Falling For You Blog-Hop and Tips and Tutorials #21: Migrating Bird Block Projects

Hello and welcome to the Falling for You Blog Hop
hosted by Moosestash Quilting!   On each day, 
Sept 20 - 24, a new group of bloggers will be sharing
a fall project.  Isn't that just perfect for right now?
A whole week of fall fun and inspiration!
For more inspiration, you can also check out
Kathleen McMusing's Tips and Tutorials #21
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A quick note to Tuesday To-Do'ers
Stay tuned--my To-Do post is coming out later today.
I have so much news to share!
Not only is the cadet coming home 
but we're treating
 The West Point Choir to a bbq in our backyard!
If I get time, I'll also share about our recent vacay,
The Great Wisconsin Foodie Road Trip of '21!

But back to the hop!

If you missed Day One don't forget to go back!
And now, I'm joining these other bloggers for Day Two!

How about some fall music to go with today's post?
I'll wait.....
Got it?  Okay, cool.  Let's go!
Now hands down, I'm fall's biggest fan.
[That's code for:  long post ahead!]

I'm a sucker for fabrics in autumn colors so the majority
 of my quilts are fall-themed.  My favorite outfits are always
the fall ones.  (Btw, try shopping Etsy for fun fall tees!) 
I'm not a big decorator overall but I make up for it every
August when suddenly my blah home becomes a RAH home!
I have a huge vegetable garden but by September, it's
completely overrun with gourd and pumpkin plants.
One year, I grew 13 bushel baskets of gourds
and small pumpkins!!

As for the big pumpkins, 58 lbs is my record!

And, next to home, my favorite place for fall?

Highland Falls, NY--just outside the gate to West Point

New England, of course!

Clearly I'm nuts about all the usual fall loves--I can't
get enough of them.  But there are so many other things
that evoke those great "fall feels":  the sound of the leaves
as they become crisp and blow in the wind, the placement of
the trees' shadows changing as the sun changes its position
in the sky, the foggy haze in the cool mornings, the walnuts
and pecans dropping and....well, I could list so many loves
 I have for fall but for today I have birds in mind.
The geese migrating overhead, a blue jay
squawking on a crisp, still fall morn and the huge
flock of black birds settling in all the trees and 
creating an incredible raucous.  And crows!
What's a 
Halloween scene without that creepy
crow keeping his eye on you from above?

So for my fall project I wanted to recreate some
of those "fall birds" in teeny tiny quilts.
This quick little project is not just scrap-friendly,
it's pre-cut scrap friendly (jelly rolls and charms).
So dig through your scraps and/or pre-cut scraps and
let's get started!  You'll be done in less time than it
took me to write up this post!  

All seams are a SCANT 1/4"!

You'll need scraps in three different fabrics:
a background and two coordinating fabrics
that will make up your little migrating bird.


(1) 1 1/2" square
(2) 2 1/2" squares

Bird fabric #1 (green in example)
(1) 1 1/2"
(1) 2 1/2"

Bird fabric #2 (black in example)
(2) 1 1/2"
(1) 2 1/2"

(4) 1" strips approx 6" long

(1) approx 5" square

(1) approx 5" square scrap

2" wide scrap strip

Using the 4-at-a-time HST method,
place the #1 bird fabric 2 1/2" square on a
background square (right sides together, "RST",
and stitch a SCANT 1/4"  from all 4 edges.

Repeat with bird fabric #2.

Cut diagonally from corner to corner.

Repeat on opposite corners.

Do this with both sets of squares.
Press your HST's open and trim "ears".
For the lighter (#1) fabric, press to the background.
For the darker (#2) fabric, press to the dark.

NOTE:  There will be two extra HST's of the dark
(#2) fabric.  If you're making multiple blocks,
these can be used in another block.  Or just
set aside for another use.

Arrange your pieces according to the
above picture and stitch, again using
a SCANT 1/4".

There is your bird! 

That was so fast, you may want to make more!

Next, add your border.
This is a tiny block and we're not gonna make
this hard--just trim to fit as you go!

Et, voila!

Et voila, times two!

Grab your backing and batting and let's
sandwich those bird blocks up! 

Baste, quilt as desired and bind.

Your teeny little migrating bird quilt can be
used as a coaster, a candle mat...

...or simply displayed as art.
I found this clipboard easel at Hobby Lobby, btw.
(What about a different bird for each month or holiday?)  
Next, I'm planning on making 4 bird blocks
into a table runner for Thanksgiving.

I would love to see what you do with your migrating
birds!  Drop me a line linking your post with your project
(please credit/link back to me) in the comments OR
tag me on your Instagram post @ Cheree4884.

Now, keep going!  Hop on over to the other
blogs to see what they have to share!

Happy fall and happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
Very cute fall project. Wish it feeling like fall here.
Those blocks are so sweet! I think I need to make some :) Thanks for sharing the tutorial! xx
Fall is also my favorite time of the year. I am slightly jealous of your bumper crop of pumpkins and gourds. My pumpkin plant this year only produce foliage and mostly male flowers. I'm going to try the mini pumpkins and gourds next year. Your little bird tutorial is awesome. Thank you!
Vicki in MN said…
What a cute mini. Wish we could grow pumpkins, I would have a whole ton of them:)
Carol said…
Beautiful blocks! I love fall too and love seeing your scenery and your pumpkins! The bird block is wonderful--thanks for the tutorial!
I'm with you on your love of Fall, and appreciate the New England shout out! Your block is really nice and thanks for the details on how to construct it.
piecefulwendy said…
Ok, didn't get all the way through the video yet - but oh my goodness, so many pretty views! I want to walk that golden tree-lined path! I know I would enjoy a visit to your home in the fall, with pumpkins and candles and quilts in lovely fall colors. Those little bird blocks are so cute and fun. I may have to try one or two. Hope things are coming together for you - I know you are busy!
Carol Swift said…
I love the cooler weather and colors that come with fall. Our garden never produces something as wonderful as your pumpkins…wow! Your tutorial was easily understood and seeing the pretty finished block on that easel was so fun. I’ll have to check out Hobby Lobby for that. Thanks for sharing!
That is a fun block - I'll definitely have to try one (or maybe more!) Always love your amazing pumpkins, too. Enjoy your cadet and the choir, too! Will they sing for you?
Calicojoan said…
I'm with you on fall. It's definitely my favorite time of the year as well.
Of course with that being said, you know I love your project and that quilt...oh my goodness! I think I need some migrating birds in my life now.
And a trip to Hobby Lobby. That clipboard is way cool! I'm so glad you joined us for the hop!
I seem to migrate toward fall colors and I love the little block and what a cute way to display it!
LJ said…
You're little quilts are perfect. Thank you for sharing how to make them. Displaying the quilts was marvelous; you are an artist as well as a quilter.
Karen's Korner said…
Very sweet. I can see them being very addictive.
Leah said…
Thanks for the tutorial. These little quilts are perfect for decorating!
Linda said…
LOVE these birds! So clever and the colors can be made seasonal. I'm going to have to find one of those clipboards. Thanks for the tutorial!
Quilting Gail said…
Beautiful blocks! Perfect for fall!
beaquilter said…
cute block! how about making them into pincushions?
Danice G said…
Thank you for the template. Your work is awesome. I love the little display board.
Carla said…
Your little block is the cutest on that clipboard frame. Love your idea. Thank you for the awesome tutorial. Love all your fall photos!
Kathleen said…
Adorable project and that frame is just perfect. Thanks for linking to TGIFF!
Needledmom said…
Super cute idea to use the clipboard. It makes the simple block so festive .I love the fall colors too.
I love the clipboard easel for displaying a quilt block!!!
Carol Andrews said…
Cheree your little bird block is so sweet. Thank you for sharing the great tutorial. Hope you have fun at your BBQ. You’ve sure put in the work getting ready for it!