2021 Tuesday To-Do #22

Our temps dropped way down and we received a
great rain--hallelujah!  It's already warming back
up but that reprieve felt great!  But, you know,
technically the days are getting shorter now and
that always makes me happy because it means
we're on the downward slope toward my favorite
times of the year, especially for quilting.

Tuesday has rolled around again so it's link-up
I've got my coffee so let's do this.

How things sit after last week:

West Point Quilt(s):  Choose design and pull fabrics
No time for this one yet.

Positivity QAL #1:   Finish blocks; arrange on wall

Success!  All blocks completed and this
should be my final layout.

Positivity QAL #2:  finalize fabrics, start cutting.

Need a few more black fabrics; just getting started
on cutting.  I have a twist that I want to try out on
this second quilt but I'm saving that for when (if?)
it works into the quilt well.

HST Runner:  Finish (bind)


As a reminder, the HSTs used were the scrap
trimmings from this quilt (currently on our bed).

We'll enjoy this topper for a few weeks yet
 before I switch everything out to "summer". 

Placemats:  Finish (bind)
Didn't get to them.

Patriotic runner:  
For entry table

Done.  And then another one!

posted a quick tutorial yesterday--mostly to get
my measurements down- if you are interested.
(Also under the new tab)  I hope to add in
another runner with a different theme very soon.

Gardening:   Prep for fall crops--yes, already!
DoneAs ready as I can be.

I'm dealing with asparagus beetles, squash bugs
and vine borer wasps.  (It's a glamourous life I lead!)
I've been gloved up and tapping beetles off into a
bucket of soapy water.  I've killed 12+ of the nasty
squash vine invading wasps and I've been playing
the squash bugs' game of egg-hide-and-seek--quite
well, I might add!  After last year's successful addition
of ladybugs, we had them everywhere this spring!
And then, sadly, we lost a ton of them when our lawn
guy did the yearly treatment of bagworms on the
cedars.  I could've cried, but what good would that do?
I just need to go buy more ladybugs asap.  There is
no way around the bagworm issue so I guess I'll
buy ladybugs every year.   Weeds are one thing but
nothing wears me down like the great
War of the Pests that occurs every summer.

On to the week ahead:
 It goes without saying that my fingers are twitching
at the thought of fall crops and colors on the way.
This motivates me even more to finish all of my current
projects (and maybe those few lingering UFO's?)
I want to be free to jump right into those next
month so they'll be done in a timely manner.

West Point Quilt(s):  Choose design and pull fabrics

Positivity QAL:   Start piecing; work on post for link-up
Maybe hit fabric store for options to add to Pos #2?

Gardening:  Buy ladybugs.

I've set up a bit of a "quilt retreat" for myself this
week and the theme is:  Kill it!
The projects and the bugs.
I'll spare you the bug part--maybe--but watch
for a post or two later this week on my progress!

Happy quilting!


Julie in GA said…
Your first set of Positivity blocks look fantastic! I can't wait to see what you have planned for your second version.
Linda said…
Your bed quilt scraps made a beautiful runner! Gosh thanks for the runner tutorial. I love the addition of the gold, it really makes it the prettiest patriotic runner I've seen. So you are making a second positivity quilt? Can't wait to see your twist! You really get a lot done in the sewing room considering you are waging war in the garden. :D
Ivani said…
Hi Cheree, The Positivity blocks for quilt #1 are gorgeous on your Design Wall. I do love your runners, and will save your tutorial. About the quilt on your bed it is a beauty. Good luck with your goals for this week.
I like the look of your plus blocks! I'm going for something similar with the scrappy background look - I always love that! Your tablerunners are so pretty. I especially love the HST one and how it fits the chest so perfectly. Good luck with the garden bugs!
Bugs aren't fun, especially when they are eating your veggie plants. I like the table runners. I'll be 'near' you by Wednesday evening (Ava, MO). I'll wave from Joplin, when we pass by on Sunday.
piecefulwendy said…
Bug wars don't sound fun at all, which is probably why I'm not a gardener! Get those ladybugs, so they can handle the bugs while you sew! LOL. Your quilts look lovely in your home - and you are reminding me it's time to change out my quilts throughout the house. I missed the tutorial? Off to watch it now!
Sherrie said…
We have BUGS too. Chinese Beetles to be exact...they will eat every leaf off the plants and move on to the next one. We use Sevin-5 dust. It really works great. We get ours at Lowe's. All your runners are awesome...they look really nice on your table. Have a great day!
chrisknits said…
The HST runner is stunning!!! And I love the Partriotic one, might have to visit your tutorial for that one! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!!
The first Positivity is beautiful, and the second one looks fabulous too! Love your HST runner too ;)
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I am surprised to hear you say that you are happy to be on the other side of the Summer solstice. I am, too! I really don't enjoy the hot dog days of July and August. Not that I'm complaining, exactly, but I sure do enjoy the coolness of Fall and even Spring. Oh well - you are the first person that I've ever heard say that. {{Hugs}} Great job on Positivity!! I Can't wait to see your second version. You go girl - Kill It! I know you are. ~smile~ Roseanne
JanineMarie said…
Ooh, I like your scrappy background on the Positivity quilt! And thanks for sharing your project with the bonus HSTs. I have so many from all the snowballing corners on my quilt top, and it would be a shame to not do anything with them.