2021 Tuesday To-Do #20

Who let Tuesday in already?
I keep thinking one of these weeks I'm just
gonna kill it...but alas, not this week!
I have some bits to share so here we go:

Pull fabric, start cutting.

I love the new Smoke and Rust fabric line but I
want to stick to my stash so right now, I have these
cut out so far.  The pluses will mostly be dark rust
but the plan is to throw just a few black and/or
dark charcoal in for some added interest.

My fabrics are pretty scrappy and not very mod,
or perhaps even trickier is that they're a mix
of everything, so I'm not real sure how this will
turn out but...I like them so that's a positive sign.
I need to hit the LQS for a few more fabrics.

I've been thinking that two is better than one
so, why not?   It is summer after all!
I'll share the pull for a second one soon.

2) HST & Outdoor Sewing

Hallelujah I finally made it outside for some
outdoor sewing and you can read about it here.

 Most of these HST's needed trimming so that
did add some time but having them all made
up really made these blocks a lot of fun.

I finished the top of my runner but it's on the
longarm so no pic yet.  I'll save that for next time.
Along with the scrap HST's, this project also used
up some scraps and stash and scrap batting.
A win-win-win-win.

Last [dangerous] thoughts:  I'm not someone who
keeps every little thing but I really don't think
I'll ever toss another set of HST trimmings.

3) Three sets of Placemats
One Done.

I previously mentioned I'd be making a patriotic set
but I think these cover that well enough so that time
would be better spent working on other projects.

I played around with minimal quilting on these
but I plan on doing more on the next set.

4) Gardening
Prune tomatoes, peppersenjoy the bounty.
I know I'm stating the obvious but fewer plants
has really made this much easier than last year.

This is the time of year where I can't get enough of
my garden, especially when the weather cooperates!
Hubs was doing some pool maintenance so excuse
the backwash hose.  My timing.  Oy.
(Don't worry, it's not draining in the garden!)

Fabric Tracking
My efforts have had a positive effect, or rather a
negative one, depending on how you look at it.
In summary, this is where I'm at for 2021:

Purchases:  50.75 yds
Used: 54.06 yds
Net: -3.31yds

It kinda floors me that I've purchased that much
fabric but I had some unusual January clearance
purchases--this isn't normal so, eh, no biggie.
The good news is, it's all going the right direction
which is the purpose of this whole thing.  I do have
that Shop Hop in the fall so much stash-busting
is needed.  Luckily, that's my favorite Rx!

I'm sure you've already seen that Blogger is nixing
the email subscription option so, a couple notes:
I am on Bloglovin' if that works for anyone.
I also have been working with Mailchimp to try
to switch things over seamlessly.  Sloooowly,
because I despise dinking with stuff like that
when I could be sewing, or gardening or, frankly,
be cleaning the toilets because I'd really rather
do about anything than mess with technology.

Now looking ahead:

I'm taking a break from any HST projects for awhile.
So this week it's just:

Positivity QAL
Finish cutting both

Finish second set

The rainy days are over so time to water.  Also, I've
finally begun Project Re-Do the Front Flower Beds.
Our focus is more and more going to our backyard
haven, along with the veg garden so I'm looking to
make the front more inviting, sure, but with a simpler
look, and most especially a simpler upkeep.

Happy quilting!
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I love your fabric choices for Positivity, and your HST. These are going to be pretty quilts. Have fun with Mailchimp if you want to turn into it (I made a tutorial back on May 5th if it can help)
Julie in GA said…
I love the colors you've chosen for the Positivity QAL! Your HST blocks look great, and the garden is very impressive. It's hard to imagine keeping up with one that was even larger!
piecefulwendy said…
Well, you've been making more progress than me. I'm slowly plugging along at projects that I can't post about yet. That and becoming BFFs with my dentist (ugh). Meanwhile it's hotter than we like here, so we've been spending as much time indoors as possible. I need to get my Positivity pieces cut. Anyway - you've had a great week - and you need more fabric!
Ivani said…
I can see pretty Positivity blocks from those fabrics. Outdoor sewing sounds like a lot of fun, very special. And I like your placemats.
Happy stitching/quilting time this week, Cheree!
The great thing about the Positivity blocks is there are no HSTs! But I do like the results of those HSTs you were sewing - neat design! Your garden looks gorgeous and healthy. I can see why you're drawn to spending time there!
Mary said…
Those placemats are so great! And your HST runner is really nice with lots of space for the eyes to rest, and finally, I think your fabric choices for Positivity are fantastic.
grammajudyb said…
Your Positivity fabrics are great! I also like your hst project! Your garden looks good! You have a pool? Jealous!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Your garden looks lovely and much smaller than last year. And your spot for sewing outside looks so inviting! I really like your pull for Positivity. Everything goes well together and the scrappy look really appeals to me. Aww, a nice refreshing dip in the pool sounds wonderful, too. Please sign me up if you get your Mail Chimp thing working. I'm also on Bloglovin' but I can't read it at work and after work time is limited. Why does Blogger have to make this change?! ~smile~ Roseanne
Kate said…
I really like you fabric pull for Positively. The placemats are really fun. Happy stitching this week. May you use up lots of stash this week.
Linda said…
I love that Smoke and Rust line too but have resisted so far. ;) Your garden is wonderful! What will you do with your HST trimmings?
Linda said…
I forgot to mention I love those placemats!
chrisknits said…
I love your pull for the QAL. Good luck with your To-Do list for next week! Thanks for linking up with To-Do.
I love the HST pattern! Neat! I wonder - do I have to switch to something else also? Will have to check it out.

Yes, 2 is better than 1 most of the time.
Needled Mom said…
I love the colors and fabrics you chose. Your garden is looking so lush and pretty. You’ll have fun with the cute placemats.
Miaismine said…
Wow! You are indeed a master quilter! That West Point quilt is a true work of art! I'm sure it will be treasured for years to come. I so agree with you - more hours in the day, please! Yes, pressing that seam is a new to me technique that I will certainly incorporate in my own sewing! Thank you for sharing!