2021 Tuesday To-Do #31

Today is an exciting day for me.
While I strive to be grateful in any season
for "the time we've been given" 
(to quote a favorite movie--anyone?),
oh my gosh do I love to say goodbye to
August...and Hello to September!

(photo credit unknown)

Personally, I couldn't wait so, after my latest Etsy
order (pictured below) showed up
(I'm beginning to show signs of an obsession)
and I got all excited, I figured it was close enough.
Out came a pumpkin t-shirt (even though it hit 93').

No, it is not pictured.  Yes, I have *that* many.
One of the newbies will help me
officially usher in September tomorrow.

What did I get done this week?
Outside of a million other non-blog-related things,
I did get this done on my current project:

Just look at that beauty.
The setting triangles are all ready to go on
but I have some decisions to make.

As a reminder, here is the original.
Do I want that outer patched border?  Or do I put on
a print border that brings it all together?  Likely going
 with the patched because I have plenty of pieces left and
 i don't know that my stash can ante up on the print.
My other decision is what black to use on the two outer
borders (red in pic) because, aside from the piecing, I'm out.
Might even have to run to the store.  Sigh.

Repeat Offenders
Good news!  After putting it off for weeks, I'm very
close to finishing the quilting on Positively Fearless.
(My friend didn't get back to me on needing the LA so,
for better or worse, I wasn't pushed to finish quickly.)

I'm so happy to be back in the quilting mode!
Just a few passes left and then I'll move on to finish
the West Point as well.  I received the most beautiful
compliment (blushing!) from my last sale so I am very
 motivated to get these listed!  It makes it so worth it
to hear the work is truly appreciated!

Mini Quilts
Still awaiting Pam Buda's next mini, I've been
envisioning a teensy little leaf quilt, or three.
We'll see what evolves there..


Things are sad in the garden.  
Rabbits.  'Nuff said. 
(But really?  With all the vegetation around
you couldn't even wait till they ripened?!?)
Btw, if you zoom in above the right pumpkin
(a blue jurrhadale), you'll see the teensy little white
tail of a teensy little demon--I mean, rabbit.

 After the interest I got about making my
 corn [cob] broth, I have to share this recipe that
Marie over at Proud Italian Cook posted last week:

I love how she tosses the cobs in while things are
simmering to get that extra, creamy corn flavor!
I'm dying to know how it is so if anyone makes it,
please let me know.  Us gardeners usually have a surplus
of zucchini now and possibly still some red potatoes
so right into my "Garden Cooking" board it went. 

Why don't I make it?  I'm putting it off for now because, after
a summer of just maintaining. I'm getting back to dropping
a few more pounds and the bacon and cream in this chowder
are not allowed.  Hopefully in a few weeks....

Next Week's To-Do's
* Finally finish quilting Positively Fearless
* Finish fall quilt top
* Load West Point

What have all you to-do'ers been up to this week?
And if you're not a to-do'er...um...why not?
You make a list, you do the things, you post the
things you did.  Ba-bam.  Join us all over at
Chris Knits and get the things done!
Happy Quilting!


Linda said…
Those shirts - LOVE! Can't wait to see how your finish that pretty churn dash. My stash failed me this past week, so I don't feel bad about a store trip at all. ;) Oh those rabbits. We have some residing under our shed. Our tomatoes were the only plants that produced, so they are very disappointed in our garden. I'm saving that corn chowder recipe - yum!
Thank you for linking up to To-Do Tuesday and don't forget next week it is at my website - https://www.texasquiltgal.com/
grammajudyb said…
No apologies needed for wearing a “pumpkin” shirt! I have one on today too! Good to see Positively Fearless on the LA.
I feel your pain regarding the little white tailed demon, my little devil is a bushy tailed squirrel 🐿! I’m going to pin the chowder recipe for a bit later too! Not WW friendly, but I’ll plan to work it in when the weather cools a bit more. 🙂
I'm ready for September, too - always one of my favorite months! Those are cute t-shirts! The churn dash project is gorgeous, and glad you're making some progress on quilting. So sad about your garden and the bunnies - too bad they are so cute!
Love the quilting design on the Positivity quilt. The chowder looks so good.
What with working, I haven't had time to get much done. I'll be taking a 4-6 month leave of absence soon, so hopefully I'll get caught up during that time. I knew you'd have to buy more fabric. If I counted how much fabric I have, it'd be scary (and I still buy more).