, let's talk a little gardening to-do's:
Previously, the veg garden had tons of weeds
(especially the pathways!) and everything just had
that overall unkempt thing going on.

Imagine this ratatouille garden looking like one huge,
hairy shrub of a tomato plant, with a side of eggplant.
(Squash previously removed due to squash bugs)
Voila.  Thoroughly pruned and looking loved again.
I really hacked away at them--it's just less to deal
with when the freezing temps set in any week now.
Most of the pumpkins and gourds were pulled too.  

I'm very sad about the paltry amount in my decorating,
but since I had to buy them this year, well...those things
add up.  
It's much more fun when you can just go to
your garden and pick to your little fall-loving-heart's
desire.  But anyway, the garden again looks loved.

I've mentioned getting all of our other gardens
back in shape (I don't even know how many we have!)
so I have to share a little funny.

I don't sleep well--probably 95% of the time.  And with
all we had going on, I was my usual self, taking at least
an hour or so to fall asleep and waking up at 4:30 am
to think and think and think and finally getting up and
doing things like painting the deck in the pale morning
light.  Day after day.  So yes, I was getting very tired,
but also enjoying it--don't get me wrong!  I love getting
caught up on things, and I was enjoying decorating too!

But anyhoo, one particularly tired morning, I went
out to weed another garden.  Setting down my gloves,
my purse and my speaker--wait.  MY PURSE???
I literally took my purse out with me to pull weeds.
Oh, what a hoot.

Here are a few more pics of what I've been doing...

Added mums along the [weeded] paths to the garden.

Random placings of pumpkins...

My welcoming fall scene.

More mums, new mulch and....good grief,
new weeds have set in already!!

More welcoming pumpkins and mums.

Care to sit a spell?

Fall decor everywhere!

From all angles!

Walking around back...

Mums the word!
(Note newly-painted deck & weeded herb garden)

All the touches.
Sunflowers out in the pergola.

On to more quilty things....

Remember this?
I finally got full-finish pics of Positively Fearless.

How long has this taken?!?

I hope to get it listed, along with two other quilts,
over the next couple days.

 I did do one tiny bit of sewing:
I made 5 chicken aprons in just over 30 mins.  That's
kinda code for don't look at the sewing--they're for
chickens for crying out loud and anyway, I didn't really
have time to be doing it.   I'd put it off for months but
now with winter coming, they really need to get
their feathers growing back out asap.  

Firstly, the rooster just kinda pecks at them, ahem,
anyway but when you get too many in one space,
there will always be some who get pecked at
(thus the terms "pecking order" or "hen-pecked").

I ended up receiving 4 extra hens in my last order;
I was already pushing it with 15 in that space!
We really should butcher a few but after having
to do that with our last batch, I just don't want to.
(Some farm-girl I am, huh?)

OK, so looking toward next week!  
(Yes, I'm declaring some to-do's this time!)

1) Find my lost mojo.
2) Get my WP quilt labeled, bound and listed.
3) List Positively Fearless.
4) List September Glow.
5) Update Etsy pages.
6) Make progress on my fall quilt.

Until next week, happy fall quilting!


You have been a busy girl! I enjoyed your catch-up post immensely. So glad the BBQ was a success and you enjoyed the shop hop, too! Your yard and gardens are looking wonderfully inviting. Hope you get your mojo back - I bet you will!
Sherrie said…
WOW....great catch up...thanks for sharing all your photos..love all
your gardens and decorations. Have a great day!
piecefulwendy said…
Oh my goodness, you have been one busy lady! I'm so glad all went well, and that you've even had time to grab your purse (hahahahahaha!) and get some weeding done with all that going on. Your home is just lovely, and I'd be delighted to sit a spell and slurp (ladylike, of course) a latte while we chatted about all the things. Nice impulse shopping too! Your family photo is wonderful - you all look great!
Anne-Marie said…
Gardens are looking amazing! Sit and rest a bit. You've earned it.
annemarie said…
Wow you are one busy person and you do it all so flawlessly! You always amaze me. I am so glad you were able to host the cadets. Your son is so handsome and I know you are so proud of his success! You truly are an amazing person.
grammajudyb said…
Parties and gatherings are so much fun, but so much work. I’m getting lazier the older I get! You have a beautiful home and the decorating is fabulous. Of course you had to buy the Kansas Toubles Fat Eighths! It was a “latte”!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Yowza, girl! Your purse to weed??!!! HAHAHA! Out of all that post had to say, that just stayed with me. Your place looks fabulous and the cadets all had a wonderful time. That's obvious. Those pictures of the loooooooong table with everyone enjoying the bbq and each other - that is priceless. {{Hugs}} It makes my heart just swell with happiness for you. The hop looks like fun albeit tiring. You deserve some time floating in that lovely pool. Big time. Your home looks so welcoming - I'd love to swing on that porch and chat for a bit . . . and then get inside and get to sewing! Great post! ~smile~ Roseanne
Mary said…
Your Positivity quilt is just lovely, and I think that pillow with the black cat and pumpkin is so dang cute!
Linda said…
Oh my goodness where to start! First of all, thank you SO much for linking this to To Do Tuesday. This is exactly what I was trying to get across - it doesn't have to be about just quilty stuff. I want people to link anything that sparks their creativity, and yours is in full swing!
Your cadet is so handsome, and I know you were so proud to host that event. I bet they all had such a good time and felt so special. Your home and yard and garden are so beautiful. I think we all need to come and sit on your porch and enjoy a cuppa or a glass of vino ;)
Fearless is spectacular - "standing ovation".
I relate to the sleeplessness, but it's usually caused by Toby the cat. However, the mind just won't shut off!
And finally, Queen Elizabeth would be quite proud of the purse in the garden. LOL!
chrisknits said…
I am exhausted just reading!!! And now I need to get my pumpkin collection out of the attic and on my tables and floors! All the soft items are hung or on tables, but the hard stuff is slacking. Or maybe, I'm the one who is slacking!
Vicki in MN said…
Oh my goodness, oh wait I need to get a quick nap after reading all that-I'll be back in a few, hahaha. Seriously what a fun post! I am so glad the weather was great for the cadet party. I am in love with your fall scene with the straw bales, so pretty it looks like it's from a magazine.