Tuesday To-Do #18: Mid-May

Welcome to another Tuesday To-Do!
May is moving right along and though it has been
rainy and cool, summer is just around the corner.

Time to start bringing out the patriotic decor!
 I think maybe a set of placemats (perhaps to go
with this runner) are in order.  I really don't need
squirrels but I might have to add that to my list.

First, a look at last week's progress:

Time in the Attic (Nine-Patch Hourglass)
Finish quilting.

I'm saving the full reveal for when I get the
binding on but here's a little peek.

Lattice Trio Charity Quilts
Get borders on; make backings.

Perhaps the best part of this charity project is that
I've been able to make such a great dent in my
batting scraps!  For the first time in a long time the
storage tote is not spilling over.  That is a miracle.

All three were bordered with the only fabric from my
stash that worked.  It's not great and it's not very
juvenile but I am just making the best of all of this
and then moving on--and I'm so ready to move on!
The backings are made so they're all ready for quilting.

Outdoor sewing if weather cooperates.
Raining, raining, raining...

Work on weeds, fence and mulch.
Raining, raining, raining...

Currently harvesting:
Asparagus, radishes, green onion, spinach,
bibb and romaine lettuces and herbs, esp dill.
And yesterday, the first picking of strawberries.
Meager, but they'll be going strong very soon.

Hey--cue the fabric tracker!
(Who really needs a segue?)

I wanted to share my next project--another West Point
quilt--but I haven't had a chance to pull the fabrics yet.
I do know that I have plenty so this fabric tracking is
only getting better and better.  My next project should
have me into the negative--finally.  I might even have
to celebrate by going fabric shopping.
Kidding, of course!...sort of...

The week ahead is showing a lot of excitement,
even more than starting a new quilt or
 fabric shopping.  (Yes, you read right!)

Son #1 has finished his third year at Creighton so
 he'll be home for a short visit.
(Side note: just 1 semester to go on his double-major.)

Son #2 has finished his second year at West Point
so, yes, the cadet will be coming home for a visit, too! 

All of this means we'll be celebrating!  And what could
be more fun than Cinco-de-Mother's-Memorial-Day?!?
Likely it's the first of its kind so I claim the rights.
You heard it here first.
We have no South-of-the-Border heritage but we
celebrate Cinco de Mayo Mexican Food Day anyway.  
With both boys coming home, it just made sense to push
things back a bit and lump it into one big celebration.
 Hubs is a master smoker/griller so he'll be kicking out
carnitas, or other such yumminess in the meat category. 
There will be homemade tortillas and refried beans.
The margaritas will flow!  And my whole "healthy eating"
thing will be broken faster than you can break a pinata.
Hopefully, I remember to take some foodie
pics, and maybe a few of the fam as well.

Weekly To-Do List

So, where does this leave me with my to-do list?
I want to challenge myself to get lots done every
week but I am also getting to a time in life where I
don't have to get it all done--and I want to be open to
whatever God sends my way.  For some time now,
"weekly to do" list just hasn't seemed....right.
Well, I finally figured out a very subtle and simple
change to make to that so here we go:

Current To-Do List:

Time in the Attic
Bind, label, finish

West Point Quilt #2
Pull fabrics

Lattice Trio Charity Quilts
Quilt, bind, finish

Outdoor sewing if weather cooperates.

Four (small size) in patriotic theme

Weed and put down barrier/mulch.
Fix remaining fences.

I also have house cleaning, baking and other things
calling me so I'm really just going to take all of this
as it comes.  

Happy quilting!
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Linda said…
I really love the colors in your nine-patch hourglass. Yay for celebrations! Mexican food sounds wonderful. That is a big harvest of strawberries in my book. Glad you are back, and yes I missed you. I have your blog on my blog, so I can see if and when you post!
Vicki in MN said…
It won't be strawberry season here for at least a month maybe more. How fun to be having your boys home, enjoy a margarita for me will ya;)
I think Cinco-de-Mother's-Memorial Day calls for any kind of celebrating you want to do! Those strawberries look amazing! Looks like you are still getting lots done in your sewing room, too.
piecefulwendy said…
I was just thinking about you today and wondering if you were lost in the garden. Apparently it's too wet for you to be lost! Yay for the guys coming home, the diet pinata (LOL), and Cinco de Mother Memorial Day (clever, very clever). I'd like some asparagus please - yum - with grilled salmon and black rice. Your quilt projects are looking great! I'm not doing to do lists currently, just doing whatever comes along!
Babies love bright colors, so that red works well. Enjoy your boys while you have them.
chrisknits said…
The list doesn't have to be a weekly one, you can just report each week what got done from your master list! That's why I do a monthly list and then check with it each week to see what can get accomplished from it. But I must admit, that list keeps me somewhat honest. LOL!
Needled Mom said…
That will be quite the celebration. Our granddaughter graduated from Creighton last Saturday and starts med school there in August. She loves the school. That nine patch quilt is gorgeous. Love the colors.
Sharon Kwilter said…
All your projects look great, esp Time in the Attic. Enjoy your holiday with your kids.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Both boys home - AT THE SAME TIME?!! How fabulous is that?! {{Hugs}} That is a sweet happening and a Cinco-de-Mother's-Memorial-Day celebration is definitely in order. What time's the party?! DH on the smoker sounds good to me. HAHA! I'm looking forward to seeing your 9-patch Hourglass all finished - it looks just fab. And another WP quilt has been in the back of your mind for some time, I think. Good luck with your current to-do list - room for whatever God sends your way is definitely jumping to the front of the line. ~smile~ Roseanne
Beautiful projects, and I like your"current" to-do ;) Great way to not stress about a weekly list!