Tuesday To-Do #26

As we work our way toward August, I'm
feeling driven to finish all of my open projects
to be ready for some [guilt-free] fall fun.  The
continues to be such a helpful motivator.
If you haven't joined in yet, well, there's no
better time than the present!  It's easy:
you make a list, you do the things
and then share the things you did.

Checking in from last week:

West Point Quilt
Work on blocks
11 blocks completed (& 2 not-so-completed)

I want to try an Irish chain block in the
alternates but this depends on the stash.

Positivity Quilts
Finish quilting Cinnamon Latte

Here is my sneak-peek at the quilting.  Mostly it went
well but I struggled some at the beginning of most of
the rows, which of course is right on the dark rust
border where it shows the most.  I guess binding
might smooth the look over, and then there is always
the likelihood that all will  "come out in the wash".

Load up #2 (unnamed)

Still working on a coffee-proverbs kind of name.
Looks a lot like café au lait to me but I don't want
to ignore the quote.  Think think think.

How cool would it be to do an entire collection of
quilts named after all the yummy latte drinks?  These
would be calorie-free, too--though sadly, minus the
caffeine...which I'm in dire need of at the moment.

Continue with carrots; weeding
A general garden update:

Eggplant seems to take forever to produce around
 here.  For the first ratatouille this year I gave up
and bought one <gasp!>; for the second, I just left
it out completely <bigger gasp!> but now it looks 
like I can get back to being legit.

Among the peppers the green chilies, poblanos,
Italian sweets, jalapenos and some bells have kicked
in but in small quantities--so far.  By fall, I'll have
more than I need so I can be patient.  I'm still
getting lots of yellow squash, zucchinigreen onion
and tomatoes.   With enough cucumbers to feed an
army, I thought I'd try green chilies in some
"spicy refrigerator pickles" (to date, jalapenos are
our fave) but the chickens are still the biggest
consumers of cukes around here.

With another inch of rain over the weekend
the pumpkins and gourds are all doing very well.
I'm going all-out-fall our front porch this year.
The pumpkins and gourds are always the main decor
so I really worry that they'll succumb to the wrath of
the squash bugs.  Just yesterday, I bagged 100's of tiny
 squash bugs and eggs from the squash section.
Would I have to go buy those ladybugs after all?

And then I stumbled upon this happy sight while weeding.
Yes that's a bindweed but it's covered in ladybugs
who just hatched so he gets to live a little bit longer.

Bastille Day Foodie Pics

Appetizer:  Apricot Brie
(Hubs with the oysters back there; I've never
seen the big deal about them personally.)

Entree:  Scallops 

To Finish:  Café Mocha
Blessedly unsweetened and very yummy but
I've been regretting not getting that lemon torte.

Looking to next week and beyond:

West Point Quilt
Start on chain blocks

Positivity Quilts
Cinnamon Latte:  Bind and mail off.
Poz #2:  Work on quilting (same design as C.L.)

Pull remaining carrots; keep up weed patrol

Never mind that I really should be finishing my
Farmer's Wife Quilt.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be
joining in this one by Pam Buda because I just want
to do something for FUN.
(Anyone else suffering mid-summer mojo issues?!?)
I do not have much luck with putting mini's up for
art but if I can get a nice pull of fabrics that would
work in our living room, this will be green-lighted.

Happy quilting!


Love your projects, especially the West Point quilt blocks! We all seem to have mojo problems right now! I love your project! The West Point Quilt blocks are fabulous and the positivity quilt looks great! Have a safe and happy week!
I often have that "I just want to play with something fun" issue in my sewing room! I think you should go for it with the minis. Sounds like the garden is doing well for this time of year with lots to look forward to! Beautiful quilting on your Positivity quilt!
Sharon Kwilter said…
There are a lot of Positivity quilts in my feed right now. So far, I think I like your color scheme the best. Nice job on your goals.
piecefulwendy said…
I have fallen off of writing To Do posts, and I should get back to it. I do keep a running list of things I need to do though. You are clipping right along on your quilt projects, and I'm glad you're letting that cute little squirrel join the group! I've meant to ask you about the Bastille dinner, but kept forgetting (sigh) - it looks so good (I love scallops). Maybe you should call the second quilt Positively Fearless.
Vicki in MN said…
I am with you on just wanting to do something for fun. But I really don't have the time right now. Maybe down the road a bit I can throw in a day of silliness, LOL Can't wait to see the second Pos quilt all finished up.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I just LOVE the quilting design you chose for CL. No one will notice any quilting snafus - just you. The binding and the wash will disguise all flaws. It would be SO fun to do a whole quilt series in the various latte flavors . . . and that cafe mocha looks delicious. My favorite. The Irish Chain is the perfect addition to your WP quilt. They'll really make the fussy cut stars stand out nicely. ~smile~ Roseanne
Ivani said…
Cinnamon Latte quilting is so beautiful.
Do what makes your heart smile.
Happy quilting!!
chrisknits said…
I just love your Plus quilts! Can't wait to see the Latte one done. Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!
Needled Mom said…
The quilting looks beautiful and I’m sure all will be well after a wash. Great job on your progress report. Glad the eggplant finally decided to participate in the ratatouille dance!
Linda said…
I like your coffee quilt idea! Gosh you do pretty quilting, and although I see now issues, yes it all seems to come out in the wash. I really enjoy reading about your garden. I've never had to spray with Off before being able to go out in my garden, and it's discouraging - ugh - wish the birds would eat all the chiggers!